EDC Essentials That Are Easy To Carry

When considering your everyday carry items, one thing we all have in mind is keeping it lightweight and remaining mobile. This is why inconspicuous, small EDC essentials are the most sought after items for efficient day to day functions.

By combining the features of a large tool with one that is compact enables you to carry your EDC with ease. Finding these particular EDC tools can be a challenge though. So here's some we've discovered for you.

5 Compact EDC Essentials

Our Top 5 EDC Essentials to help you cope with all your common tasks, but are also easy to carry, small and above all, reliable.

1. Steamlight ProTac 1L Flashlight

There’s no denying the usefulness of a good flashlight in everyday situations. Whether fixing things around the car or completing tasks after the sun sets, a light is always a welcome help. But replacing the robust, powerful flashlights and lamps with an equally powerful light source that can fit easily in your pocket can be a difficult task. That’s where Streamlight comes in. This company is the leading U.S. brand when considering lights, and with their innovation in the industry they can provide exactly the light we need.

Their ProTac 1L is a compact EDC designed flashlight, created for the purpose of flexibility and reliability. It features three selectable light outputs, of which the highest provides an amazing 350 lumens, ensuring a bright and powerful source of light. With a rugged, shockproof build, it is perfected for everyday and survival use. The sturdy pocket clip makes it a perfect addition to any everyday carry kit.

Streamlight Protac EDC Essentials Flashlight

2. Hitch & Timber Pocket Runt

Retaining an acceptable and fresh look while packing all your EDC essentials is imperative for everyone. This is what the Pocket Runt from Hitch & Timber is perfect for. Nothing captures the eye more than the look of stained, old leather, captivating with its gentleman’s look. This product offers the perfect item for our basic EDC needs. The Pocket Runt is a lightweight, stylish leather sheath, combining a classy look with an efficient means to carry a pocket knife, a pen, keys, or something entirely different.

Offering the choice of English leathers and a sleek, well made design, Hitch & Timber definitely leaves an impression with their range of EDC products. This is the company that captures the essence of wilderness, of ruggedness and class. Their products painting the image of old leather, weathered wood and Scottish highlands and whiskey. A perfect gentleman’s brand!

Pocket Runt - EDC Essentials

3. Buck Nobleman Pocket Knife

Choosing a perfect pocket knife for our EDC Essentials can prove to be a tedious challenge. The list goes on and on, and it’s full of amazing contenders. The Nobleman Knife from Buck could just be a perfect choice.

Considering the old age and experience behind the Buck brand, there is no doubt in the quality behind the Nobleman pocket knife. Retaining a modern, simple and stylish look, as well as efficiency and great strength, this pocket knife performs great. With a titanium coated drop point blade that carries a great design and boasts excellent edge retention, Nobleman doesn’t fail in performing a wide variety of difficult tasks. Its slim line, sleek design offers both looks and a strong grip, making it a perfect pocket knife for an everyday carry.

Buckman Noble Folding Knife - A Great EDC Essential Item

4. Gerber GDC Money Clip

There is a rising popularity of money clips among EDC fans, mostly because it offers a chance to substitute a bulky wallet with a slim, pocket sized clip. This makes a money clip perfect for our list of EDC Essentials, and Gerber’s GDC is the best choice. Bear in mind that the GDC is not just an ordinary money clip. It is specifically designed for the outdoor and everyday carry user, with a sturdy build that hides a surprise.

Inside the titanium nitride coated body, with a strong G10 front plate, is a 3.7 inch long, fine edge, wide blade, secured in place with a cleverly designed lock. That’s right, besides your cash, and another five credit cards, you’ll also carry a sleek utility blade, all fitted compactly into a slim clip that you won’t even feel in your pocket. This is the perfect item for this list.

Gerber GDC Money Clip - A Great EDC Essential Item

5. Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer

This item is for all of you who like to keep their items all secure in one place, and who are on the road often. If you have interest in EDC and survival equipment, then Maxpedition is a familiar name. One of their popular designs is just this pocket organizer, designed with the intention to pack all your EDC essentials while retaining a light weight and compact look.

This pouch is undeniably well crafted, boasting the famed 1000-Denier coated nylon, the number one choice for tactical gear, as well as water and elements resistance.

Reinforced seams and strengthened stress points are a guarantee of durability, and a sure way to keep the items inside safe. It has a slim design, compact 5x7 inch design, and enough designated space inside to fit all the essential items you might need. So if you’re looking to go with an all-in-one approach, look no further than the Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer.

Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organiser Essential For Your Kit

EDC Essentials Conclusion

This short list has bound to have presented an item or two to add to your EDC Essentials or EDC Bag. Keeping in mind the needs and abilities of most everyday carry fans, we carefully chose the best on offer today. So I hope you have found this short list valuable.

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