5 Best Gerber Pocket Knife

Since their founding in 1939 Gerber has been established as a crucial contributor to the industry of survival, hunting, everyday tools and knives. Which makes their name and knives synonymous with reliability, efficiency and affordability in today’s oversaturated market of survival tools.

They guarantee an affordable price and the highest quality of manufacture. And they deliver just that by using their experience and working with the best knife designers available. They are able to bring us the Best Gerber Pocket Knife Range there is.

Best Gerber Pocket Knife Range

1. Gerber Swagger Folding Knife

This Gerber folding pocket knife might not look overly advanced at first glance, but its uninspiring looks hide so much more beneath the surface. The Swagger is a discreet, light weight, everyday knife which is best suited for an everyday carry and usual tasks. It's built-in and robust pocket clip make it the perfect fit in your pocket and tucked away without anyone even noticing.

The Swagger features a dual thumb stud for fast and easy one-handed opening. Which means it can be out of your pocket and employed in a second. Another great feature is the push button lock that ensures extra safety when in use. Pair this with amazing G-10 lightweight, textured grip and you are given a stout, reliable everyday knife. Check out the Gerber Swagger today.

Best Gerber Pocket Knife - Gerber Swagger Knife

2. Gerber AR 3.00 Pocket Knife

When thinking of a knife suitable for an everyday carry, you may often wish for a knife that incorporates a compact size, efficiency and reliability. With elegant looks as well. Well you can check all of that off your list when you get the Gerber AR 3.00. Which is a smart-looking and very reliable Gerber pocket knife.

Combining a trademark fine edge blade with a sleek and elegant handle, this knife is a perfect addition to your everyday carry kit. It's a light weight knife that will be inconspicuous in your pocket and comes in two different versions. Which is a fine blade version and the optional, semi-serrated blade. This one is better suited for cutting cords and rope. So choose the option best suited for your needs and don’t worry of being unprepared, Gerber AR will deliver.

Best Gerber Pocket Knife - Gerber AR 3.00 Serrated Knife

3. Gerber Obsidian

If you’re on the lookout for a knife that packs both compactness and unquestionable efficiency. Then look no further than the Gerber Obsidian. With a slight shift in design, Gerber have aimed for a different approach. With the goal to deliver a compact knife optimized for many uses and different situations. The end result is Obsidian, a stout, multi functional Gerber pocket knife that is built to satisfy.

The stainless steel, short and stubby blade is perfect for a wide variety of tasks. Coupled with an easy open, plunge lock mechanism, your safety is ensured. Additionally there is a nifty and useful little feature hidden in the grip of the knife. Which is a small file, screwdriver and bottle opener. With these extra additions the useful nature of this knife is unquestionable. And it’s just these features that make the Obsidian a perfect everyday carry pocket knife.

Best Gerber Pocket Knife - Gerber Obsidian

4. Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO

This knife is a combination of the undeniable experience and expertise of Bear Grylls and the equally inspiring experience of Gerber. Now an incredibly popular, high quality collection of survival tools and knives, a collection that quickly became a symbol for wilderness survival. One of the items from that collection is Survival AO. Which is an assisted opening folder that is so much more than just a Gerber Pocket Knife. With a strenuously perfected design and efficiency, this has to be one of the best survival knives for it's price.

Featuring a molded, textured rubber grip with finger notches for a great grip and a drop point, half serrated coated blade, Survival AO guarantees effective use. The trademark of this model is what AO stands for – assisted opening. When you find yourself in a survival situation, speed is everything. With the dual thumb studs and plunge lock setup optimized for one handed opening. You can rest assured that speed will not be an issue when using Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO.

Best Gerber Pocket Knife - Gerber Bear Grylls Survival AO Knife

5. Gerber Answer FAST

F.A.S.T. = Forward Action Spring Technology is the motto of this brand and one of the strong points of this tactical Gerber pocket knife. This half serrated tanto blade brings a sleek and fresh tactical design to the table. With an uncommon design the novelties are yours to discover.

Besides the spring assisted easy opening tanto blade, the other important feature of this knife is the handle. A light weight and discreet anodized aluminum grip with a textured inlay promising a secure grip in all conditions. With a sturdy pocket clip, a safety lock back mechanism and a useful lanyard loop, Gerber Answer FAST is a pocket knife useful both as an everyday carry and as a survival knife. Iit guarantees an efficient and adaptable role in every situation.

Best Gerber Pocket Knife - Gerber Answer FAST

Best Gerber Pocket Knife Conclusion

That concludes my advice on the Best Gerber Pocket Knife that is both affordable and reliable. It’s hard work compiling a list, considering the great number of knives, all crafted with dedication and hard work by the people at Gerber. I hope that with this useful insight you will find a suitable choice with which to expand your collection. And enrich it with a great new Gerber Pocket Knife.

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