Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools For Your EDC

Even when there is no impending doom, you or your loved ones may be in danger. There are threats present all around you in several forms. Crimes are on the rise in many parts of the world. Robbery, theft, rape, kidnapping and murder are the common crimes that are prevalent in almost all societies. One of the most effective non-lethal self defense strategies being adopted by an increasing number of people all over the world is physical self defense training.

This means being able to use an array of non-lethal self defense tools effectively.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools

Because self defense classes require a considerable amount of financial investment, it is therefore recommended to always have a few other self defense tools handy. Become familiar with them and be prepared if you do need to use them if face with an attacker.

1. Non-Lethal Self Defense Sprays

There are several different types of chemicals which you can spray your attacker with. There are subtle differences between the various types of sprays. Two of the most common types of spray are mace and pepper sprays and is the most widely used non lethal police weapon. The various types of defense sprays can be used as substitutes for each other. That is why they are often mistaken to be the same.

They also have the same active ingredient, namely ‘oleoresin capsicum’. However, there are a few differences between them. Mace is the most popular kind of pepper spray available on the market today. Other brands are not as renowned.


Mace is available as an aerosol which can be sprayed directly in the face of the attacker. It contains white crystals which are mixed in a liquid inside the can. At the high pressure that is present inside the spray container, the liquid is forced out of the can, carrying the crystals along with it. The original chemical composition of mace made it behave as a tear gas. It was also toxic and hence more dangerous.

Mace sprays were first launched as a non-lethal self defense tool for the general public in the 1960s. However, soon, people realized that mace was not very effective for self defense against attackers who were unusually violent or those who were intoxicated or acting under the influence of drugs. Therefore, mace manufacturers decided to adopt the same formula as pepper spray.

They now manufacture sprays that have oleoresin capsicum (OC) as the main ingredient. And some other chemicals, such as CN tear gas and ultraviolet dye, mixed in very small amounts. The UV dye leaves an identification tag on the person who is sprayed with mace. This way, they can be identified later and action can be taken against them. This is one advantage of mace over regular pepper sprays. Here's a basic and extremely affordable Mace Spray that is considered Police Strength.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools - Mace Spray

Effect Of Mace

When the attacker is sprayed with the chemical, they experience a severe burning in the eyes and throat. The effects are immediate and extreme. Mace leaves the attacker struggling to breathe. This is why it is very effective if you are in an open space. The attacker is forced to cover their eyes and mouth. While they try to recover, it gives you enough time to dodge them and run away. You can also use this opportunity to deliver a few blows to them in order to further incapacitate them.

Pepper Sprays

Pepper sprays are just like any other spray except for the fact that they are filled with irritating chemicals. They are one of the best options for a non-lethal self defense weapon. The main ingredient, which is OC, is the same as the irritation-causing substance found naturally in chilies. While they are not fatal, they are very effective in instantly incapacitating the attacker.

When sprayed swiftly into eyes or facial region, the spray acts very quickly and causes an extreme form of burning in the eyes and mouth. It also causes the attacker to experience difficulty in breathing because of its irritating nature. Pepper Spray is also very effective for attackers who are under the influence. It usually takes 30 to 40 minutes for people to fully recover from the effects of pepper sprays. That is why it is the preferred type of spray for the police force just like this 3-in-1 Sabre Pepper Spray Police Strength. It has up to 35 Shots in it, which is 5 x more than other aeorsol sprays.

Non Lethal Self Defense Tools - Pepper Spray Police Strength

2. Palm-held Weapons

Delving deeper into effective non-lethal self defense tools and strategies, you will come across small, hand-held weapons which are effective enough to incapacitate the attacker for a sufficient amount of time. Two of the most popular choices of survivalists is the Kubotan and the Tactical Pen.


The Kubotan was also first introduced in the 1960s. It is a self defense keychain which is roughly the size of a pen. It looks like a small stick and is easy to hide in plain sight since it has a keyring which you can use for your keys at one end. However, the stick part of the weapon is highly effective in situations where you must physically fight off your attacker. It works on the principle of pain compliance.

The end of the stick has a small surface area. Hence, when it is pushed into a pressure point in the attacker’s body, it causes intense pain. You can even use the keychain end of the kubotan for defending yourself. If a lot of keys are attached, combined, they could work to produce enough force to effectively hurt the assailant. Targeting the neck, spine, and stomach, as well as other bony and fleshy areas, proves quite effective when using a kubotan. Take a quick look right here at the Cevinee Tactical Kubotan.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools - Tactical Kubotan

Using Your Kubotan Effectively

The small size and pen-like shape of the kubotan makes it very easy to carry without letting people know that you are, in fact, carrying a weapon. It is far less noticeable than a pepper spray, for example. Your assailant may also be unaware of this fact. Therefore, you can easily catch them by surprise with this keychain weapon.

The kubotan is a weapon that comes in handy when your attacker is physically close to you. That is why it is important to get a short training session before you can use the kubotan in a real-life critical situation. However, learning how to use a kubotan is not very difficult since it is quite easy to use. You just need to learn the basics from a professional trainer. If, however, you take regular training sessions, the practice will only make you perfect.

Tactical Pens

The name of this weapon is quite self-explanatory. It is a non-lethal self defense tool which doubles as a pen. That is true in terms of not just its appearance but also its functionality. However, it is slightly heavier than a regular pen since it is made from metal. It works on a principle that is similar to that of the kubotan. One end of the tactical pen is narrower than the other. Sometimes, a sharp point is also hidden at this end.

