6 Best Cheap Pocket Knife

We can’t deny that a welcome addition to everyone’s everyday carry is a reliable and cheap pocket knife. A good knife is never overlooked, and can be a useful tool when dealing with everyday tasks. And undoubtedly an important asset when heading out into the wild.

Lucky for us, the market offers a great variety making it easy to find a best cheap pocket knife that satisfies your two most important needs. Which are quality and price.

The 6 Best Cheap Pocket Knife

1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops

This short list will introduce you to some of the many models you can find on Amazon. It should help you choose the perfect knife tailored to both your needs and your budget!

Without a doubt, when you hear Smith & Wesson, you can't help but think of high quality armament. Although this brand is not famous for producing cheap pocket knives, but rather a wide variety of popular firearms. S&W eventually ventured into the production of knives, including both folders and fixed blades.

One of the more popular knives in their arsenal is S&W Extreme Ops. This drop point tanto is all about a modern design and functionality, providing maximum efficiency marked with an affordable price tag.  Featuring all the innovations of a modern tactical knife. Such as a glass breaker and seat belt cutter, it also boasts a sturdy frame and high carbon edge retaining blade. Even though tanto blades are not widely popular. Their design is a useful and innovative aspect that is quickly gaining a place in the industry.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife - Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout

Gerber’s knife collection has now partnered up with the popular survivalist Bear Grylls. This quickly established itself at the very top of the market with a distinct aim to provide every outdoorsman with a high quality and cheap pocket knife. This collection features a wide variety of knives tailored to every need. The Compact Scout stands out as a basic model designed for your everyday needs. This is a perfect knife to have on your person, whether in the wild, or in everyday situations.

It boasts Gerber’s trademark quality of manufacture, as well as the distinct innovations of Bear Grylls’ design. The great approach to design gives us an ergonomic handle tailored for a perfect fit in every hand. With a high quality, semi-serrated drop point blade, but also the traditional reliance such as the proven lock-back mechanism. This might just be the perfect, down-to-earth knife for our everyday carry necessities.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife

3. Kershaw Shuffle

Already an established name in the field of knife making,the Kershaw’s Shuffle series stands out as one of the more interesting additions to the market of cheap pocket knives. This little knife gives so much more than its humble, almost Neolithic design insinuates. Kershaw obviously aimed for a primitive design from way back in history and it's that which makes Shuffle so good. It has been an nmistakable success in the industry.

It features a notched, slanting grip, which combined with its distinctive short blade creates a perfect tool for many situations. The short length of the knife shifts all the power of the user to the blade. Which results in maximizing the power and the effectiveness, focusing the force to the target. The Shuffle knife is certainly Kershaw’s biggest surprise of the recent years and a definitive recommendation for survival situations. But also great for use in everyday circumstances too.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife - Kershaw Shuffle

4. Ka-Bar Dozier

Ka-Bar is a long standing name that originally established itself with the popular World War 2 combat knife of the marines. Since then, Ka-Bar continued to steadily gain popularity as a reliable manufacturer of quality, cool pocket knives that are loved by many.

This Dozier folder, marketed as a hunting knife, relies on a simple, traditional design that holds efficiency proven through the years. With a unique, great drop point blade and a beautiful textured handle, this award-winning knife is as pretty as it is useful. Perfect for outdoor activities, Dozier revolves around simplicity and quality to help you through all the common tasks. It features a sturdy lock-back mechanism, a useful lanyard hole and a grooved base of the blade. Which is helpful in providing extra traction when needed. A reliable little knife, perfect for all with simpler needs and simpler aims.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife

5. Boker Traditional Series

One of the oldest manufacturers today, Boker has been in the business for about 148 years, which should speak volumes in itself.  Needles to say, Boker is a name quickly associated with proven high quality and super cheap knives. This Gentleman’s Lockback from their Traditional series is a welcome addition to our list and a step out of the line from the norms of today.

This nifty little pocket knife perfectly captures the very essence of the word pocket knife. A traditional, old-school design takes us back to the early beginnings of knife making. With a proven design and a high quality stainless steel blade, this elegant knife perfectly combines prettiness and usefulness. A knife that embodies the old spirit of camping, hiking, and boy scout trips. It still doesn’t fail to be useful when performing common tasks. Although not perfectly suited for rugged use in the wild. The Gentleman’s lockback is still perfect for an everyday carry, with its usefulness and high style.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife - Boker Traditons Series

6. Opinel No8 Folding Knife

You can’t mention cheap pocket knife without immediately thinking of Opinel. This French manufacturer of knives established a name solely upon quality and affordability. While still retaining their own traditional style. Opinel Knives became famous in France through the years and have slowly found their audience all over the world. They come in different sizes with the Opinel No8 as the most common.

While greatly effective and practical for everyday use. Opinel Knives also present a unique traditional style accentuated with beautiful wooden handles. Their simplicity of manufacture is unmatched today.

These cheap pocket knives are a perfect addition to your kit. Whether you are out in the woods or at home, they can meet most expectations. It can be a great asset for preparing food while in the outdoors. Or wood carving when you’ve got the time. Opinel Knives are an unavoidable recommendation when discussing pocket knives.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife - Opinel Steel Folding Carbon

Best Cheap Pocket Knife Conclusion

So that sums up my recommendation on the 6 Best Cheap Pocket Knife that boast good quality and affordability. With a great choice and a varied selection suited for every style and need, I hope this article will help make your decision easier for you to buy the perfect pocket knife.

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