When Do Bow Sights Work Best

Whether you're an experienced or amateur bowhunter, it's always a plus if you have the right tools. However, even the best tools are useless if you don't know how to use them correctly.

These include Bow Sights which are designed to dramatically increase your accuracy in bowhunting. So if you're wondering just when do bow sights work best. Or how can you make the most use of them, I urge you to continue reading below.

What Is A Bow Sight?

A  bow sight, also called a bow scope, is a gadget used in bowhunting or archery. It is often attached to the bow riser to help the shooter aim better and more accurately. Especially when shooting across long distances.

Bow sights are similar to those used in shotguns and rifles but are designed to help hunters or target shooters to control the trajectory, position, and destination of their arrow. They make hitting that bull's eye or bringing home game much easier. They assist bowhunters in achieving cleaner and faster kills as well as shorten prey tracking and retrieval time.

While you can definitely shoot without a bow sight, this can be really challenging for beginners and seasoned bowhunters alike. A bow sight dramatically increases your accuracy and skill when shooting from afar and has become a necessity nowadays. A best seller at the moment on Amazon is the 3-Pin Bow Sight.

When Do Bow Sights Work Best - 3 Pin Bow Sight

4 Common Types Of Bow Sights

1. Fixed Pin Sights

Most widely used and simplest to set up. These have several multi colored pins that can be arranged or adjusted depending on a specific yardage. An example is the Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight.

2. Moveable Pin Sights

Allows adjustments of the pin for different distances and shots. Unlike fixed pin sights, these only have a single pin each that you can adjust. However, this is a less practical choice for bowhunting since you'll need to constantly adjust if you are aiming for a moving target.

3. Pendulum Sights

These have a pin mounted on a pendulum inside the bracket. Best used for when you are hunting from tree stands and aiming at a downward angle. The pendulum points straight and reacts to the pull of gravity for a more accurate shot.

4. Target Sights

Considered the most accurate bow sights because you have height and wind adjustments. Therefore these are a little more expensive. These are used for competitive archery rather than hunting because of their huge size and price. Trophy Ridge again have another aweseom Bow Sight specifically for this called the Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight.

When Do Bow Sights Work Best - Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Just When Do Bow Sights Work Best?

Now that you know what a bow sight is and the different types of bow sights you can choose from let's learn about the conditions when they work best.

When You Know How To Use Your Bow Properly

Using a bow sight will not be of any help if you don't know how to handle your bow. Whether you're aiming with instinct or a bow sight, it is important to hold and position your bow properly first.

Here are simple instructions on how to do this:

  • If you are right-handed, hold your bow using your left arm. Extending this arm in front of you parallel to the ground.
  • Then pick up your arrow from your back using your right hand or your drawing hand. Carefully nock your arrow onto the bowstring.
  • Maintain the position of your left hand as you pull the bowstring back along with the arrow toward your face or as far as you can. This position marks your anchor point.
  • Aim at your target through the use of the bow sight.
  • Release your arrow and repeat all of these steps if you want to practice or need to shoot more.

When The Hunter Can Assess The Situation

Bow sights are of the greatest use also if a hunter is positioned so that he or she can estimate the distance from his spot to his target. Examples of these positions are in tree stands or blind spots. Since the accuracy of your shots is based on your knowledge of your position concerning your target's, it is easier to aim accurately during these situations. It may not be the best to stay on level ground while bowhunting because it doesn't provide angle and elevation for a more accurate aim.

However a bow sight makes it much easier to aim for the perfect spot even if you're on the ground. A bow sight will also help you save time and stay quiet or unnoticed because you won't need to constantly reposition yourself.

If you prefer this position, the best ground blind can also help you stay concealed and close without scaring away your target. Much like the Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind.

When Do Bow Sights Work Best - Best Ground Blind For Bow Sight Hunting

When The Hunter Is Located At The Proper Distance From The Target

Aside from your position and perspective, your distance from your target also matters. Typically, the optimal range of when a bow sight works best is between about 20 to 100 yards from your target. Being too close or too far can sabotage your aim and make it difficult to shoot your prey. Many hunters find anything between 20 to 50 yards to be their range of expertise.

When They Are Used By A Well Practiced Hunter

Just like any other skill, bowhunting using a bow sight requires dedication and practice to perfect it. Both beginners and veterans can learn to make the most and take advantage of any tool if they constantly work and strive to get better at using it.

You can get a higher chance of killing your prey or shooting your target if you know how to properly align your arrow, adjust your bow sight, and approximate your distance from the target. You also need to take other factors like wind, foliage, elevation, and slope into consideration. The only way to do all of these is by gaining experience and practicing your survival shooting skills a lot so that you can take more accurate and clean shots.

When Do Bow Sights Work Best Conclusion

So that sums my instructions on exactly when bow sights work best. When you know how to use them properly and if you have a thorough knowledge of the factors that affect your aim, you're sure to be fine. Remember they can be extremely useful tools, but to make the most out of them, you need to do your part as well. If you are a beginner, start practicing to aim instinctively first then slowly progress to using a bow sight. This will make it easier for you to use the gadget. If you do this, you will surely get the hang of it soon enough. Next, check out ModernHunting.net's  best of list for Compound Bow Sights.

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