Car Bug Out Bag List For Every Occasion

When taking a simple drive in your vehicle you’d never to expect to experience any kind of breakdown or incident such as running out of gas, getting lost, flat tyre, engine trouble or being involved in a car accident. But the fact is, these situations happen to normal everyday people constantly. I drive past people on the side of the road broken down all the time.

Sometime soon there are going to be those times when calling an Auto Service won’t be an option.

If you are not well equipped with a Car Bug Out Bag or an Emergency Kit, you will be in trouble. Similarly, if you do end up in a situation where you have to leave your home, or your primary residence and get to safety quickly in your vehicle, having a car emergency kit handy might just save your behind. Being truly prepared for this type of situation requires prior planning and preparation to make sure your vehicle is always ready to go with a uniquely kitted bug out list.

So What Is A Car Bug Out Bag?

The Car Bug Out Bag is basically a portable assortment of survival equipment, containing all the essential items that you would need to survive. Preferrably getting you through at least 72 hours.

There are many other terms, that are in use, such as 72-hour kit; Go Bag and G.O.O.D (get out of dodge) Bag. However, whatever term you use, the ultimate goal is to have essential survival items available in case a disaster does strike. This will ensure you can remain independent (if needed) and safe for the time being.

This Deluxe 2-Person Car Emergency Survival Kit is perfect to get you started and fits right in the pocket of your car door!

Deluxe Car Bug Out Bag Ready To Go Now

Car Bug Out Bag Lit List

The bare necessities that you need to put in your Car Bug Out Bag are:

1. Water

Water is the basic element of survival and during travelling. It is the most obvious requirement that one cannot avoid. We humans can only survive without water for three days and after that it is nearly impossible to survive. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, water may become a rare commodity to access easily. Therefore make sure you have plenty stockpiled in your car.

Additionally, have a way of creating drinkable water on the go. Whether it be via Purification Tablets or my personal favorite, the Lifestraw. The Lifestraw enables you to drink directly from a pond of water, making rehydration quick and efficient. Another tip for storing your water in your car is by placing it in some type of thermos which will regulate the water temperature.

2. Food

After water, there comes an important element which is good old food. We need food for energy and basic morale. I once did a survival course over a period of three weeks. After a week with no food, I couldn’t believe how morale boosting it was when we were given a carrot, a potato and an onion between four people to eat.

Therefore, don’t get too picky with what food you stock up on for your car bug out bag kit. Simple long-lasting energy bars, like these Millennium Bars will certainly do the trick. You'll also be able to fit a lot of them in a small space too. If you do want to have some variety, other items that will last are dry fruits, nuts of any kind, MRE’s. For the infants, packages of instant mashed vegetables are easily prepared also.

Car Bug Out Bag - Millenium Energy Bars

3. First Aid Kit

This is kind of a no brainer and realistically should be in your car anyway. But making sure your First Aid Kit is well stocked and not just one of those cheap $15 ones is definitely a priority. Let’s say you do have to spend a few days out in the wilderness and need to start a fire. This will require some manual labour that can be arduous on the body (if not used to such labours). You’ll need things like hand sanitizers, creams for your hands and feet, mosquito repellent, gloves, tweezers and band-aids.

Just make sure your kit is a robust one that will keep you clean, healthy and cared for. One more tip, women’s Maxi Pads are great for any kind of deep wound as they will absorb the blood well. While also providing a comfortable cushion over the wound when binding.

4. Medications

Since temperature variation might decrease shelf life of any type of medicine you may have included in your car bug out bag. It is recommended to place these in some kind of insulated container to maintain their life.

5. Clothes and Blankets

Keeping yourself warm is really important, especially if you are bugging out to distant cold places and ensuring you have season appropriate clothing available during your travels too. Be sure to have:

  • loose pants with lots of pockets,
  • water proof jacket,
  • socks,
  • beanie,
  • working gloves,
  • warm blankets,
  • space blankets, and
  • sleeping bag

Car Bug Out Bag List - Waterproof Jacket

6. Fire and Lighting

Water proof matches or disposable lighters need to be kept in a zip lock bag to prevent any moisture ruining them. Ensure a good reliable flashlight with extra batteries is packed. Additionally a head lamp will most certainly come in handy if you do end up in the wilderness. Having your hands free while chopping up wood for a fire will make your life that tiny bit better. Road flares are also a good idea if you do want to go that extra mile and really cover all your bases. These will make a great rescue signal.

