Best Left Handed Pocket Knife For EDC

The majority of tactical knives manufactured today are built with the right-handed man in mind. After all the majority of the population is right-handed and companies need to make their sales right?

Fortunately, there is still a great selection of Tactical EDC Knives that can be used by both a left and right hand dominant person. Without the need to sacrifice quality for simply something that fits. Keep reading below to figure out which left handed pocket knife is for you.

Finding A Left Handed EDC Knife That Fits

Most lefties tend to accustom themselves to the right-hand man’s world and alter their grip to suit. Well the same can’t be said for the right-handed dominants. That's why lefties have the advantage over being able use an array of grip types according to each knife. Here’s my list of the best left handed pocket knives for EDC that cater to lefties without sacrificing quality.

1. Gerber Gator Premium Folding Knife

Check out the Gerber Gator, with its stainless-steel blade and a wedgeless handle. These features allow the pocket knife to be used by either hand. Additionally the lock is also placed midway which ensures that you can operate the knife with either hand. I recommend checking this knife out today if you're in the market for a left handed EDC knife.

Best Left Handed Pocket Knife - Gerber Gator Folding Knife

2. Benchmade Griptilian Drop-Point Knife

The Benchmade Griptilian 55-1-1 Drop Point Knife is one of the best ambidextrous knives that can be bought today. The locking mechanism is AXIS, which means it doesn’t matter which hand is used to open and close this EDC knife. Definitely a very functional knife with a perfect grip and angular blade.

3. Eagle Ultralight Knife

The Eagle Ultralight Knife by Al Mar is a quality made knife that is slightly expensive but worth every penny. It's perfectly designed with a streamlined blade that allows for swift movements. The lock can be used by either hand and is very light in weight. Certainly a classy left handed EDC knife to own.

4. Kubey Flipper Tactical Folder

The Kubey Tactical Folder caters for both the right and left handed person. It incorporates a frame lock which is rare for left-handed EDC knives. I encourage you to check it out now from Amazon.

Best Left Handed Pocket Knife - Kubey Flipper Tactical Knife

5. Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point Knife

You can use the Cold Steel Voyager by either hand aswell as the locking mechanism. Its features are very similar to the Gerber Gator. Which means the ergonomics of the handle provide the perfect mobility with a firm grip.

6. Fallkniven Leo Constellation Series Knife

The Falkniven EDC Knife is the epitome of perfection when it comes to ambidextrous knives. Its grip and agility is all due to the ergonomic design and feature of the handle. Making it a great choice to on the market today.

7. Spyderco Paramilitary 2

When I think about a great looking and stylish knife, I always picture the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. It is simply a must for this list of best EDC knives that cater to lefties. All due to the compression lock feature making it usable be either hand. I bought one these recently and it has not disappointed me so far.

Best Left Handed Pocket Knife - Spyderco Paramilitary 2

8. SOG Tomcat 3.0 Folding Knife

This SOG Tomcat 3.0 EDC knife contains an arc lock, resulting in a comfortable fit by either hand everytime. It is a heavy-duty knife with a curved blade and two thumb impressions in the handle. Giving it that perfect grip feel for both hands. Although there have been later models, it is still one of the best to date and very sexy looking.

Best Left Handed Pocket Knife For EDC Conclusion

Most people don’t even consider the annoyance of having to handle a right-handed knife when they are a lefty. The key is making sure the grip has no significant wedges and that the locking mechanism is accessible by both hands. I hope one of the above-mentioned products will soon become your favorite left handed pocket knife. If it does I’d love to hear about it. Simple reply in comments section below.

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