14 Unusual Everyday Carry Items

The topic of Everyday Carry and EDC Bags has been debated to death. Lots of people have posted pictures of their EDC kits (such as this member of the survivalist boards) and you can find plenty of good articles on which EDC bag to get.

But different people have different needs, this is why they need different and somewhat Unusual Everyday Carry Items. Besides obvious things such as flashlights, cash and a phone, I want to talk with you about a few less than common things, some would even call them weird.

I’m not trying to convince you to add them to your kit, that’s really up to you. But before you say “no” to these items, consider everyday scenarios as well, not just emergencies. Some of these things are what I wished I had on me more than once.

Unusual Everyday Carry Gear Items

1. Fishing Hooks

It’s unlikely that you’ll have to fish right after a SHTF situation. And most likely you'll already have these in your bug out bag or INCH bag. However keep in mind fishing hooks have plenty of other survival uses. Such as helping you secure two things together or even as a self-defense weapon. In some countries where carrying firearms or even knives is illegal, hooks may be a legal alternative. Though actually using them against an attacker could be problematic.

There are many all-in-one Survival Kits and Grenades around but this one from The Friendly Swede is my favourite at the moment.

Unusual Everyday Carry Items - Survival Grenade

2. Ear Plugs

These can come in handy in some situations like:

  • if you’re in an area with lots of shooting, you’ll want to protect your ears,
  • if you’re trying to sleep in a noisy place, such as a camp with lots of other people.

As it is the case with all other items in this list, ear plugs are dirt cheap. You can get them for pennies on the dollar on Amazon.

3. Yo-Yo or a Fidget Spinner

Well, some of us get stressed out a lot easier than others. Time can pass very slowly when you’re just waiting for someone or for things to happen. Like your family letting you know they are safe. A Yo-Yo is my preferred source of individual entertainment plus you have some good cordage too.

4. Harmonica

Why did I pick this instrument? Well, because it’s small enough for an everyday carry kit. Take it with a grain of salt, this is a list of weird everyday carry items after all.

Yo-yos can only entertain yourself, but if you learn to sing the harmonica you’ll be able to lift the spirits of all those around you. Just like yo-yos, harmonicas are one of those EDC items that won’t get people to suspect you’re a prepper. Let’s not forget that one of the main goals of your EDC kit is to never raise suspicions. Ever.

Unusual Everyday Carry Items - Harmonica

5. Plastic Bags

You never know when these may come in handy, particularly if you get caught in the rain. Use them to keep your documents and devices dry. Cover your head, keep you first aid dry and  carrying things. Probably the least weird item on the list, because many have people already have them in their pockets.

6. Dental Floss

Floss has many different uses besides cleaning your teeth. Like replacing your shoelace, as a fishing line, to tie a knife to a pole and even for sewing! Make sure you get “to go” packets because they’ll take up less space in your EDC bag. Just search Amazon for Crest Glide and you’ll find them.

You could actually use floss along with the fish hooks we talked a short while ago as a self-defense weapon. Run the floss through the hook. Then throw the hook towards your opponent (while holding the floss) and pull him towards you.

7. Keychain Measuring Tape

If you find yourself frequently measuring distances, this could definitely prove very useful and save a lot of time stuffing about. You probably won’t use it in an emergency, but check out the “Keychain Measuring Tape” to see just how cute and handy they are!

Unusual Everyday Carry Items - Mini Keychain Measuring Tape

8. Band-Aids

Believe it or not, I actually carry a band-aid in each of my wallets. I don’t know anyone who does that, but I do know people (myself included) who could’ve used one at some point. In fact, I encourage you to keep them in all your other survival bags. Even in your non-survival bags.

9. Water Purification Tablets

I'm not sure exactly when someone would use these in everyday or “get home” emergencies. Which is why I find them pretty weird to carry every day. Who has time to purify water right in the middle of an SHTF scenario? These are probably best for your main bug out bag, along with your Lifestraw.

10. Lip Balm

This one may sound funny to some folks, but, like I just said, your EDC kit isn’t just for emergency situations. It’s supposed to help you in day-to-day predicaments as well. So this is for those people that can’t stand to have chapped or dry lips.

11. A Solar Cell-Phone Charger

This one is obvious yet not many people have it. Being able to charge your phone in an emergency situation may be critical for getting the help you need. For making sure your loved ones are ok and for communicating with them where the rally point will be.

