Bug Out Bag Must Haves: Laser Rangefinder

It takes the right kind of skills and the correct kind of gear for you to be best prepared for any type of SHTF situation. Therefore, you need to really understand why you are using certain types of survival gear. And have a basic understanding of the best practices to use it effectively.That's why a laser rangefinder is definitely on my list of Bug Out Bag Must Haves.

This article is all about the basic understanding of what a Laser Rangefinder is and the reasons why you need it in your bug out bag today.

Basic Concept Of A Laser Rangefinder

A laser rangefinder works by emitting a laser beam which would eventually bounce off from your target. The time taken for the beam to leave and go back to the unit would be calculated by a high-speed clock.

Another important concept you should bear in mind is: the greater your unit’s beam dispersion, the further it can range. Also take note that the maximum ranging distance stated on your rangefinder is usually not accurate. This is because it represents situations where you may be ranging highly reflective surfaces. This is often not the case when you are out in the wilderness when most surfaces will be naturally rough.

Why It's On My Bug Out Bag Must Haves List

After understanding some of these basic concepts, it would be easier to explain why you need it in your bug out bag.

1. A laser rangefinder will improve your shots

A rangefinder can help you in two aspects. Which is both improving your aiming skills and helping you aim when you make your shot.

So, how does a rangefinder help improve your aim? If you are shooting with a bow, knowing the exact range between you and your target can help you determine how much strength you need. Overall helping you get your shots to effectively reach that target.

Bug Out Bag Must Haves - Laser Rangefinder

Some rangefinders also come with angle compensators which can really help when you are making high angle shots. This usually involve situations when you shoot from a treestand or a steep slope. One suggestion you may want to consider is setting up hunting stands. It's best to place these in strategic location on your property so that you are able to easily monitor it. Your rangefinder will not only help you scout the area, it will also help you aim and shoot whenever there is a need for it.

2. Scare away potential threats

To avoid potential threats you can use your rangefinder to scout the perimeter of your property, campsite or surivival area. There may be situations where you meet a suspicious person on your property or have intruders nearby. Besides hurting then you can scare them aware by using your laser rangefinder to shoot an object near them. This will alert them of your presence and your skill. Making them run away.

If you are out in the wilderness and you got lost, you need as much information of your surroundings as possible. A rangefinder can help you gather that valuable information and make the best possible decision. It is also important for you to distant yourself from aggressive animals. A rangefinder such as the ProWild Hunting RangFinder from TecTecTec can help you locate these threats. Ensuring you stay at a safe distance.

Bug Out Bag Must Haves: TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

3. Staying aware and confident of your surroundings

Keeping yourself constantly alert of potential threats in your surroundings is the key to your survival. And this is certainly where the usefulness of a rangefinder comes in which will allow you to easily scout your area accurately. Not only would you be able to effectively be on the lookout. You will give also give you and your family some peace of mind.

In these situations, you may be up for long hours being on guard. Hence, the batteries for your rangefinder may drain out really quickly. It is wise to keep some spare batteries with you in your bug out bag to ensure that you can utilize every single electronic gadget when there is a need for it.

4. Getting that kill shot on your intended target

You may be caught up in a situation where you need to get closer to your target with minimal movement and sound. Hunters would often meet such situations because one wrong movement may cause enough sound to alert the animal of their presence.

When you are out in the wilderness, it may be necessary to get close before taking a shot at an animal. It would be better to have a clean shot rather than causing unnecessary pain to the animal. Getting closer would definitely help with your aim. When using a laser rangefinder you're now able to maintain a fair distance and achieve this.

As for survival, it may be wise for you to ensure that a person is really a threat before using any type of self defense action. You don’t want to create any new enemies especially when everything is going south already!

Bug Out Bag Must Haves – The Laser Rangefinder Conclusion

After being sufficiently convinced that you need to have a laser rangefinder in your bug out bag, it would be time to get one! Bear in mind that rangefinders often come in two kinds of modes. The First Priority or the Second Priority Mode. Also, the size and weight of the rangefinder does matter! You may want to consider something lightweight and convenient to carry. Because you may need to carry it around for hours. I'd recommend checking out the Bushnell Truth Arc Bow Hunting Laser Rangefinder.

Bushnell Truth Arc Bow Hunting Laser Rangefinder

As for learning some skills for using a rangefinder, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid. One aspect would be knowing when your target is out of range, so that you can get the most accurate reading possible. Also it would be wise to keep your rangefinder in a good condition. So ensure you get a good quality carrying case for this. Although rangefinders are generally sturdy, they are still delicate instruments. Keeping it in poor condition will effect it's accuracy over time.

So that sums up my article on why a laser rangefinder is on my list of Bug Out Bag Must Haves. If you have any comments, please share below!

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