7. Tools and Gear

This is pretty much that one shelf in your shed where you put all your regularly used tools and items. It’s a good idea to build this part of your car bug out bag list over a period of weeks. Trust me, you’ll keep adding to it when you do use an item that has many uses. These can be general household things like:

  • duct tape,
  • super glue, for repairing broken equipment and even closing wounds
  • aluminum foil, for preserving food
  • bandanas, face mask or used as a bandage in first aid treatment

These are all inexpensive items that will really come in handy for an unlimited amount of uses.

8. Navigation

What would you do if you got yourself lost at some point and needed a device to give you some sort of direction? A bit of panic would probably start to set in.

Let’s stop that from happening and ensure that at the very least a compass and pair of binoculars is packed in your car survival kit. Go one step further and get yourself a hand-held GPS and water proof map to mark out the area you have covered. Furthermore, you can keep colored chalk to annotate where you’ve been or signal to others in your party where you are heading.

Car Bug Out List Compact Binoculars

9. Self Defence

You may be required to take measures to defend yourself and your family. Having a good quality fixed blade, swiss army knife, or pistol is certainly within your right acquire. A knife in any instance will again be used for an unlimited amount of uses.

10. Shelter

Consider a shelter that is easy to take and easy to assemble. From a backpacker tent to a camouflage tarp shelter, there are many varieties of both to choose from. Don’t go overboard though, only get the size you will absolutely need. Because if is just you, you’re the one that will be carrying it everywhere. Take this 2-Person Emergency Thermal Mylar Tent that is literally no bigger than a hand bag. Affordable and sensible.

Compact Thermal Survival Tent - Car Bug Out Bag

11. Communication

Communication in the case of a rescue or in any emergency situation is vital. Apart from flares, there must be some items accompanied with you to communicate with other survivors such as:

  • Cell phones or satellite phones for contacting people,
  • CB Radios for short distance communication to locate survivors, and
  • Using a whistle to alert others of your presence.

12. Other Survival Tools

These items don’t really fit under any category but often find themselves packed in your car anyway.

  • Keep a box of certain spare parts which includes handy kitchen items or car repair tools,
  • Keep an engine oil and coolant for your vehicle,
  • Cables and ropes for reaching to highest points, and
  • An Axe for cutting wedges of wood for fire.

Car Bug Out Bag Essentials Conclusion

Knowing your needs is important which will make it unnecessary to always take every item with you. Especially if you only have a small car. Select your items carefully when packing your car bug out bag and remember to consider the climate of the area you are traveling to. It is assumed you will also always have your Everyday Carry Gear on you that will include your identification essentials. However it's probably not a bad idea to have a think about any other important documents you may want to have with you.

4 thoughts on “Car Bug Out Bag List For Every Occasion”

  1. Jumper cables, tow strap, chain, clevis pins, gloves. 12 volt air pump, at least 2 flashlights (one always breaks or goes dead). Road flares (the ultimate bad weather fire starter).

  2. This seems to be a good overview list for a roadside emergency kit. The kind where you stay with your car and wait for help. When I built my ‘get home bag’ I based it on a stripped down bug out bag. You can find YouTube videos for ultralight bug out bags and contents and things subject to change depending on your regional climate and location. I keep my gear in a draw string athletic bag and inside a 15L wet/dry bag. A small bit of overlooked equipment that when rolled up is almost waterproof and can be used as a flotation device in a pinch. Or to collect and carry water. The entire pack is under 10lbs and has shelter, cooking, fire, water purification, and food aquisition (In the form of a fishing and trapping kit). Next to the kit that I can grab and go is where I keep an extra fleese hoodie, windbreaker, long winter coat, stocking hat and gloves and I can grab what I need before I go. That is all next to my emergency roadside tote. That is what has the extra parts, too – gascan, jumper cables, jack, tire iron, road flairs among other things. Depending on the situation if I need a defensive weapon ASAP I’ll grab the tyre iron (a 24 inch 1/2 drive breaker bar with socket for jug nuts.) I always have my cooler with me for work that has my medication and some immediate food/drink. With a knife and pocket survival tin in the bottom. I can grab my 20,000mah battery charger from my bag, phone cable and kaito voyager pro emergency radio I use at work and take those with me. I haven’t mentioned firearms yet but that’s covered. I plan to also acquire a henry ar7 survival rifle for the kit when I can find the right deals. Collapsing wire stock and steel bull barrel.


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