Best Survival Tent For You & Your Family

You might be looking to kit yourself out with the best camping essentials for enjoyment. Or the survivalist within you wants to be prepared. Either way, don't skimp on quality when it comes to protecting yourself or your family. With modern advancements in all aspects of survivalist equipment there is plenty of options to consider. Especially when choosing the Best Survival Tent for you & your family.

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Best Survival Tent Buying Guide

First and foremost, a survival tent is intended to provide you with protection and shelter from the elements and a safe place to sleep. Especially when a solid structure is not an option. Since this may be your emergency home, shelter and protection in the event of a disaster, there are a few vital aspects to consider.

1. Survival Tent Capacity

The capacity you’ll require will depend on how many occupants there will be taking shelter within your survival tent. The size of your family dictates the size of tent you’ll need. Tent manufacturers have made this easy for you by listing the capacity in their product description. For example, one man, two-man, three-man and so on.

A tent with a larger capacity than required might have its benefits spatially such as extra comfort and privacy. However remember that you’re thinking of occupying the tent for survival in difficult circumstances. Not for luxury or recreation. Therefore, equipping yourself with the smallest, most practically sized tent suitable for you is recommended. Here's a great 3-Person Dome Tent from Coleman.

Best Dome Tent - Coleman 3-Person Tent

2. Material Durability

Fortunately, the materials used in the construction of modern tents are far more robust and durable than they used to be. Advancements in blended fabrics have led to the production of new materials that are more adaptable and resistant to extreme conditions. Nylon and polyester provide a breathable, waterproof, and lightweight option for tent materials. While design features like ripstop, make them less susceptible to tearing and laddering.

3. Frame Durability

Advancements have also been made in the materials used for poles and frames, making the structure of tents more heavy-duty. Old style steel poles are still used, however, they add weight, take time to construct, and are susceptible to rust, and other damage. This is due to the rigid nature of the metal, and although it is pliable enough to bend, once damaged, its integrity will always be compromised.

Carbon fiber poles are the modern standard for tent frames, as they are strong, light, and flexible, if a little more expensive. Carbon fiber poles are also more adaptable for creating alternative structure shapes like curves. Less angular shapes offer better camouflage and wind resistance such as this Coleman Sundome 6-Person Dome Tent.

Best Dome Tent - Coleman 6 Person Tent

4. Tent Shape

The shape of your tent is something to consider depending on the conditions and location you anticipate that you may be in. For high wind velocity, a tent with a low profile is definatley the safer option. It will be more aerodynamic and will minimize turbulent conditions and potential damage.

5. Tent Weight

If you’re forced to temporarily reside in a tent for survival, make sure you can pack up and move quickl. Especially when necessary or in danger. As such, the weight of your tent could have implications on how far and how quickly you can make up distance. While the canvas and pole materials are designed to minimize weight, like this 2-Person Ultra Lightweight Tent from Yodo. There are still so many variables that can contribute to this aspect.

Basically, the lighter the equipment, the more convenient it is for your EDC. And the better your chances of survival. It is an easy aspect to overlook, but one that is vital and must be considered carefully.

Be aware, as the weight of a tent can be demonstrative of its suitability. For example, a lightweight tent might not be suitable for use in extreme conditions for prolonged periods. However a heavier tent might be, because it is older but not ideal for prolonged survival.

Best Survival Tent - Ultra Lightweight 2 Person Tent

6. Ease of Construction

The ease of which you can assemble and disassemble your tent could be vital for your survival. Familiarizing yourself with how your specific tent is put together can buy you precious time. Which could make the difference between life and death. However, be aware that many modern tents are ergonomically designed for your convenience to improve the ease and speed of setup.

There are a variety of great pop-up tents available now, which when released setup up automatically in a matter of seconds. These tents are great but usually come with limitations of quality and size.

7. Price

As with anything in life these days, the price of a product is usually reflected in the quality and manufacture of the item. The cost of tents can be varied and diverse, however, the value of a good quality tent is priceless. When considering the safety and survival of yourself and your family, it is recommended you invest in the best survival tent your budget will allow.

Best Survival Tent Recommendations

Below are a few of our personal recommendations for the best survival tents available.

Best Large Family Tent

Vango VG IRIS 600 XL 6-Person Tent

This Vango 6 Person Family Tent removes the time consuming task of erecting a family tent, and is easy to set up. The rooms are spacious with both good floor-space and height, while the porch area allows for dirty clothing and equipment to be removed before entering, and under cover.

Best Large Family Tent - Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent

Best 4 Man Tent

Marmot Halo 4 Man Tent

This sturdy Marmot Halo 4 Man Tent is easy to erect and offers you excellent protection from all weather conditions. The roomy interior offers excellent space for comfort and gear storage. The ‘halo’ design is to ensure durability and stability in adverse conditions.

Best 4 Man Tent - Marmot Halo 4 Man Tent

Best Dome Tent

FiveJoy Instant Pop-Up Dome Tent

This Fivejoy Instant Popup Camping Tent is assembled in seconds and is affordable and ideal for short camping trips. Comprising polyurethane materials, the tent is resistant to adverse weather conditions. Although it might be compromised in more extreme situations. Plenty of space make this a comfortable and convenient tent.

Best Dome Tent - FiveJoy Instant Popup Camping Tent

Choosing The Best Survival Tent Conclusion

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with enough information for you to confidently buy a survival tent that is ideal for your circumstances. Remember that shelter is a basic necessity of your camping essentials. Safety should always be your primary concern. The best survival tent for you and your family is one which best caters to your specific needs.

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