Popular Concealed Carry Holsters For Women

When it comes to concealed carry holsters for women it’s not just about a responsible way to carry the gun. But can also connect to one’s fashion sense. Earlier carrying a holster was just considered like some sort of burden, but now people see it as something that adds to their personal style. The problem then can be finding a holster that is fashionable and comfortable to wear.

This guide is here to show you about the different concealed carry holsters for women and men so you can make the right choice for you.

Types Of Concealed Carry Holsters For Women

If when you hear the word “holster,” you get image in your mind of a man with a gun on his belt, then you are still unaware of the variety of holsters on the market now. Whether it is for men or women, the range of holsters is becoming quite wide, giving them the options to precisely choose what suits their requirements. Here are the most popular carry concealed holsters.

1. Inside-the-waistband (IWB) Holster

This is quite a popular method of concealed carry, making it easier and safer to carry the gun. With this type of IWB Holster the gun remains concealed under the shirt or jacket. It remains close to the body and allows an easy pull out when required. This concealed carry method is most commonly selected by men who always prefer to remain safe with a gun.

2. Outside-the-waistband on a Belt Holster

It is counted as one of the easiest methods of concealed carry which is preferred by law enforcement, government agents and also many other types of shooters. This method allows carrying a gun in a comfortable manner. While wearing this type of holster, the choice of garments is very important. Definitely, a woman wearing a dress won’t be able to carry this holster because of the absence of belt loops.

3. Hip Hugger Holster

Now, this one is something that is quite women-centric. Women who prefer wearing skirts or comfortable leggings are always concerned regarding the holster to pick because of the absence of belt loops. It is here that the Hip Hugger Classic Holster can be effectively used. It allows carrying the gun even if you are not wearing jeans or trousers. Women who had been worrying about which outfit to wear while carrying the gun can now stay relaxed and comfortably pick any outfit as they have a reliable concealed carry option now.

4. Garter Holster

Among the best concealed carry holsters for women, the Garter Holster is quite a famous one. It is the thigh holster which allows women to easily carry their firearm when they are planning to wear a dress. Both a hip hugger or belt holster won’t be suitable for women when they are wearing a dress. This is why the Garter Holster is a women’s most preferred holster.

5. Shoulder Holster

The weight distribution along the shoulder tops makes it highly convenient to carry the firearms with a Shoulder Holster. While picking this type of holster, you need to be sure of choosing the off-side retention strap that will prevent the off-side underarm strap from digging into your armpit. And it will also help in balancing the weight of the holster and gun.

6. Ankle Holster

There are a few holsters which can be picked both by men and women, and an Ankle Holster is one of those. But in most cases, people use it as a backup option of carrying a second gun. But when you choose to go with an ankle holster, make sure you get in the kneeling position first and then pull out the gun.

Concealed Carry Holsters For Women Conclusion

Whether you are looking for concealed carry holsters for women or for men, what’s important for you is to make sure that you are only going with the best-quality holster. Safety is something which is always a priority, and you can’t deny this or take it lightly at all. To make the right choice start with keeping your comfort at the priority. Selecting the right holster will be easier if you know the holster that will keep you comfortable while you carry the weight of the firearm.

Another factor you need to consider is the garments you are wearing. That won’t be a concern for men but for women, it is something necessary to consider. If you're new to carry a firearm be sure to read Gun Safety Tips For Gun Ownership.

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