How To Use A Hunting Knife

I guess you already know how vital a survival aka hunting knife is for any survivalist. But this useful tool can prove worthless to you if you have no idea how to use it properly. A survival knife is multi purpose. In the outdoors you can use it to perform the tasks of other more specialized tools.

Plus you're able to pretty much carry it anywhere on your body that is easy to retrieve. Here's my tips on how to use a hunting knife properly.

Hunting Knife Uses

Before delving further, let us first dispel some misconceptions about a survival knife. The ‘survival’ in the name is almost always confusing. It gives a notion that the knife is squarely for self-defense. In fact, some people think of it as a killer weapon of people and animals, however that is not the case. Here are the proper ways on how to use a hunting knife properly:

1. Wood Chopping

You can make firewood outdoors by using a survival knife. Use a wooden baton, place your knife against the target tree and hit. You can do the same to cut logs into sections for easy splitting. You can use the same technique to process the long sections into usable units for the fireplace. A survival knife is useful in helping you find dry firewood in the mid-section of a dead, standing tree.

2. Igniting Fire

In the past, survivors would make fire with a bow and a drill. It is still possible in controlled, dry conditions. However this can take upwards of 30 minutes to start a fire with this mechanism. However, a survival knife can start a fire in a second if you have a Ferro rod. Striking a Ferro rod with the blade of a survival knife will give you an instant fire. Ferro rods do not break and are highly weather resistant. Together with Vaseline-soaked cotton balls as tinder, a Ferro rod can deliver 2 minutes of fire. Check out the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife for an affordable option.

How To Use A Hunting Knife

3. Tool Making

A survival knife is a tool you will need to make other crude tools to use in the wilderness. The best tool you can make with such a knife is a spear. You can use the spear for hunting and fishing. Some people make a spear by simply tying the knife to the end of a rod. The downside is a knot is not 100% dependable and will eventually weaken and come undone. In such a case, you stand a chance of losing your survival knife completely.

Making a dependable spear is simple though. Split one end of a long, 1-inch thick tree branch into 4 parts. Stick a small stick into gaps between the splits with some cord. Sharpen each of the 4 ends into pencil-thick width. This type of weapon will be deadly on fish and small animals such as frogs. A crude spear with a long handle may be better than the survival knife if used for self-defense.

4. Making A Shelter

A large, tough and high-quality survival knife can help you make a sustainable survival shelter. I would recommend you carry your own shelter. Something like a tent or a sleeping bag is worth including in your bug out bag or survival kit. However, you can make even a better shelter with your knife.

You can use your knife to cut down some tree branches and make a roomy shelter where you can dwell comfortably. You can use tree leaves to cover the roof of the structure and sides. How to make a good shelter using a survival knife is a whole topic and suffice to say that your own DIY shelter could be better than a tent. In the meantime, ensure your survival kit is ready with this Emergency Two Person Tent.

How To Use A Hunting Knife - Two Person Tent For Your Bug Out Bag

5. Digging Holes

Perhaps you didn’t remember to carry a shovel or you simply didn’t have enough space in your backpack or bug out bag to pack a shovel. In this case, a survival knife is a perfect alternative. If the ground is soft, just drive the blade into the soil much like you use a shovel to dig out whatever you wish.

6. Rescuing Others

How many times have you seen people trapped inside vehicles or in buildings in an emergency situation? I can only guess your answer. Well, it is a common scene. Before the emergency department can send someone to rescue them, you can try breaking them free with your survival knife.

A high-quality knife can smash a car window, just like this super cheap TAC Force Rescue Knife. With more effort, it can even cut through a thin metal sheet on a car door to allow you to gain success. And once you have access, your sharp survival knife will be able to cut through a seatbelt. In fact, a good survival knife has already helped thousands of people in fatal situations.

How To Use A Hunting Knife - TAC Force Rescue Survival Knife

7. Preparing Meals

Imagine preparing any meal without a knife. How then will you chop vegetables and game in the wild? You will need a survival knife to prepare just about any meal. If you do not have a can opener this knife will also perform that function. The diversity of a survival knife in cooking is unfathomable.

Don't Use Your Hunting Knife For This

In order to use your survival knife correctly it's a good idea to be aware of what your survival knife isn't for. Here are some of those ways:

  • For Fighting: It is wrong to use a survival knife as a weapon unless it is for self-defense. Real combat knives exist for that purpose. Using a survival knife to fight against someone armed with other more specialized weapons can prove tragic.
  • Prying or Poking Things: It may be tempting to use your sharp pointed knife to pry or poke things. The worst that can ever happen when you try pocking with a survival knife is an accident. You can end up cutting yourself dangerously if your hands slide off the handle. Use specialized tools for poking or prying.
  • Hunting or Skinning: Most survival knives do not feature designs that make them ideal for use as hunting or skinning knives. Resist the temptation to use your knife even if it is sharp enough. The special knives have unique features that allow you to achieve the best results.

How To Use A Hunting Knife Conclusion

If you want to become a competent and skilled survivor, you must know how to use a hunting knife properly. It can help you to perform many functions if you know how to use it in the right way. If you'd like to continue reading about great survival knives, then I recommend checking out the Kurkri Knife.

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