Survival Fishing Boats For Bugging Out

Are you a fishing enthusiast and someone that is big on survival planning for you and your family or someone just learning how to bass fish for the first time? Well then you’ll know your first consideration should be in choosing the best survival fishing boat to prepare with.

And even if you are a just a recreational or professional game fisher, a good boat needs to be inherently durable and stable on the water. So this article is all about explaining the different types of boats you can elect to have as your bug out boat.

Types of Survival Fishing Boats

Some types of fishing boats include engine powered motorboats, sail propelled sailboats and man-powered or unpowered gondolas, rafts, and kayaks. While the design and structure of the boat will determine the type of fish you can catch, there’s a boat to suit every style of survival fishing you need. Here’s the different types.

1. Dinghies

These are among the more traditional type of fishing boat. They are generally air-inflated rubber boats, which are perfect for fishing alone. The boat is lightweight and easy to transport. If you are bugging out alone, this is probably the style to look at first.

2. Center Console Boats

This type of boat is usually more massive than the average fishing boat. They are almost 30 feet long and usually a favorite for extended fishing trips. It seats up to 7 people quite comfortably. It also provides a measure of shade because of its unique T-shape center design.

The design is fiberglass and various V-shapes, with a spacious open deck and cockpit. It has lots of storage space for all types of fishing gear. The center console boat sails well in most types of waters. It propels by stern drives or up to two outboards. Don't forget to keep it safe and protecte with this StormPro Heavy-Duty Center Console Boat Cover.

Survival Fishing Boats - StormPro Heavy Duty Center Console Boat Cover

3. Bass Boats

Bass boats rank amongst the favorite boats for tournament fishing. They are great for teams of up to 5 people. This type of boat is almost 30 feet long with a narrow, slender, low-front structure.

4. Sport Fishing Boats

Sport fishing boats can range up to 1000 feet long and are ideal for extended fishing trips. They are more significant than the average fishing vessel and can accommodate large fishing teams.

5. Flat Boats

They are suitable around coastal towns. They sit well in shallow waters and are popular among professional fishers. A team of about 5 people can sail on this type of fishing boat.

6. Jon Boats

Jon Boats are small, aluminum, flat bottom boats. They can hold about three persons and have bench seats for sitting or standing. They are affordable, user-friendly and low-maintenance. Keep it secure and protected from the elements with a Classic Accessories Jon Boat Cover.

Survival Fishing Boats - Jon Boat Cover

7. Walkaround Boats

They are typically suited to family-style fishing. They are spacious and can house large groups of people. The fishing rods sit along the stern of the boat allowing people to move around and adjust them when a fish is angled.

Walkaround boats usually measure between 20 to 30 feet. They handle well in offshore as well as Northshore fishing. The design is fiberglass or aluminum with a large center console and step-down cabin. You can propel them using inboard motors, stern drives or various outboards. Remember to keep it protected with a quality boat cover.

8. Multi-Hull Power Boat

Multi-hull powerboats have a seating capacity of up to 8 people. They are perfect for a family fishing trip or recreational fishing. They feature two easily recognizable hulls, and steering the boat is a cinch. The boats are comparable to center console boats since they work well in coastal town areas.

9. Power Catamarans

These boats are propelled by dual outboards and is more suited to offshore and nearshore style of fishing. They also adapt well to inshore waters depending on the rigging and boat size.

The power catamaran design is either aluminum or fiberglass twin-hull construction. It can measure from 25 to 40 feet in length. Protect you potential bug out boat with a cover designed specifically for Catamarans.

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10. Cuddy Cabin Boats

The Cuddy Cabin is perfect for fishing in various types of waters, depending on the size of the boat ofcourse. It is usually between 20 and 30 feet long.

The boat moves by stern drives, inboard motors or more than one outboard. It has a simple center console and fiberglass hull construction. Get a 300 Denier Premium Boat Cover from Attwood here.

11. Express Boats

These types of boat are more suited to small crews since the helm and cockpit are close together. They are propelled by inboard motors or multiple outboards. The hull is fiberglass with a sheltered step-up with a level helm.

It’s about 28 feet long and more extensive than other types of fishing boats. They are suitable for fishing in offshore and nearshore waters.

12. Dual-Console Boats

The construction is fiberglass or aluminum with similar consoles at starboard and port. The boats are from 16-30 feet long, with a step-down cabin, galley and storage and berth areas. It can propel by stern drives or one or more outboards. Dual-console boats are ideal for fishing in all types of waters, depending on the size of the particular boat.

They feature two consoles with a passageway in between them and the bow of the boat. If you're planning on being out on the water for a long time, a Complete Full Boat Top Shade will definitely protect you and your family from the elements.

Survival Fishing Boats - Top Shade For Dual Console Boat

13. Runabouts

Runabout boats are usually between 14 and 25 feet long. They feature a range of amenities including a swimming platform, lots of seating space and an open bow. They are suited to inshore fishing and can propel by a stern-drive or outboard.

14. Convertible Boats

Convertible boats have a variety of amenities and creature comforts. They have flybridge controls, a full-sized cabin, complete with a berth, head, galley, and tower. The design is a fiberglass hull with an open cockpit. It measures from 31 to over 60 feet in length.

Convertible boats can fish in all types of offshore fishing areas, especially long-range cruising, or big-game angling. It propels by one or more outboards or inboard motors.

15. Flat Skiff Boats

They are suitable for very shallow or inshore fishing areas. They measure from 16 to 20 feet long and propel with one outboard. The construction is mainly fiberglass or a shallow draft composite hull.

It features a low freeboard, two casting decks with fore and aft areas. As well as a platform above the engine for standing when using a push pole. Don't forget a about buying a reliable StormPro Utility Boat Cover.

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16. Flat Scooter Boats

These usually have specialty towers and other fishing amenities included. They range from 16-22 feet long with a fiberglass, platform-style hull and flat bottom design.

There are no gunwales to assist in embarking and disembarking the boat. It features a low freeboard and center console. The flat scooter is ideal for wading depths and inshore fishing.

17. Bay Boats

You can use bay boats for offshore or open bay fishing, depending on the size of the boat. They operate by single outboard propulsion and measure between 20 and 30 feet long. It has a large storage area, substantial live wells, low freeboard and center console. There’s lots of space for fishing gear among other unique features.

Survival Fishing Boats Conclusion

Fishing boats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can fit into almost any fishing style. They can be suitable for big-game fishing and angling or recreational fishing trips. As you explore the options, I'm sure you'll find one to suit your survival fishing accessories and needs if you are set on having that as crucial part of your bugging out plan. One particular boat I'd like ot leave you with is the Sun Dolphin Journey 10SS review which is a particularly nice and affordable kyak for individual preppers.

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