6 Quick Outdoor Survival Preparation Tips For Newbies

If you are thinking about taking a camping or hiking trip outdoors to refresh yourself from city life, then there are important things to learn first. Check out our outdoor survival preparation tips in this article to ensure you are mentally ready first.

Getting Started

To start your preparation for your most awaited vacation, always remember to bring only what you need. There is no way that you will load lots of things inside your backpack. Consider the essentials like your survival tools, foods and tent. Make sure that right before you step foot on that mountain or forest you have studied every corner or road beforehand. This will prevent you from getting lost in the area.

On the other hand, you also have to consider your experience in survival. It also plays a great role especially if you are caught in a bad situation. This is something that you have to master. But if not, you can always bring with you someone skilled enough to guide you and teach you survival 101. Read here to learn more about it.

After determining the factors in planning an outdoor activity, this time let us figure out the things that you should do when faced with a problem.

What To Do When Something Goes Wrong

“What has gone wrong?” You probably witnessed or experienced unfortunate stories of hikers or backpackers on the television or real life. Some happened due to a lack of preparation. However, some accidents occur because of a lack of expertise to treat the situation. Whatever the reasons are, the point is we could have prevented it.

Can you imagine yourself getting lost in the woods and left with no answer on what to do? This might sound like a hopeless case but keep in mind that you should be sharp enough to think of a solution. This is the time that you check your backpack and look for something that could be helpful for the time being. It could be a compass, a flag, or a rope.

Smart Outdoor Survival Tips In Surviving Life’s Danger

It might be easy to become panicky, but surely it does not help you or anyone in the area. The best thing to do is to keep focused and calm. But how are you supposed to do that? Read the items below.

1. Calm Yourself

First that you have to do is calm yourself. Breathe deeply, inhale, and exhale. Do not let fear come into your mind. You have to remind yourself to stay focused on the situation. Once you are ready, go to the next step.

2. Survey The Area

Get a long stick or flashlight. Use these things to survey the area. You must be familiar with the place that you get stuck in. Check if help is possible to come. You can also check if the area has a signal for you to send messages or calls.

3. Look For Your Survival Tools

You can use other materials that could attract other backpackers like markers. It could be stones, leaves or clothes. You can also improvise by using the resources around you. Make sure that you always look after your safety and learn more about survival tips to better maneuver challenging situations.

4. Find Food And Water

It is better if you have brought along with you some food and water. But just in case you run out of it, get ready to find in the place. You can look for fruits or edible flowers. Find water in the river. Make sure that it is clean by using a LifeStraw water purifier.

5. Put Up Your Tent

If night time comes, and you have not escaped the situation you are in, put up your tent. This will be your shelter from the harsh weather and animals. Avoid putting it near the cliff, river, or any unsafe places. Keep your valuable things inside it.

6. Ready Your Medical Kit

The danger comes in different ways. You or someone could get bitten by a snake, have a bone fracture, or get food poisoning. What is important is that you bring with you your first aid kit. This will surely help anyone with you.

Quick Outdoor Survival Preparation Tips Wrap Up

With these quick outdoor survival preparation tips you are now better prepared then before. Take your preparedness to the next level by learning how emergency communications work.

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