Many tactical pens also have additional glass-breaking capabilities such as this BellFyd Tactical Pen. You can use them for breaking windows easily without hurting yourself if you need to extract yourself from an enclosed space. You need to apply a certain amount of force when attacking your assailant with a tactical pen if you want to cause them a considerable amount of pain. Quick motions can help you achieve that too. The same parts of the body that are vulnerable to the kubotan are also sensitive to the tactical pen.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools - Bellfyd Tactical Pen

Tactical Flashlights

A flashlight may not seem like the most useful non-lethal self defense tool, but you can use it as one when your assailant is very near to you.

They are especially effective in dark places. If someone attacks you in a dark alley, for example, they would want to be discreet about it. They would not want attention drawn in the general direction of the alley. However, if you shine a flashlight, even if you don’t do it directly into the eyes of the attacker, it will make other people look in your direction. This may make the assailant back off and leave you alone. The J5 Tactical Flashlight is a Best Seller at Amazon for under $20.

J5 Tactical Flashlight - Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon

Using Your Tactical Flashlight Effectively

Apart from that, you can also shine the light in the assailant’s face. This will make them move their hands off of you in order to shield their eyes. Sudden exposure to bright light can also cause temporary blindness. This will give you time to escape or get away from the attacker while they try to recover. Flashlights can also prove helpful in identifying your assailant. Some flashlights also have toothed bezels attached to them.

There is no legal issue when carrying flashlights since they are merely a handy tool and are not considered a weapon. Therefore, you can also carry them in places such as schools and airports where other weapons are not allowed.

3. Stun Devices

Stun devices are tools which can be used to deliver non-lethal electric shocks to assailants. At least once in your life, you must have experienced a slight shock from static electricity from placing your hand on the doorknob. This type of shock releases around 25 kV of electricity. Shocks produced by stun devices are rated at an average of 150 kV, which is almost six times the intensity of a typical static electric shock. The maximum voltage that these shocks can reach is 800 kV. This amount is not lethal, but it is effective enough to incapacitate your assailant. Stun devices come in several forms.

Stun Guns

A stun gun imitates the symptoms of muscle failure. It releases current with a voltage that is high enough to cause an immense amount of pain to the attacker. There is no permanent damage caused by a stun gun. The current takes less than five seconds to take effect. It is recommended that you hold the gun against the body of the assailant for a few seconds so that the current takes full effect. The attacker is then unable to move for a considerable amount of time. You can use this time to run a safe distance away from the attacker. Stun guns are most effective when they come in contact with the more sensitive parts of the body. These are the parts where a higher concentration of nerves is present, such as the neck or stomach.

The key point to remember here is that you must be very close to your attacker if you want to use your stun gun on them. Stun guns must come into direct contact with the attacker in order for them to work effectively. They cannot be used from far away. The Rechargeable Vipertek Stun Gun is currently Amazons Best Seller and judging from the reviews and price, I'd agree.

Vipertek Rechargeable Stun Gun Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon


Tasers consist of a pair of probes that shoot out of the machine and get stuck to the body of the attacker. This is where the difference between Tasers and Stun Guns lies. Tasers can be used from distances of up to 15 feet since the metal probes are shot with sufficient force. It enables them to cover this distance immediately. The attacker is caught off guard. The electric shock produced by a Taser does not work on pain-causation principles. Instead, it directly targets the body’s motor nervous system.

It immediately immobilizes the attacker, leaving them no option than to lay motionless on the ground until the effects of the shock have worn off. Taser probes can also penetrate around 2 inches of clothing, requiring no direct contact with the skin. In case you miss your target when firing the probes, you can release the probes with the click of a button. This will transform your Taser into a stun gun.

Other Stun Devices

Stun devices are also available in other, less common forms, such as batons and flashlights. The science and functionality behind these devices is the same. Only the outlook is changed so that your weapon can be disguised as a harmless object. This only increases the chances of you catching your assailant by surprise. Smaller variants such as stun lipsticks and cell phones can also be hidden easily in your bag or pocket.

4. Projectile Weapons

There are a number of projectile weapons which can also be used as less than lethal guns. The first one is rubber bullets. However, they will require a standard licensed firearm, which may cost more than you are willing to invest. Firing a gun also requires training. Rubber bullets are very effective in that they cause extreme pain despite their being non-lethal.

If you want to go for a cheaper alternative and make a bunch of homemade self defense weapons such as a slingshot. Or purchase one that is made from high-grade aluminum alloy and leather. They can cover a distance of about 120 yards. Crossbows are also a good option but they would require a high level of accuracy.

Non-Lethal Self Defense Tools Conclusion

Almost all the of these non-lethal self defense tools mentioned above carry no legal issues. You should, however, first make sure whether your state allows the possession and use of these weapons or not. Your own safety should also be a concern for you. Some of these weapons require a certain level of training or experience. They may even result in the death of the assailant if not used properly. Others may cause harm to you if not used properly.

For example, when using a pepper spray, you must be careful about the direction of the wind. If you spray it in the direction that is opposite to that of the wind, the spray might get into your own eyes. Also, when handling a self defense weapon, make sure that you do not let the attacker get hold of it. Following these tips will help you develop an effective non-lethal self defense strategy that is bound to work in times of need.

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