Buying Guide for Japanese Tanto in Canada

There are different types of katana swords available in the market. A traditional tanto knife is a kind of mini katana used by samurai. Modernized tanto blades are as functional as conventional tanto blades. These mini katanas can be used for self-defense and vegetable cutting. This is the complete buying guide if you wish to buy a Japanese tanto in Canada. Keep reading to get answers to your questions related to tanto knives.

Types of Tanto Knives

There are two types of tactical tanto knives. Let’s learn more about them in detail.

1. Folding Knives

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Folding knives are also called pocket knives. They are lightweight and handy. Folding knives are produced in various sizes and styles. Single-bladed, double-bladed and Swiss army knives are the most popular styles of folding knives.

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Fixed-blade knives are heavy-duty knives and are more durable. They can perform complex tasks more efficiently. They come with a protecting scabbard. Fixed-blade knives serve different purposes; some famous knives are hunting knives, skinning knives, and gut-hook knives.

Uses of the Japanese Tanto

Tanto is quite famous for its practical usage as a combat knife, but you can also do everyday work with a tanto. Let’s look at the uses of the Japanese tanto.

Cutting the flesh

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Since the razor of the tanto knife is quite sharp, you can easily cut the meat off a fresh kill. The sharp razor of the blade makes the skinning and cleaning of the meat seamless.


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In ancient times, tanto was also used as a self-defense weapon. The samurai fighters of feudal Japan carried it to protect themselves. Nowadays, tanto knives are used by military personnel to maintain self-defense.

Everyday Usage

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Even though tanto is famous as combat knives, you can still utilize them in your daily routine. Tanto can be used to cut vegetables and do heavy-duty work. It can be used to cut the coconut. Tanto, made of stainless steel, is helpful in wood carving and digging holes.

Important Points to Remember before Buying a Japanese Tanto in Canada

With the growing popularity of samurai swords, there are just too many options available in the market. And it is getting quite a challenge to land on the authentic product. It is essential to keep your eyes open while making a purchase. Else you will get a low-quality product followed by a good amount of money that is not worth it.

The blade of the tanto must be checked beforehand. Ensure that it is a forged tanto blade with a thick tip made of high-quality Carbon stainless steel. For the handle of the tanto, go for a textured material so that your fingers grip on the hold tightly, protecting you from any unpleasant situations. Another critical feature while buying tanto is its easy-to-open and fold locking mechanism. Also, check for the protecting sheath. It must be lightweight and balanced.

People who want to buy Japanese tanto in Canada can order through local dealers as well as online websites. It is legally allowed to possess a tanto in Canada if it is not threatening the security of the people at a public place or contributing to the criminal offense.


Recently tanto knives are gathering quite attention from the people who love to collect samurai swords. Follow the guide above and buy a piece that fulfills your requirements.

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