5 Reasons To Keep A Firearm Close While Camping

Do you own a gun? If not, have you ever considered owning one? The topic of firearm ownership is quite sensitive, especially in today’s social landscape!

Different parts of the world view possession of firearms very differently. According to the World Population Review, over 175 countries allow firearm ownership, under varying regulations. The USA continues to lead the race of gun ownership, with over 120 guns per 100 citizens.

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Whether or not gun ownership is beneficial for state security is a debate that would require another detailed discussion. But, one thing is for sure, despite the arguments on both sides of the table, the fact remains that firearms do come in handy during specific situations.

One such situation is when you go camping and hiking. While you enjoy your time, getting close to nature, keeping a firearm with you can be a good idea. Here is are 5 reasons to keep a firearm close while camping:

1. Keeping Wild Animals At Bay

The biggest fear people have when camping in the wilderness is coming face to face with wild animals. And more specifically, bears! The various shows and movies further reinstate the fear among the masses. You will be happy to know that the chances of you encountering a bear while camping is quite slim.

But it can happen. In the US alone, a large population of bears can be found in the forests within the Southwestern, Western, Midwestern, and Northeastern regions.

The fact that statistically, it is a possibility to come across bears and other dangerous animals during your camping adventure mean that you should ideally be equipped to protect yourself. Other potential predators, you may come across include wolves, snakes, coyotes, alligators, and mountain lion.

Does this mean that it is survival of the fittest when you come across such animals? Well, this depends on the situation. Sometimes staying calm and still is enough. However, if the animal is agitated and charging for you, your gun will be your savior.

Make sure it doesn’t come to this. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave food out or a defined trail to your camp. It is better to prevent being spotted by animals rather than hunting them down as an act of self-defense.

2. Hunting And Target Practice

Many go camping for the sole purpose of hunting. If you are such an individual, you will obviously need a firearm. However, there are only certain seasons and specific regions that allow you to hunt.

Apart from this, you can also use your camping adventure as a way to hone your skills. There is no better archery & gun range than the wilderness. Again, whether or not you will be allowed to use guns recreationally for practicing depends on the prevailing laws of the area.

Even if you aren’t worried about your safety, this is a great reason to take your gun with you. By practicing in a comparatively dynamic environment, you will be able to enhance your marksmanship skills. This will ensure that at times of emergency, you are prepared to take action.

3. Security From Potential Offenders

The Woods can be a scary place. It doesn’t matter whether you go camping with close friends or alone; you can never be completely safe in the woods.

Why do we say so?

Well, it is an unknown environment. You don’t know who you might come across and what their intentions might be. Since you are very far away from authorities and population, you might an easy target for looters and offenders. This is because even if you call for help, it can take a while before authorities reach you.

Therefore, here, your security is your responsibility. Don’t be afraid. Such instances rarely happen. But, it is better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If you find yourself in a threatening situation, having a concealed weapon can make you feel secure.

4. For When You Get Lost

The wilderness is magnificent and seemingly infinite. When trees and nature surround you, every path seems the same. This is why it is easy to get lost. The most basic way to prevent this is by packing a map and compass for your hiking trip.

Now, while this might help you in making sense of your surroundings, considering how thick and dense forests can be, it can’t guarantee that you will be reunited with your friends and family as quickly as you would naturally like.

This is where guns can be beneficial. The sound of a firearm can be deafening, especially in an isolated forest. When you get lost, you can make use of the sound of gunfire to indicate your position to your friends.

Just make sure you are comfortable with using a gun and shoot at the right angle. The last thing you would want is a misfire, or worse, an injury.

5. To Be Generally Prepared

One of the most common camping tips is that you should always carry a satellite phone so that you are able to reach out to others in case of help. Statistically, the need for satellite phones barely ever arises. Yet, people carry it.

This is the same reason why you need to keep a firearm with you while camping- so that you are generally prepared. Overall, it is just better to be equipped with a gun, and maybe not use it, than not have it and regret it when you are camping.

Parting Advice: Just Choose Your Firearm Wisely

Now that you know these reasons to keep a firearm close on your camping trip, also know that not all weapons will work.

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It would help if you carried something that is easy to conceal and light in weight. After all, you don’t want to bear the weight of a heavy gun as you climb up mountains or walk across forests, right?

Be safe and have fun. Make the most out of your camping experience. You need it to unwind from the everyday hassles of life!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Keep A Firearm Close While Camping”

  1. Thank you so much for letting people know about camping and how much fun it is, also about never forgetting to keep yourself save and the loved ones.

  2. Another reason is shot shells for handguns. You just never know when some fat and poisonous snake will decide your tent or sleeping bag is more inviting than its usual bedroom. Even in a crowded car camping campground a nighttime trip to the toilet can involve stepping on or over a fat water moccasin or copperhead.

  3. Well, you’re right, on any given camping trip you’re not likely to encounter a bear. I’m 80 years old and have only encountered 25; no make that 26, I almost forgot the one in Yellowstone. So that’s about three years between bears, on the average. Of those, five were black and the remainder griz. I feel pretty good about black bears; camped among four of them on Mt. Katahdin in Maine, and they minded their own business. I’ve come down on three bears in narrow rivers by canoe. These were all griz and they ran away. The remainder were seen on long camping trips in Alaska. Only one looked like it was charging, but it changed its mind and dived into a gulley. On guided trips, if clients felt more secure about it, I carried a stainless .44 magnum, which is only about half the stopping power needed for griz. On only one trip did we carry a medium barrel 12 ga. shotgun with slugs, which is about the minimum gun for Alaska. On most trips we didn’t carry any firearms. The best defense is to be alert and see the bear far off, which I did about 90% of the time.
    Cheers! Stu.


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