How To Use A Boot Knife Holster Safely

A knife is a tool that is used for different daily purposes all the time, especially depending on your field of work. It is an extremely important tool with a large degree of diversification and therefore, carrying one is certainly needed for most of us.

But carrying a knife that is both safe and concealed is a tricky task. If you prefer your pocket, it will no doubt take up most of that space and leave your other gadgets out in the open. My recommendation is to use a boot knife holster which is explained further below.

Carry Your Knife Safely In A Boot Knife Holster

An effective alternative to keeping your knife in your pocket is keeping it in your boot using a boot knife holster. This may seem a bit funny and strange but it does have its advantages. Most of the methods discussed below will allow you to access your knife quickly and carry it safely. So let’s take a look.

1. Beside Your Ankle

If you wear a boot with a high ankle, keeping knives inside it is really easy because a high ankle provides enough space for knives. You can easily keep thin small knives or folding boot knives inside the ankle of the shoe. The knives will stay beside your ankle and you can easily take it out at the time of necessity. This is a common method of carrying boot knives.

2. In The Boot Sheath

There are some boots on the market which are specially manufactured for carrying knives. These boots come with a sheath on it which allows the user to keep a knife inside it. Carrying knives in these kinds of boots is pretty comfortable because the sheath is specifically made for carrying knives. All you need to do is choose a knife that perfectly fits into the sheath.

Gerber Ghost Fixed Boot Knife Holster

Boot Knife Holster by Gerber Ghost

3. By Adding An Extra Sheath

You can also add an extra sheath to your boot (such as the Gerber Ghost Fixed Blade Knife Sheath) by adding an extra lace to your boot. Sew two laces with the edges of the sheath. Tie up one lace with your boot and another one with your leg in order to carry the knife.

If you want to make this method more accurate, sew the closed edge of your sheath with the boot and sew a lace with the other edge. After wearing the boot, tie the lace around your leg so that the sheath remains tightly in position. After that, put your knife inside the sheath.

4. Under Your feet

There are some people who prefer to carry their boot knife under their feet while wearing their shoe. Meaning, with this method, their knife lies under their feet. So this may feel a little uncomfortable. That’s why only thin knives can be carried using this method. The boots also should have enough space with the knife still kept inside a knife sheath.

5. With The Lace Of The Boot

This method can easily be applied to the boots that have a long ankle. If you have a long ankle boot, you can keep the knife inside the twist of the lace of the boot. The knife must have a sheath, otherwise, it will cut the lace of the boot.

Using A Boot Knife Holster Conclusion

Carrying a knife in your boots using a boot knife holster or sheath is a great idea. But if you want to implement it, you need to know how you can carry knives both safely and properly.

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