Best Long Range Scopes For 308 Buyer Guide 2020

The best accessory for a .308 rifle is an excellent long-range scope. With its popular smokeless powder shooting ability, the .308 rifle is a great option for serious hunters. To create a much more enjoyable and accurate hunting and shooting experience, you’ll need to add one of the best long range scopes for 308 to your gear.

You’ll be able to find an abundance of rifle scopes online or in hobby stores. With the amount of options available it can be difficult to pick the perfect one for a .308 rifle. The most important aspect to consider is whether the scope you want to choose will fit onto your rifle. Many scopes are compatible with a few different rifles, but not all scopes are compatible with the .308 rifle.

Here are a few other things you have to consider when looking around for the best scope for your 308.

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308 Long Range Scope Buying Guide Features

Here are a few other things you have to consider when looking around for the best scope for your 308.

1. Cost

Know that a high-quality scope will last you a very long time. If you want to get the best experience out of your rifle, then you need to be willing to spend a fair amount. Long-range optics who provide the user with clear vision and excellent magnification is expensive.

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2. Manufacturing Material

High-quality scopes are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum. Using aluminum ensures the durability of the product. The material used can affect the precision of the lens as a whole and that’s why it’s important to rather opt for a model that uses indestructible metal.

3. Lens

The lens is an extremely important feature on the scope. Whether the settings are on low or high magnifications the view should be crystal clear. A high-quality lens will provide the utmost clarity for the user to see far into the distance.

Especially at distances of more than 800 yards, you should be able to read the wind near the target. Being able to clearly see wind indicators like flags or trees through the clear glass.

It will be wise to have a look through different lenses to get a clear idea of how they compare. Manufacturers like Swarovski, Trijicon, and Schmidt and Bender produce some of the clearest glass lenses on the market.

Also consider the light transmission within the scope’s body. The lens should be able to absorb enough light to create a clear picture of the target. Some lenses are specifically designed to be able to see at night.

Learn more about how night scopes are made here.

4. Design

You need to invest in a model that fits onto your rifle comfortably. Finding one that has a single piece design is recommended by experts. One single piece of aluminum adds onto the model’s durability as well as the precision. A singular scope body is typically found on high end scopes.

This includes the eye-relief feature for optimal efficiency and comfortability, which should be between 3.30-5.00 inches.

5. Reticle Display

There is a wide range of reticle choices available on the market. A variation of hash marks, lines, and dots that are placed in a cross. The reticle display will be portrayed in a circular emblem on the specifications of the scope. What it comes down to is your own personal choice of dots and hash marks.

6. Magnifying Power

Apart from the lens’ clarity, the magnification power of the scope is extremely important. Especially if you’re looking for the best scope for 308 that is long-range.

You need to consider your specific situation. Are you going to use the model for extremely long-range hunting or target shooting? Depending on your shooting goals you have to consider the magnification power.

If you pick a 10-40 times zooming power, you won’t have too much versatility. When you are hunting and your target appears much closer, you won’t have the versatility to change the zooming setting. Experts advice the minimum magnification power to be 16 magnifying power.

Best Long Range Scopes For 308 Wrap Up

Whether you are planning to hunt in the open plains or compete in a long-range shooting competition, investing in a high-quality scope will assist your shooting accuracy and add value to your overall shooting experience.

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