5 Tips For Storing Food While Camping

While you are out camping and hiking in the wilderness, the thing you need most is good food. Generally, the stuff you get the least is well, again good food. The days spent hiking, or camping can be tiresome and in the end, you need nourishment to strengthen you. So it's necessary to pack some healthy, tasty food along with drinks to get you through the exhilarating physical activity. But there's plenty that you need to consider and plan before you set off for your adventures. Storing your food while camping and hiking is one thing you need to think ahead about.

Storing Food While Camping The Right Way

1. Get a cooler for the perishables

A cooler bag or hard body cooler can help you store the perishables, as well as liquids on your trip to the outdoors. It can maintain the temperature of perishables like meat, eggs, milk, or even cheese and keep them fresh for longer periods. Before you put your food in it, it is advised to pre-chill the cooler for an hour at least. You can use ice cubes or even large carbonated bottles filled with liquids to control the temperature. Make sure you double wrap the meat before storing it, to keep it fresh and intact. Put the meat in the bottom-most area to keep it chilled, and make sure you put the food you will eat first right at the top.

2. Handling the meat right

Handling meat is tricky enough when you are at home, let alone doing it in the wild. The best way to take meat along on your camping trip is by cutting it into bite-sized pieces. It will be easier to store and even keep the freshness intact. You can carry it in a plastic wrap or even zip-top bags to prevent any leakage. While you are preparing the meat, make sure to wash your hands with hot water (if possible), before you touch the meat or any cooking utensils. After preparing the meal, wash the utensils as quick as possible. Avoid using the same chopping board, with residues of the meat, to chop vegetables for it can spoil the food.

3. Keep odors at bay

The wild is never safe, the threat of animals is always looming. If you are in a national park or any bear inhabited backcountry, you have to be extra careful storing food while camping There are a plethora of ways for you to keep your food safe. You can take food lockers, canisters, or even use a rope to hang your food on trees. To keep the animals at bay, you ought to be careful. You must prepare the meals, or a to keep yourself and your food safe for long.

4. Be extra careful with germ transmission

The most common way to spoil the food is by contamination. Being in the wilderness only increases the chances of getting germs into the food that you are carrying. It becomes necessary to be extra careful about hygiene when dealing with food during hiking trips. Carry an unscented camping soap and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after using the restroom. Try to use hot water to decrease the chance of contamination.

Moreover, carry two separate towels for your hands and utensils. Wash hands before and after preparing the meals, if not, use a sanitizer. Make sure not to put dirty, unwashed hands into the bag of food to keep it fresh for longer.

5. Insulate the water

Nothing will refresh you more than icy cold water, on a sunny day of hiking. To keep the water cooler for longer, you can prepare in advance. Freeze water bottles beforehand, and then wrap them in an ice pack to keep them cold. Make sure to leave a little space at the top, for water to expand. If you are carrying a cooler, you can easily store water for days. If you can't carry a cooler bag, keep ice packs in your hiking pack and insulate it with layers of plastic bags. Similarly, if you are backpacking in winters, insulating it can keep your beverages warm.

Storing Food While Camping Conclusion

For the adventure lovers, hiking or camping can be an enriching experience. It can give you the adrenaline rush and satisfy your thirst for the thrill. As much as it can be exciting, a trip requires you to plan well in advance and think about storing food while camping properly. Take time to pack the right food and beverages. While you can take dried fruits or canned meals to get you through days, you can also store energy drinks and 805 beer to have the time of your life under the open sky.

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