Best Bowie Knife Buying Guide

The bowie knife is a sword-like knife which came into existence for self-defense. This knife has gained quite a bit of popularity over time and it is widely used by hunters and butchers for skinning and meat preparation purposes. It is a beautiful possession which can fit perfectly in your man-cave, bug out bag and more importantly your survival kit. So if you're looking for one that suits your purposes and need a little help, then I recommend you continue reading my Best Bowie Knife Buying Guide.

Best Bowie Knife Buying Tips

Before you go bowie knife shopping you must be clear on what you are looking for in the knife. Here is a list of things which need your attention before making a Bowie Knife purchase:

1. Blade Size

The blade of a knife marks an essential aspect of the decision-making process regarding its need and use. The blade size is chosen depending on the intended task for which it is required. Different sizes have their perks, for example big blades are powerful, whereas small blades are apt for precision. The Perkins Bowie Knife is a prime example of a good quality knife.

Best Bowie Knife - Perkin Knives Hunting Bowie Knife

A large blade Bowie knife will serve its purpose well for wilderness lovers who like to spend time outdoors camping and would need to cut small pieces of wood. Small blade Bowie knives are a blessing for hunters and fishermen who require precision for skinning and cleaning the meat. So, this means that the choice of the blade size solely depends on its usage.

2. Knife Material

The value of the build of the knife can be well judged by analyzing the materials used in its manufacturing. Initially, carbon steel was the most trusted material for Bowie knives, as it assisted in maintaining the sharpness of the blade. However, with new advancements in technology and industry, stainless steel alloys had a better influence over the knife makers and captured the market. Various types of steel have been used since for manufacturing Bowie knives.

Bowie knives are used for both display and hunting purposes. Both the new and old materials work well in these scenarios. If you are more of an ‘old is gold’ mentality, then carbon steel knives can work well for you as well. It is a great collectable item which can enhance the look of your adventurous personality.

3. Knife Tang

The tang of a knife is the connection which bridges between the blade and the handle. It ensures the knife can be used swiftly and when it comes to a Bowie knife, it also ensures that the blade doesn’t split at the hilt.

Bowie knives are heavy, and therefore buyers are advised to check its tang for strength, especially for hunting. These knives must have a full coverage tang to protect you from any injuries.

Partial tangs are weak because of the short length of the tail of the blade. Which means it might break when a hard object is hammered with the knife. But this is certainly not the case with the Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife.

Best Bowie Knife - Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Survival Bowie Knife

4. Blade Length

Bowie knives are available in a variety of sizes but they are known for their long blades. The long length of the blade serves various purposes for both the hunters and the collectors. These knives have excellent lengths so they can perform tasks in which the regular pocket knives are incompetent, like hammering and hunting.

Always ensure that your knife is not too heavy for you. Because a long blade might be a little too heavy which may make it impracticle to use when needed. A longer blade does seem deadly and attractive, but it’s better to care more about your safety than the look of your Bowie knife. Unless you wish to purchase it as a collectable item.

5. Knife Construction

The most important factor that you should consider is the construction of the survival knife. It will help you determine the quality of the traits mentioned above and that will assure you if your favourite knife will actually last long or not. Make sure you purchase the knife from a renowned manufacturer that ensures the promised quality. You can also ask for a certificate of authenticity, especially if the knife is a collector’s item. In any case, make sure you don’t waste your money on a cheaply manufactured Bowie knife.

6. Knife Design

The design is the first thing that people notice in a knife. But if you are purchasing it purely to keep it in your man-cave, then make sure the design is appealing because it needs to enhance the aesthetics of your cave. Even if it is for a different purpose, just make sure it is crafted well. That way you can still use it if required. Be sure to check out this sueve looking 12 Inch Bowie Survival Knife.

Best Bowie Knife - Survival 12 Inch Bowie Knife

7. Knife Accessories

If you have finalized your Bowie Knife purchase already then also look for accessories that can complement its functionality like a well-designed sheath to cover your prized possession Or knife oils and sharpeners to make it look brand-new for a longer time. Some of the accessories that you can purchase in addition are:

Caring For Your Bowie Knife

Bowie knives are heavy and will require regular maintenance to keep the blade sharp and long-lasting. Without proper sharpening your blades will quickly become dull and a dull knife can result in various injuries. More importantly it may also be useless in survival situations.

Make sure to clean and dry the knife after using it to prevent any damage to the blade. You can use metal rubbing paste and a dry cloth to clean your knife to make it useful for a longer time.

Best Bowie Knife Buying Tips Conclusion

There are numerous sellers such as Perkin Knives who sell Bowie Knives which are top quality. The above-mentioned considerations could be quite helpful to select the Best Bowie Knife for you. Also, if you find this information relevant and useful, then do share it with your friends and family.

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