Unusual Everyday Carry Items - Solar Charger

12. Magnet or Magnetic Clasps

Now why on earth would you have a magnet on you? Well, you might use it to retrieve your keys that’ve fallen into a tight or inaccessible space. Like the sewers or behind a couch. Or quickly retrieve a bunch of screws that have spilled or to find a lost needle on the floor.

13. Condoms

I couldn’t leave this one out, right? Condoms have many survival uses that is for sure. Although I don’t think you’ll actually have to use them to collect water or start a fire, I think the condom is the second weirdest item on the list after the fish hook. But at the same time, it’s the item people won’t be surprised you’re packing.

14. Paperclips

Lots of everyday uses for this one, and takes so very little space in your wallet.

Unusual Everyday Carry Items Conclusion

Well, those were it. As I said, I’m not trying to convince you to get all of them. Just the ones that make sense for both your daily chores as well as survival situations. If your EDC bag is bigger (if you carry a ladies’ purse, for instance), you may consider adding even more stuff to your daily carry. At the end of the day, these everyday emergencies don’t have to be catastrophic in order to prepare for them. It’s really a matter of common sense as to what you personally pack as your everyday carry items. Now on a different note, let's have a look at what Christmas gadgets come in handy for a prepper.

21 thoughts on “14 Unusual Everyday Carry Items”

    • Hey John, I never did master the yo yo technique but I have seen some videos of the experts and that thing could definately leave a mark. Also, you’ve got a good lenghth of cordage to work with if anything else.

  1. Interesting article. I have carried a Band Aid in my wallet for over 50 years. My father was an iron worker at one time and it seems they generally have a Band Aid in their wallet because small nicks seem to happen quite often. Since I wear a hearing aid I always carry two spare batteries too.

    • Hey Tom, yes agreed, never underestimate the need for a bandaid. I carry at least three in my work pocket at all times, usually ends up going to one of my crew members that’s walking around with a half hazard papertowel around a nasty nick. It you have the really good quality bandaids, the ones that friggin’ hurt to take off, they’re great for securing bits and pieces to surfaces.

  2. Yep, unusual is a good superlative for this list.
    I do like the harmonica idea, I used to have a chromatic harmonica too many years ago.
    I’d recommend it! ~:)
    “..each of my wallets..”
    Really, you have lots of wallets? lol
    I don’t even have one. However, I do have an edc pack and pockets..

    • Hey VP, a little entertaining ourselves and group in a disastrous situation is good way to kill time. Keeps those idle hands busy.

  3. Why not multiple wallets? I figured my pants have two back pockets. Why not a wallet in each?

    One side is the usual cash, credit cards, ID. The other side’s wallet has a mini-altoids first aid kit, a mini-bic lighter, a button-cell flashlight, button compass, some paracord, and yes, a couple water treatment tablets. I recently added one of those otherwise-pointless “credit-card” multi-tools (gift from brother-in-law). Most of its functions are fluff, but after some serious griding, at least the knife-edge will cut something.

    Since it rides in a back pocket, the ‘other’ wallet really is EDC.

    • Hi Mic, hmmm, two wallets hey? I honestly have enough trouble keeping track of one, but personal preference for sure. I guess if it always has a mandatory place on your persons (ie. same pocket everytime), can be secured in a zipper/button pocket or attached with one of those chains, you’d never lose it then. I do like the idea of having your EDC all in one place and separate, would definitely make it easier to access quickly.

    • Proven fact that a wallet in your back pocket will cause back problems. Doctors call it a “walletectomy” when you take it our of your back pocket and put it into a front pocket. However, you do have two front pockets as well.

      • I would like to think a person would avoid sitting on their wallet lol but a “walletectomy” is actually a term, learnt something new today. Thanks Tom. I guess I imagine loose fitting cargos with lots of leg pockets to carry your edc kit in.

  4. Two wallets is a great ploy if one were to be mugged, and the robbers demanded your wallet….throw the “other” wallet instead!!!

    • Hey Suzanne…..great suggestion, although since I spend a lot of time finessing with my edc I might be tempted to throw my “actual” wallet instead lol.

    • I also carry two wallets – one of them is a “tosser” – it has some expired credit cards and i carry just singles and maybe a fiver or two, but not more than about $20. it would serve to satisfy the immediate reactions of a mugger and give you time to react, however that may be. I had not thought to put some EDC stuff like bandaids in there though, so i’ll be upgrading that soon!

          • Love the idea of unconventional but useful EDC item. I am among the few who also carry band aids in my wallet (seems like a no brainer). One more addition I think some people would like the idea of is a wire retractable key holder,can be used as a makeshift garrote (although so could a unravelled paracord bracelet too).

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