Essential Survival Gear Everyone Needs

If you’re heading off on an adventure, you need to make sure you have the right survival gear on hand. You may be always heading off to the wilderness or you may be exploring for the first time. Whichever is the case, if you don’t take the correct survival equipment with you, you could run into some serious problems.

There are lots of different survival items out there, so which are absolutely vital and which will just add additional weight to your backpack? Here is your guide to the essential survival gear to get today.

Your Essential Survival Gear List

1. Survival Knife

If you have a survival knife which fits easily into your backpack, you’ll be heading off to the wilderness in no time. Knives are really useful for lots of different things including opening packages, cutting rope, starting fires, using a first aid kit and building a shelter. Choose a durable and tough knife with a fixed blade.tough knife with a fixed blade.

2. A Backpack

You’ll need the right backpack on hand when you head out into the wilderness. You’ll need a lightweight rucksack which carries plenty of equipment and which is also waterproof. Like this one from Earth Pak. You should also check that it is comfortable to use, with padded straps that won’t hurt your back or shoulders.

Essential Survival Gear - Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

3. A Tarp And A Rope

A lightweight cord or rope and a tarp will be the ultimate combo when it comes to making your own shelter. You’ll just need a couple of branches or even something to prop one end of the tarp onto and you have a shelter from the rain and wind.

4. First Aid Kit

There’s nothing more important than carrying a first aid kit with you. You don’t want to be stuck with a bleeding wound that you can’t bandage to prevent infection. Or even a blister on your foot that is stopping you from walking properly. Pack a well-equipped first aid kit and you’ll be ready to tackle all eventualities.

Essential Survival Gear - Survival First Aid Kit

5. Hiking Socks

When you’re walking through the wilderness, you don’t want to suffer from painful or cold feet. A pair of specially designed hiking socks will ensure that you keep your feet warm and protected from blisters on the trail.

6. A Survival Blanket Or Bag

If you find yourself stranded and waiting to be picked up or if you’re injured in poor weather conditions, a survival bag or blanket is the ideal solution. It’ll protect you from cold weather and help in maintaining your energy and body heat to protect you from hypothermia. This Survival Bivy from GoTime is perfect and comes with some hidden extras.

Essential Survival Gear - Go Time Survival Bivy

7. A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important, and yet many adventurers forget to take a water bottle with them. They’re a better choice than a water sack which can be hard to fill and easy to puncture. Fix your bottle onto your backpack and you’ll be good to go. Got one step further and get a Water Filtration device to purify water on the go.

8. A Whistle

A whistle could be key to attracting attention if you end up lost and out on the trail on your own in the dark. It’s very small and easy to pop into your bag or even to wear around your neck on a cord. So make sure to take an Emergency Whistle along on your travels such as this one which comes with it's own lanyard.

Essential Survival Gear - Emergency Survival Whistle

9. A Compass

Without a compass, you could be literally walking in circles all day and all night. However, even when you have one, you need to be sure that you know how to use it properly. Buy a compass and learn more about using it and then when you head out into the wild, you’ll always know which way you’re facing. Of course, don’t forget to take a map along as well otherwise, your compass may be pointless.

Essential Survival Gear Conclusion

If you follow these top tips and make sure to have all these pieces of essential survival gear with you when you head out on your next adventure, you can be certain that you'll be able to handle anything that comes up. You’ll be well protected in the event of an emergency and you won’t find yourself wishing that you’d taken an all-important piece of equipment with you when you face a difficult situation and have no way to deal with it! Pack all these items in your survival rucksack and hit the trail! You’ll be well-equipped to enjoy an amazing adventure! Next, improve your pack with this Essential Camping Gear List.

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