Office EDC Kit Accessories

I’ve mentioned a few times about the Office EDC Kit enthusiast in my posts and it’s by no means having ago at the office Larry trying to be a weekend warrior. Far from it. In fact, the reality is, majority of us are office workers or our job involves at some point spending a few hours a day or days at a time in front of a desk beavering away on a computer.

That certainly means that an office EDC kit is needed. It’s now a case of figuring out what situations could arise during these typical days that could send you scurrying for your ever-handy EDC gear.

When Might You Need Your Office EDC Kit?

So, let’s think about it. Say you transit to work via public transport and you’ve still got over an hour to burn and planned on reading your favorite Kindle Book Everyday Carry Travel Gear but the damn thing is dead. Run out of charge. A little annoying, but that’s okay, you’ve got a backup.

You go to play games on your smart phone but of course you forgot to put that on charge the night prior and it’s only got 10% battery life left. God forbid you need that just in case the wife calls in an emergency (or just to check up on you). Remember when she threatened to divorce you and take the dog the last time you didn’t answer. Well we don’t want that to happen, so the phone is out also.

So what are you left with. Nothing and believe me when I say the next hour will seem like three with nothing to occupy you. Well the items below will be your savior in this situation.

1. Anker PowerCore Mini Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Whether it’s your smart phone, Ipod or Kindle, it sucks to be out and about and see that fading yellow warning light that you are about to run out of battery power. So your choices are to carry your charge cord with you and use your car to charge it. However with the Anker Mini Portable Charger you have a better option. Simply hook your device to the mini charger and add a full charge back right back to it.

Office EDC Kit Accessories - Anker PowerCore Mini Lipstick Portable Charger

Now guys, don’t be put off by the name, it doesn’t resemble a lipstick, it's only cylindrical in shape. It only means it’s about the size of a lipstick case and comes with a travel pouch, micro USB cable and an instruction guide. At less than 3 ounces, it won’t weigh you down. Recharge the battery with the provided cord via your computer (full recharge in around 3-4 hours), or with your own USB-to-wall adapter. This mini-charger works with most smart phones, as well as other music and reading devices. It’s especially handy on a trip of a day or two. Once charged it will hold its charge for up to a month. Great for your office EDC kit.

I typically charge mine the evening before I’m going to be out for the day, and always take it with me when day-hiking. It’s a small, easy-to-use insurance plan for my devices and doesn’t break the bank. And as a side note (if you care about this sort of thing), it comes in a variety of cool colors that would make the perfect gift for the wife. What’s not to like?

What About Electronic Pens?

No office EDC kit is complete without an all-in-one Stylus Pen. The office Larry’s will know exactly what I’m talking about here. My personal favorite and everyday use pen is in fact an ink and stylus pen combo. I have several stashed away in my kits and around the house. I can guarantee you there will be at least one on my persons whenever I leave the house. Here's my favorites.

2. Nite Ize Inka Mobile Pen And Stylus

If you want a pen wherever you go and you want a stylus so you don’t have fingerprints on your smartphone, tablet or e-reader. Then the Nite Ize Inka Mobile Pen and Stylus is the perfect solution. I’ve had several “mobile” pens before and loved each of them to varying degrees. That was before I eventually lost them though. So I’ve been looking for a pen that was keychain ready, but with a screw cap rather than a simple push cap. Let me just list some of the reasons why this pen is so awesome:

  • Keychain carabiner clip portability.
  • One end is an ink pen and the other is a touch-screen stylus.
  • Screw cap on both ends.
  • Space pen which is has pressurized (and replaceable) ink cartridge.
  • Small enough to take anywhere (wear on your keychain or put in your pocket).
  • Multiple colors (made from durable carbon fiber and nylon).

Office EDC Kit Accessories - Nite Ize Inka Mobile Pen

Now, I should note that I, like most writers am very particular about my pens and I’ve been wanting a space pen for a while now. I’m fairly certain that I will need to write while hiding from zombies in the rain under a piece of metal and upside-down. I was so happy with this multifunction Nite Ize Inka that I ended up buying five more to place in all my other kits too.

3. Fisher Space Pen M4 Series

Now the Fisher Space Pen series are a bit more expensive however the quality is very high. These Lime Green Fisher Space Pens are used by police and military forces around the world for writing in any occasion.

Even under water and in extreme environments. I have a couple of these classic Fisher Space Pens. They come in a range of colors like chrome, matte black and this cool lime green one. The images do not do it justice as it has an almost iridescent sheen to it. There are several other colors available, including a very rainbow-ish iridescent one.

Office EDC Kit Accessories - Fisher Space Pen M4 Series

4. Fisher Space Bullet Grip Space Pen With Stylus

This Bullet Grip Space Pen features a silicon rubber conductive stylus that is ideal for touch screen cellular smart phones and tablets.

The patented ink cartridge was designed by Paul Fisher for NASA in the 1960's enabling it to write in temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. Including under water, in zero gravity, at any angle and even upside down. A great addition to your kit, especially your office EDC kit as it will write virtually anywhere.

Office EDC Kit Accessories - Fisher Bullet Grip Space Pen With Stylus

Office EDC Kit Accessories Conclusion

Now, I would definitely advise adding the other usual items such as a pocket multi tool, if you can get if through security. If not, why not go for an inconspicuous credit card knife that fits right in your wallet. Then a flashlight, lighter, and even a coffee thermal for those long drawn out meetings. It’s totally up to you what you want to throw in there. So there you have it, my advice on the essentials for an Office EDC Kit.

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