10 Uses For A Pocket Knife

There has been endless variations developed of the classic blade from a simple handmade pocket knife to a versatile western style one. This article is about 10 Uses For A Pocket Knife to highlight the versatility of this great tool.

Those who own pocket knives will an endless list of jobs that they have used their pocket knife for. With so much inherent value, carrying a pocket knife has become an essential need of a standard Everyday Carry Kit.

10 Uses For A Pocket Knife You Should Know

1. First Aid

Pocket knives come in handy whether it’s about cutting bandages and dressings or removing splinters or spikes. If you are out for hunting or enjoying a thrilling expedition, this can be your best acquaintance.

2. Fishing

If you are fond of fishing, then keeping a pocket knife is an imperative requirement. It’s a compulsory tool for a fisherman from cutting fishing line to removing hooks. If the line has become tangled, a pocket knife is a quick solution instead of trying to use your hands.

3. Utility

The most obvious purpose of a pocket knife is its ability to perform small simple cuts. There are several everyday applications from shaving away threads on your clothing to portioning up a campfire steak. Whatever your requirement you will need a knife to do these endless everyday tasks. These multi-purpose western pocket knives can be an effective way to get the job done in no time.

Uses For A Pocket Knife - Folding Pocket Knife Black

4. Camping

One can’t imagine camping without being equipped with a knife. A smartly designed pocket knife can act as an essential survival tool from cooking, setting up a tent and cutting up kindling for a fire.

5. Self-Defense

A pocket knife can be used as a self-defense weapon in any troublesome situation. One of the major risks to anyone’s personal safety is other people. Though It is no exaggeration to say that a pocket knife can be used as a great self-defense tool if the situation calls for it. Some pocket knives are designed purely with this in mind.

They typically comprise of a larger handle and a blade which can be used under any emergency circumstances for saving your life. A knife may not guarantee you that you will be always safe, yet it will certainly be in your favor. If you are simply flashing your blade, it will be enough to frighten off most attackers. We are not encouraging the use for threats or ferocity; we just think it’s a better way to defend yourself if ever in that situation. Even with a small guy like this Keychain Self-Defense Pocket Knife.

Pocket Knife Uses - Self Defence Keychain Knife

6. Emergency

Life is unpredictable and you can find yourself or others in crisis situation with little warning. At times, roads are slippery, ridges are steep and conditions are unfavorable. In case any misfortune happens, a pocket knife can serve as a perfect survival tool. You can immediately slice through a seatbelt to pull someone from wreckage or cut a fabric to dress a wound. Some variations such as western pocket knives also feature a glass breaker which you might need for smashing the window for a courageous escape.

7. Peeling Fruit

When relaxing in the outdoors, a proper meal is no less than a luxury. This is the perfect time for having some juicy fruits that provide you with essential nutrition. Pocket knives are an easy to carry tool for slicing and peeling fruits smoothly and quickly.

8. Opening Boxes, Letters, and Packages

You might be thinking a pair of scissors can be perfect to cut tags and opening boxes. However a pocket utility knife will provide you with a more controlled and safer cut. Pocket knives make you get rid of the annoyance of manually opening gifts, packages and other things. This easily accessible tool protects your hands from an annoying slice when handling scissors the wrong way.

Uses For A Pocket Knife - Folding Pocket Utility Knife

9. Crying Less While Cutting Onions

If you don’t want to wear goggles and still cry less while cutting onions, a sharp pocket knife is what you can certainly opt use. It slices cleanly through the cell walls of an onion which releases only a few irritants that make you tear up. Great for when you are out camping and making some rabbit stew.

10. An Economical Solution

For people who are not much familiar with the uses of the pocket knife might consider it an unnecessary tool or more precisely a scary thing. Yes a pocket knife is and can be used as weapon but more importantly it is a multifaceted tool that will make your day to day life easier. You will find numerous cheap pocket knives for a very reasonable price. Just look at this awesome Transformer Mini EDC Pocket Knife for less than $7.

Uses For A Pocket Knife - Transformer EDC Mini Pocket Knife

Uses For A Pocket Knife Conclusion

A good pocket knife is what you need to get yourself ready for everything, from basic cutting tasks to self-defense. This is one of the most diverse and useful items to have in your everyday carry kit collection. Undoubtedly, it will save your life on day.

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