What To Pack For A Road Trip Checklist

Are you planning your next adventure and are wondering what to pack for a road trip checklist? You definitely don't want to forget any of the essentials. Whether you're an experienced adventurer or a first timer, it's a good idea to see what other people add to their list. Working it all out on your own can be difficult and a little daunting for some. But the joy and the delight you will get from the exciting natural sceneries, the opportunity to spend time with your friends and loved ones is worth the planning.

To simplify the planning process for you, I have compiled a list of 5 Essential Things You Need For Your Road Trip. Go through it, learn the tricks and the hacks, and include even more items which you feel will be better suited for your trip.

5 Essential Road Trip Items

1. Motorcycle Accessories

If you already have your adventure motorcycle with you, you need to equip yourself with essential motorcycle accessories before you begin your trip. It’s also important that you take your motorcycle for a service to ensure that it’s in the best condition. You don’t want a bike developing a major mechanical problem when you are in the middle of your trip. Ensure that worn out bike parts such as the tires are replaced.

There are several motorcycle accessories which you should have to increase the level of success of your road trip. These accessories will increase your safety, make it convenient for you to make minor bike repairs, and also increase the riding comfort. Here's my list:

Backpack - It will help you to comfortably carry your stuff while riding.

Motorcycle Windshield - If you are planning to take a long road trip on your adventure motorcycle, ensure that the windshield is fixed and intact. It will help protect your chest from draught.

Rearview Mirrors - I’m sure you are just like me, you do all the best you can to avoid road accidents. One way of minimizing road accidents is by ensuring that you have your rearview mirrors intact and adjusted properly.

Strong & Comfortable Helmet - A helmet could save your life. This is a must-have for your road trip.

Helmet Headset - For the lovers of cool music, this is a must-have accessory. The helmet headset is also useful when picking calls and communicating with your fellow riders.

What To Pack For A Road Trip Checklist - Wireless Helmet Headphones

2. Sleeping Pad

Get yourself comfortable sleeping pads if you are planning to spend your night out in a camp. I usually prefer inflatable sleeping pads which can easily be folded but still offer a good night’s sleep. You may also need to carry a tent with you especially if you don’t like sleeping in the open. The weather may change at any time. Don’t assume that it will not rain at night. Even a small drizzle can make your evening very uncomfortable.

I personally like the half-dome tents which come with pitching steel rods for easy tent set up. Choose tents which are easy to pack, occupy a small space in your bag, and provide enough space for a good night’s sleep.

3. Tool Pouch

You will need to carry tools with you. Some of the tools are indispensable and you will likely need them in your trip. A touch Utility Tool Bag, be it a simple one or a leather tool pouch, will do just fine. Just don’t leave your tools behind. It’s also crucial that you have basic motor repair skills. These will prove to be quite useful in case your motorcycle develops a minor mechanical problem. But of course you will still need a tool pouch to carry out any of these repairs.

What To Pack For A Road Trip Checklist - Heavy Duty Zipper Tool Pouch

4. Thermal Bag

If you are planning to carry cooked food, it’s important that you have a thermal bag. This will keep the food warm for long periods of time. You will, therefore, not need to warm it. This is still essential even when you have a camping gas stove with you. Keeping the food warm will save you more gas and avoid frequent reheating of the food.

If your trip is scheduled in summer, you can maintain the drinks at low temperatures by inserting ice cubes around the thermal bag. This will help maint cool temperatures within the bag for a longer period of time.

5. First Aid Kit

This is a must-have item on your road trip. A hundred things may go wrong. From minor injuries to major injuries. Ensure that your first aid kit has the essential items to help you to respond adequately to an accident. While you should hope for the best, preparing for the worst does help too. It gives you peace of mind. A first aid kit may be your only savior on a lonely road trip.

What To Pack For A Road Trip Checklist - MediKit Deluxe First Aid Kit

What To Pack For A Road Trip Checklist Conclusion

Now that you know what to pack for a road trip checklist, start planning your next adventure. Use the above 5 essential items as a starting point and build from there. Depending on the season you are going for your road trip, the weather, and the nature of the trip, you may need to add more items and accessories to the above list. What’s most important is to recreate a memorable outdoor experience and connect with nature’s goodness. Why not say Cheers with a glass of Black Velvet Whiskey in your hand.

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