How To Build A Reloading Bench For Ammo

Every profession has a certain type of workspace that is specialized to make everyday tasks as easy as possible for its user. Usually for professional shooters or cops, one of these important tasks is reloading their gun's cartridges and casings. Some people use their kitchen desk or a board in their garage for the task. But using these items usually isn’t comfortable and it doesn’t allow easy access to everything. So to make reloading easier here's a step by step instruction on How To Build A Reloading Bench For Ammo the right way.

Most people buy a reloading bench from shops, but some build it by themselves. Building a reloading bench is quite easy. With the right tools and a good plan, you can construct one within a day. Keep in mind there are many types of different reloading benches, so think about what style suits your needs. You just need to have all the necessary gears and supplies before you start.

Here's my procedure to follow for your own DIY Ammo Reloading Bench

How To Build A Compact Reloading Bench

Reloading benches have various types and are available in the market in many different sizes. These include permanently mounted, portable, small compact benches and many more. There are many complicated ways, but this is one of the methods which is easy and fast. So these are the following steps you should follow.

1. Required Supplies

1. Four pieces of lumber for 2 x frames
2. Two pieces of lumber for long partitions
3. Four pieces of plywood for long bottom
4. Two pieces of lumber for long hutch
5. Four pieces of lumber for long legs
6. One piece of long pegboard

2. Tools You Will Need

1. Drill bits along with drill machine
2. Set of screwdrivers or a multi-tool
3. Measuring tape
4. Gloves for safety
5. Safety glasses
6. Pencil for carpentry
7. For chipping the wood, use a saw
8. Framing square

Pro Tip

On the wooden components, it is recommended to apply a few coats of a quality wood stain finish. Make sure you have filled in any holes and smooth the surface with a light sand first thought. After this, building the ammo bench should be complete within a day.

Constructing The Outer Body

Making the frame for the reloading press bench is the first task that you should complete in a woodworking project and it has to be built from the lumber of 2” × 6”.

For the perimeter components, drill holes after taking the measurements accurately. Then insert the 2.5” screws into the perpendicular components of the perimeter.

Attaching the four legs of the bench to the wooden frames is the next part of the woodworking sector. Insert 2.5” screws into the legs after making holes in the frames by drilling.

How To Build A Reloading Bench For Ammo - RCBS Supreme Press Single Stage

Building The Body

To make the body of the reloading bench firm and rigid, check that the corners are square and all the joints are glued properly before inserting the screws. It's best to use a spirit level to plumb the legs.

Tabletop And Bottom Shelf

Building the tabletop and the bottom shelf of the reloading bench will be the next proceeding step in your woodworking project. For the bench to look like it is made by professionals, you must work with attention and with great care.

On the piece of plywood, make ¾” mark by cutting lines to the bottom of the shelf. For creating the notches; use a sharp jigsaw (such as this one from TACKLIFE), and to make the cut edges, smooth use sandpaper. To get ½” plywood piece, join together two identical components with glue. Attaching the plywood pieces to the wooden body of the reloading bench is the next part of your woodworking project

To prevent the wood from splitting apart, drill pilot holes and smooth the cut edges of the plywood.After that, insert two ½” galvanized screws into the holes made by drilling.

The screws need to be galvanized so that they don’t rust and get damaged quickly. Keep in mind that the head of the screws needs to countersink as it’s essential for the success of the project.

How To Build A Reloading Bench For Ammo - TACKLIFE Advanced Jigsaw

Adding A Shelf

Adding a wooden shelf to the back of the reloading bench will provide you with more storage and space to the bench. For building it, cut out the components from 2 × 10 lumbers and with the help of fine grit sandpaper, smooth the cut edges.

Along the top edges of the vertical components, drill pocket holes. And into the top component, insert two ½” screws. Using a spirit level, make sure that the top component is completely straight and horizontal. Insert two ½” screws into the top frame of the reloading bench after drilling holes through the side components.

Constructing Partitions In The Shelf

Building the partitions for the back shelf is your next job. Cut out components from 2 × 10 lumber after taking measurements accurately. The edges must be smooth.

Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove any leftover parts at both ends of the components where pocket holes are drilled. The slats must be placed properly and insert two ½” galvanized screws into it to make sure that it is secure. For a perfectly professional finish, after making sure that all the corners are square on the joints of the corners, apply wood glue.

How To Build A Reloading Bench For Ammo - Titebond Premium Wood Glue

Final Touches

For a better finish, to the back of the reloading bench, you can add a piece of perforated metal mesh. Before sanding the wooden surface with sandpaper with the help of good filler, fill all the holes and give enough time to all the components. This will allow them to dry properly.

How To Build A Reloading Bench Conclusion

For every gun lover, having a reloading bench is crucial. It allows an easy, safe, clean, quick and comfortable way to reload your weapon. Knowing how to build a reloading bench for ammo is quite simple. You just need to know which are the right tools for the job and choose good quality lumber. Don’t slack around during the building process, and complete every part with care and precision. Make sure all the measurements are done correctly, every edge is smoothed to perfection, and you will be fine. Keep reading with my next recommended topic "Gun Safety Tips For Gun Ownership".

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