Wilderness Camping Tips To Survive The Night

The wilderness encourages outdoor lovers to connect with nature and explore the unknown and unseen. That’s quite exciting but not so easy for everyone. When you are at home, you have everything without feeling the necessity of anything. But for the wilderness, the situation is totally different. You have to prepare yourself with the most essential things and at the same time, you cannot burden yourself with all those things that seems necessary for you. That means, you really need to know some wilderness camping tips to survive the night.

We will discuss the steps in two sections. The first section is about wilderness camping tips before you leave. This section is the most important. If you can prepare well before the journey you will successfully enjoy the adventure without any hassle.

Before You Go Camping In The Wilderness

1. Be brave and confident

Staying in the wilderness at night is no joke. You could find yourself in an unpleasant situation out there even if you have prepared yourself carefully. You may fail to make a fire, mistake the direction, may face a dangerous situation and so on. Therefore, you need to brave and confident enough to face any situation.

2. Have necessary clothing

Always wear comfortable boots that will ease your walking and the whole journey. Additionally, take one set of spare clothes that you prefer most. If you get wet that spare set will save you. Remaining wet for a long time will cause you fatigue and become lethargic. So wear and choose your clothing type wisely and keep the season in mind.

3. First aid and navigation

Don’t forget to take a compact and basic first aid kit with you. It will save you when you most need it. For navigation, make sure you take a working compass with you and know how to use that. Having a map of that area will be more helpful. And it is really handy if you can use the stars for navigation.

4. Signaling tools

While preparing or planning for anything, you should plan for the worst and hope for the best. When you are out there alone in the wilderness signaling tools will play a vital role in case of emergency. In fact, that is the only way to communicate with others. For signaling tools, you may consider signal mirror and whistles but it is best to really read up on how to do this for real. Here's a great article: 7 Ways To Signal For Help In The Wilderness.

5. Water pot and purification kit

You can’t survive long without pure water. You must have a clear idea about getting water from the place where you are going. However, you must have a purification kit that will fit in your bag and a standard size water pot to collect pure water.

6. Inform others

Before going out, inform your family members or close friends of the place where you are going. In case an emergency does happen there will be someone that will know where are.

7. Essential tools

You must have at least one all-purpose multi-tool that will help you make firewood, start a fire and face survival situations. Check out this list of top-notch survival machetes for your consideration.

Take some rope with you. It will help you make a roof for shelter. You can wear a paracord bracelet and carry an extra one. There are cool hacks available on making rope using grass. You can go for that if you are interested enough.

Since you are preparing for night stay consider some night vision devices. A pair of compact night vision goggles will help you to explore the surroundings easily and keep you safe. Even you can enjoy the nightlife adventure in the area where you are going.

When You Are In The Wilderness

8. Shelter

Choose an optimum place from where you can reach the nearest available water source if there is any. Find an area of flat ground near your preferred place. Avoid the place where pure water and fruits are available. These types of places will likely be visited regularly by predatory animals. Maintain a safe distance from those places.

You can take some shelter building material with you. But that’s not really necessary if you are not planning to end up like a real survivor. You can make a simple lean to with some rope, branches, and leaves.

9. Food

Survival food skill is a broad topic and you can follow this basic food survival guide in the wild. Now, if you plan to stay a short period of time, you can bring some non-perishable foods like energy bars, dried meat and similar things according to your taste.

10. Fire

Fire is a must for your safety and wellness. It will keep you dry and discourage predatory animals to come near you. Fire will provide light, prepare your food and protect you from pesky bugs. You can make a fire in various ways. You can bring a lighter, use a small fire starter an so on. It is up to you. But make sure, you know how you will make a fire out in the wilderness at night.

11. Hygiene and sanitation

Bring some soap and towel with you (or some biodegradable wet wipes) because maintaining your sanitation is important even in the wilderness. Some animals especially the predatory ones are capable of finding your urine and stool even if you bury them. So make sure your shelter is a good enough distance away from your the place you use as your camp toilet.

12. Perfect backpack

There are many types of backpacks like a regular backpack, duffel bag, hiking bag and military backpack. Therefore it is very important that you know how to choose a perfect backpack. All your necessary things are going to be in that bag, so choose wisely.

Wilderness Camping Tips Conclusion

If you are a beginner in exploring the wilderness, try to go with a group or find a partner. This will be safer for you. Gradually you will gather experience and become confident enough to go alone. Whether you go alone or with partners, you will have to prepare carefully and we hope out Wilderness Camping Tips To Survive The Night has been helpful to you. Good luck!

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  1. Number 2 is indeed important – and this should always be followed by the younger generation. Pick the appropriate clothes for the season and activities – not for Instagram. 🙂

  2. Well i guess the most important one are machetes which not only help for food but survival as well. thebestmachete. com


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