Best Hunting Knife Buying Guide

Safety and convenience are things that should never be ignored if exploring is your passion. That is why it becomes important to carry a hunting knife with you whenever you go on an outdoor adventure. And not just an ordinary knife but one that best suits you and your needs.

If you are confused as to how to pick the best hunting knife for your next trip into the woods or snowy terrains, I recommend reading this guide further.

Fixed  Blade Hunting Knife

A fixed blade hunting knife is as simple as the name suggests. The blade in these knives cannot be folded or changed in any manner possible. This is the easiest style of hunting knife to clean also and usually the best choice for avid explorers.

Choosing a fixed blade knife should be done based on the purpose you need it for. Suppose that you are taking a trip into the woods and your survival food supply has all gone. What would you do? Think of killing a rabbit or two, right? This is where your survival and hunting knife would come in handy.

If you are a naive hunter, a 4-inch knife would be more than enough for you. And in case you are a game hunter you would be quite knowledgeable about how bigger is the better. This Mossy Oak 2-Piece (4 inch and 6 inch) Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is just perfect.

Best Hunting Knife - Mossy Oak 2 Piece Bowie Knife Fixed Blade Hunting Knives

Folding Blade Hunting Knife

A foldable hunting knife as the name suggests has a blade that can be folded into a groove that is provided in the knives handle. The primary advantage of a foldable knife is the compacted weight and the carrying convenience it offers. But the foldable version may not be as strong as the fixed blade knife.

When your're thinking of buying a foldable pocket hunting knife such as the D2 Steel Blade Tactical Hunting Knife, expect to pay a little bit extra. If you choose a cheaper option, you will compromise with quality in some way or the other. No matter how small or big your knife, these knives are the best accessories you can carry for your survival.

Choosing a folding hunting knife would be a great choice if you intent to use it for other purposes. You just need to pop it out of the pocket and there you go! From cutting fruits, ropes, to small hunts, a pocket hunting knife could be your knight in shining armor.

Best Hunting Knife - D2 Steel Blade Camping Tactical Hunting knife

Hunting Knife Design Types

In general, there are three categories of hunting knife designs that you could choose from. Be it a clip point, a drop point or the skinning design, they all offer same purpose of hunting convenience. The clip point knife is generally for occasional hunters and can be used for other tasks that any explorer may encounter.

On the other hand, a drop point knife is for hunting experts owing to the thickness of steel it offers. And the skinning knife is a specific type of knife that is designed for peeling off the animal skin but can come handy for other jobs as well. My personal favourite is the Elite Trail Boss Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knife.

Best Hunting Knife - Elite Trail Boss Custom Handmade D2 Large Skinning Hunter Knife 1

Best Hunting Knife - Elite Trail Boss Custom Handmade D2 Large Skinning Hunter Knife 1

Hunting Knife Handle Construction

The most important factor when choosing what style of hunting knife handle you want is the grip factor. Some people prefer the old style of wood and bone over the common stainless steel look. Whatever your preference, you should base your decision on how accommodating it is for you to hold and grip the knife.

My personal preference when it comes to buying the best hunting knife is one with a stainless steel handle. It's more durable and has non-corrosive characterisitics. Bottom-line, stainless steel handles make for a great choice. Just check the Outamateur 2-Piece Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife for proof.

Even the plastic handles have been making news for some time now. The lightweight characteristic and the grip that these handles offer make it good value for money. Whatever knife handle material you choose, make sure it suits your needs and convenience well.

Outamateur 2PCS Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Cost Of A Great Hunting Knife

Don't look for something that is dirt cheap and don't even look for something that you have to pay through the nose. Instead look for something that falls between and has the best attributes to offer that I've  discussed above. The price changes from knife to knife and from material to material.

If you are an avid hunter, investing in an expensive one like the Custom Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife below can be beneficial. But if you a new into the wanderer’s bandwagon, buying an affordable one is preferable. You should know that a stainless steel knife is expensive than its plastic counterpart. And a bone handle, on the other hand, is more expensive than the wooden one.

If quality is what you are looking for, don't think about the price too much. Consider it as a onetime investment that will certainly add convenience to your camping and survival gear for years to come.

Best Hunting Knife - Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife 1

Best Hunting Knife - Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife 2

Best Hunting Knife Buyers Guide Conclusion

Having a good quality hunting knife when out for adventures ensures that you are prepared for everything and anything. Hunting knives can be used for plenty of other things other than hunting. You just need to jot down what tasks you exactly need a knife for and look for reliable sellers whether online or offline.

Be it for camping, survival or for hunting, the best hunting knife should be functional, durable and versatile. Good luck.

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