Items That Will Improve Your Family Bug Out Bag

Emergencies can happen any time leaving families little chance to pack bags and survival tools in such situations. The first step in preparation for emergencies is to set up a disaster kit, also known as a bug out bag. If you are preparing for your family also, you'll want create a family bug out plan. It is essential to have a family bug out bag packed and ready to go.

Here a few items that people tend to overlook that will seriously make surviving in the wilderness more bearable.

Family Bug Out Bag Essentials

1. Flashlight and extra batteries

You never know where you need to go in emergencies. Sometimes you need to stay outdoors at night and sometimes in places like jungles and mountains. You will need some form of light to set up a tent, build shelter or do anything in the dark. A flashlight comes in handy in the night, and you must have an extra set of batteries as one set can last only one or two days.

2. Matches and fire starter kit

Many times you will need to light a fire to prepare food or protect yourself from cold weather. A set of quality matches or fire starter kit can help you to light a fire in any situation. You can burn wood chips or dry leaves to start a fire. However, if you want to put matches in your bag, make sure you keep in a waterproof container, otherwise it will not work in wet conditions.

3. Walkie talkie

In emergency situations, the phone networks usually get busy as thousands of people try to connect to others simultaneously. A walkie-talkie is the most appropriate item to communicate with another person over a large distance. Some walkie-talkies like Motorola T600 have an operating range of 2 miles in urban settings, 6 miles over water and up to 35 miles if nothing comes in its way. Therefore, you must keep a walkie-talkie set in your family bug out bag.

4. Portable water purifier bottle

Sometimes the electricity and water supply is affected in emergencies, and people don’t have access to clean water for drinking. People cannot drink water from ponds and rivers as it is not fit for drinking. A portable water purifier bottle allows you to fill water from a lake or tank and purify it to make it fit for drinking. Get a high-quality water purifier bottle and pack it in your bug out bag.

5. Solar-powered light

One cannot tell in advance about how many days it takes to overcome and emergency and restore the utility services. Once the batteries of your flashlight or the lantern are dead you will no longer be able ot use them. A solar-powered lamp comes in handy as users can recharge them in the daylight and use them in the night. You don’t need batteries to use them.

6. Power Bank

The batteries of your phones and other gadgets may last only for one of two days. However, in case of emergencies, there is no availability of electricity by which you can charge your gadgets. A power bank can help you to charge your cellphones and other essential devices for one to two days. Make sure you get a high-quality power bank with lightning cable and a rating of more than 15000 mAh. Once you charge your cellphone, you can use it to communicate with others in emergencies.

7. Food supplies

You need to pack some food to consume in any emergency. A few high-calorie foods can help you to maintain your health and stamina. Preparing fresh food and storing it in a bag is not possible as the food will spoil. Therefore, the only way is to store some high-calorie food bars or energy bars that you can consume in emergencies when food is not available. Here's a great article about the best emergency food rations that taste great.

8. Fishing line

Sometimes there is no food available and people need to hunt for food. Fish is an excellent source of protein and energy you need to get going. The equipment required to catch the fish is called a fishing line. Get a good quality fishing line and pack it in your family bug out bag. Make sure the fishing line is light and durable so that you can use it as much as you want in an emergency. Make sure you read up on what the best fishing techniques are for survival.

9. Clothing

Clothing is essential to protect your body from dust, cold and other climatic conditions. Carry some lightweight clothing to cover and protect you and your family. However, don’t pack the entire bag with clothes. Pack only as much clothing as required for survival. You may change the clothes in your bag from season to season. You need more clothes in winter and less in summer.

10. Tarp shelter

Sometimes homes are destroyed in an emergency and people need to use a tent for living. But a tent is heavy as it needs poles to stand. A heavy duty and light-weight tarp is a good alternative to a tent, and it is light and provides you shelter against wind and rain. You can install a tarp at any place and create a space to sleep. A tarp is also useful for hiking and camping for protection from rain and wind.

11. Survival tools

Sometimes people are stuck in difficult situations like jungles or mountains where they need to protect them from wild animals. Pack some essential survival tools like a camping knife, multi-tool, and machete. You can choose the survival tools as per your needs but only for survival needs and use them as per the laws of your state.

Family Bug Out Bag Conclusion

These are just some of the important items you should pack in your Family Bug Out Bag. There are many other items and gadgets that you can use to make your bag even better. However, the items in this post are essential for survival in emergencies and hiking or camping activities.

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