How To Choose The Best Survival Backpack

Choosing the best survival backpack available on the market requires you to consider a lot of features of which it offers. You also need to know the different types of backpacks that are available and when they are better used to achieve your goals.

Below are the different types of packs that you should consider for everyday use and when preparing your bug out bag. Being able to fit all of your essential bug out items efficiently in an appropriate backpack may be a little harder then you thought.

Best Survival Backpack Types

1. The Regular Backpack

This is of course the most common pack bought by most people and is the simplest decision to make. Especially since a regular backpack really doesn't have many features that need considering. That's not to say that it's not a good fit for everyday carry or bugging out. In fact, I would recommend a regular backpack for children to start of with when planning your kids bug out bag.

2. The Duffel Bag

These type of bags offer you an increased amount of space when compared to regular backpacks. Increased space can makes it less comfortable to carry though. You should consider this type of bag if you have the opportunity to use a car throughout your journey. If you have to leave the vehicle at any point due to weather conditions, it may not be a good idea to use this bag.

3. The Hiking Backpack

A hiking pack has an excellent mix of features from a backpack and a duffel bag. It offers the ease of carrying it around and also enough room to pack your things efficiently. If you are considering a survival backpack with the option to cater for you and your family, a hiking pack is not a bad choice. Here is Amazons Best Seller, the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander.

4. Military Backpacks

These backpacks are much more versatile than the regular ones. You have the option of customizing the bag for additional items, and there are also lots of compartments so you can easily arrange your things. They can last long and also withstand bad weather conditions. It may get heavy once you pack your things so be sure you can use this type comfortably. My most favoured pack is by far the Military Tactical Assault Backpack. It ticks the box for all the features I'm about to discuss below and is absolutely affordable. Plus you have color options!

Best Survival Backpack Features

5. Comfort And Fit

If you are carrying a survival backpack, you will need something which is comfortable. Any bag that causes discomfort will slow down your movement as you go. Look for the following features when selecting a survival backpack.

Best Survival Backpack - Comfort

6. Hip Straps and Padding

The strap and its padding at the hip are more important than you think. These are used to spread the weight of the bag between your upper and lower body, such as your shoulder and hip. By securing the backpack to your hip, the muscles in your waist and thighs bear the weight of the backpack. This makes it easy to travel over long distances with an increased amount of load.

7. Width Of Straps

A great tactical backpack will come with wide straps which has pads to provide a cushion effect on the part of the body they come in contact with. A strap which is thin and narrow will cause pain as it buries itself into areas like your shoulder when you wear it. This will reduce the distance you will go before you need to take it off.

8. Sternum Clip

The sternum clip provides a form of balance for the bag using your chest to achieve this. It is also used to prevent the shoulder straps from moving around after you have gotten the best position.

9. Airflow

Channels to allow airflow at the back is important. Since you will be carrying the bag over a long distance, you are surely going to sweat. If there are airflow channels to the back, it won’t get so bad that you start feeling the sweat on your back.

Best Survival Backpack - Straps

10. Design

There are lots of bags with designs for a particular gender. This affects the appearance of the straps on the backpack. To get the best fit, you need to get a backpack designed for your gender as it is also specific to the body type.

11. Size Matters

Choosing the best survival backpack means selecting one that has enough space to fit in all the essential items you will need. It should have enough compartments to let you arrange your gear neatly so you do not have to ransack the bag before you can find an item.

The amount of space you will need for a trip will depend on certain factors. These include:

  • What is the weight limit you can comfortably carry?
  • Are you packing only essential survival gear or do you intend to add in some extra items?
  • How many people will be in your group?
  • Will everyone have their survival backpack or will you all be using one?

To ensure you get the right size backpack for your gear, it's a good idea to buy all your supplies first and then fit out your pack. This makes it easy to measure the space you will require the backpack to have to contain the gear. Once you get this measurement, get something bigger than this. Because ultimately you will continue to add to it.

12. Compartments

For a backpack to be considered as one of the best survival backpacks available, it will have various compartments. These compartments are important so you can arrange different items which have different shapes and sizes separately.

A backpack with just one large compartment is not very useful. This is because it would waste your time whenever you need to get access to your gear. And chances are you'll need that access quickly. Bags with only one large compartment will require you to empty out the bag before most of the gear can be accessed.

Having a compartment where you arrange your documents, another where you stack your clothes, and one where you keep your medical kit makes it organized. Most bags usually have a large compartment with other smaller compartments.

Among the best survival backpacks available, there are lots of them which allow you to attach other bags to them. You should carefully consider your options before choosing.

Best Survival Backpack - Compartments

There are also lots of other things to consider when selecting the a great tactical backpack such as:

  • The material used in construction (is it waterproof?)
  • Is it MOLLE compatible?
  • Zips on the bag should be durable
  • It should have a hydration bladder compatibility

Best Survival Backpack Conclusion

Looking for all these features in a backpack can help filter out a lot from your list. So ensure you take note of all the points above and good luck in finding the best survival backpack that meets your needs today. I still recommend the Military Tactical Assault Backpack.

2 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Survival Backpack”

  1. One of the first considerations when choosing a backpack is how much weight you’ll be carrying. When you get over 40-50 pounds you’ll want something with a frame. If you want to find out what misery is try carrying that kind of weight in a soft, frame-less pack. It feels like all the weight is on your shoulders and makes for a very long hike.

  2. When you get your survival backpack put together try wearing it for an hour or so or even better go take a hike to test it out, know what is in your bag and how to use it. In an emergency you may have to walk several miles to get where you need to be. Everyone needs the essential items but there are also items needed for each individuals needs. Probably best to keep the weight of the pack as light as possible. Size, durability and comfort are important.


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