8 Easy Survival Skills For The Whole Family

If you are going to be heading out into the wilderness for whatever reason, knowing some Easy Survival Skills will benefit you big time. Things like knowing how to build a survival fire, find and purify water and make shelter will keep you alive when disaster strikes.

Let’s get right into it and talk about the most important basic and simple survival skills for you and your whole family to start learning now.

Easy Survival Skills To Learn Right Now

1. Making Fire

One really basic and easy survival skills that you need to have in your arsenal is fire building. If you are stuck out in the cold, a good fire might very well be the only thing that will stop you and your loved ones from freezing to death. At the same time, you might also need fire to boil water for drinking and cook raw foods like meat.

Being able to build a fire is definitely one of the most important survival skills that you need to know. It is not like you need to know how to start a forest fire or burn a house down without any evidence. But knowing different methods and tools you can use to make a fire will come in handy in an emergency situation.

2. Getting Fit

You might not qualify this as a survival skill, but I think that being fit and being in shape is a big deal in terms of basic survival skills. Is there a big animal or angry lumberjack chasing you? If so, you want to have enough cardiovascular fitness to get the heck out of there. If there is a forest fire, a quick approaching flood, or a storm heading your way, being able to walk, run, or just jog for a prolonged period of time will save your life.

You need to be flexible, have good balance, decent muscle strength and good cardio. Being in shape can help you out in many ways when it comes to having to survive in the wild. You are not going to get far if you are obese and can barely walk, let alone run somewhere. Simply put, don’t go for a three day hike if you can barely manage the trip from the couch to the fridge. Get in shape now.

3. Getting Clean Water

One of the biggest killers when it comes to being stuck out in the wild is a lack of clean water. Heck, storms and floods can cause a lack of clean water in big cities, not just when you are stuck out in the woods. Being able to find water is essential to survival. You need to know that you can get water by digging down into the ground or by using leaves and plants to get liquids.

You also need to know how to purify water. Drinking random stream water could make you really sick, so you do need to know how to purify it. Boiling water helps and so does having purification tablets with you. There are also other gadgets like a Mini Water Filtration System that will purify water on the go. It could save your life one day. This is probably one of the most important and most easy survival skills you can know.

Easy Survival Skills - Mini Water Purification System

4. Fishing For Food

When you are stuck out in the wild, there might not be much food around for you to eat. Sure, there might be rabbits, deer, squirrels, and other animals, but those buggers are smart and hard to catch. If it is winter time, finding animals to eat in the wild probably is not going to happen.

However, fish are confined to the water in which they live, they can’t really go anywhere, and they don’t migrate south for the winter. Knowing how to fish for food is essential out in the wild. Being able to construct makeshift fishing gear is an emergency survival skill that you definitely need to have in your arsenal. Otherwise, ensure you always have an Emergency Survival Kit like this one handy that will have fishing accessories included.

Easy Survival Skills - 43-In-1 Emergency Survival Kit

5. Bartering Skills

Simply put, sometimes people can be real jerks, so you might need to learn how to deal with them to get what you want or need. You need to learn how to de-escalate conflicts, how to calm people down, and how to barter with people to get the items you need to stay alive. Most people would not qualify people skills as being a survival skill. But when that angry camper five miles away from you is the only one with drinkable water in a 100 mile radius. Being able to sweet talk him into giving some of it up might save your life.

6. Tying Knots

No, I'm not going to teach you how to tie knots. But you should absolutely know how to tie a bunch of different knots and what their uses are. Knots are needed to tie off wounded arms and legs. You need knots to create makeshift snares for animals and fishing gear.

You need to be able to tie knots to set up camping gear, and so much more too. Tying knots is one of the best easy survival skills that you should start learning today.

7. Makeshift Shelters

One of the biggest and easiest survival skills you need to have in your arsenal is creating a shelter. The wilderness can get cold, wet, and windy. Being exposed to the elements is a cause of death in many cases.

So, being able to construct some kind of makeshift shelter to preserve heat and keep you away from the elements is a must have basic survival skill for all people. You don’t want to get snowed or rained on all night. Being wet and cold will quickly lead to death, something you do not want to experience.

8. Making Weapons For Survival

Making primitive weapons is another important survival skill that you should be familiar with. You will need weapons like spears, arrows, and even snares to catch wild animals for food.

At the same time, the woods are full of predators that would like nothing more than to turn you into a meal. Something that won’t happen if you have a good spear in your hands. Heck, even crazy mountain folk could be a problem! Here's an Ebook from Amazon (Free for Kindle Unlimited Members) that teaches you the basics for making DIY Survival Weapons.

Easy Survival Skills - DIY Survival Weapons Ebook

Easy Survival Skills Conclusion

There you have it, 8 Easy Survival Skills For The Whole Family to start learning right now and become familiar with before heading out into the wilderness. Remember folks, stay safe and always be prepared for the worst! Plan Your Family Bug Out Plan today.

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