Wilderness Survival Tips With Your Dog

Do you like to spend time with your dog? Then going camping with your furry friend would be a lot of fun. However, before you embark on this adventure you need to make certain preparations for yourself and your dog. The wild outdoors is full of danger and uncertainty and it is always a smart decision to be well prepared. It’s imperative that you carry all the things necessary for the survival of both you and your dog. Here's 3 Wilderness Survival Tips For You And Your Dog.

Camping with your dog is a great idea. With their unparalleled enthusiasm about the outdoors and natural curiosity to motivate you in your dull moments, they prove to be amazing companions. Dogs also provide protection. Because of their keen senses, dogs can alert you of approaching danger. If you observe their behavior, it will be easy for you to tell when something is off. In some cases, they might even scare off wild scavengers like foxes and raccoons at night. Just as your dog looks after you, you also have to ensure their wellbeing in the wild.

3 Wilderness Survival Tips With Your Dog

1. Identification And Proper Training

Before embarking on an adventure with your dog, make sure that your furry friend is wearing a proper identification collar that is visible at all times. You can invest a little more and have your dog microchipped, thus increasing your chances of finding them in case they get lost. The rabies tag on your dog should be up to date so they aren’t perceived as a threat when found by forest rangers or other campers.

They should be properly trained to follow your commands and be comfortable walking with a leash on when required. They should be able to follow commands like come, lie down, stay, drop it, hurry up, etc. Brush up on these instructions as part of your preparation.

2. Fitness And Health

It is essential to make sure that both you and your dog are fit enough to face the challenges on your adventure trip. Research about the area you are traveling to and get an idea of the kind of pests and infections you might face. Schedule a visit with your vet and get your dog checked thoroughly. He might suggest vaccines and medicines that you should carry along for your dog. If your vet advises against it, do not expose your dog to an environment that might prove dangerous.

Your vet might even give your dog a physical examination to see if he or she can handle the stress of being outdoors. If your dog is old, ask your vet about pain killers that you can carry in case they get sore. If you are going to an area where there is a fall risk, it might be life-saving to know how to set a broken bone or support a sprain in case of emergencies. These learnings might just end up ensuring your dog’s survival.

3. Carrying The Essentials

Dogs too can get cranky when hunger strikes. So make sure that you carry an ample amount of pet food and drinking water. Also, do not let your dog simply drink from a puddle or a stream as he might end up catching an infection. Carrying a handy water purifier with you is certainly essential. In situations where you don’t have access to clean drinking water, you can always rely on a portable water purifier.

Carry an extra set of leash, collar and flea and tick control. Also, don't forget to carry their bedding and some dog rope toys, they’ll appreciate a soft bed after a tiring day. Carry a dog coat and booties in case you’re going to a cold area as your dog will require protection against extreme cold and sharp ice. Prepare a proper first aid kit containing essential supplies like bandages and gauzes, disinfectants, electrolytes and other meds suggested by your vet. It is also important to carry plastic bags to clean up after your pet at places where humans are frequent like trails or campsites.

Wilderness Survival Tips With Your Dog Conclusion

A dog is a man’s best friend and it is important that you look after your best friend. By following theses wilderness tips for survival above you can ensure a safe adventure in the wild for yourself and your dog. Things like an updated medkit, essential gear and proper training for your pet can make your trip both fun and secure.

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  1. A recent incident involving a golden retriever happened nearby – a perfectly healthy dog suddenly died during hiking. The poor animal didn’t survive the heat.

    His owner is a seasoned hiker and that wasn’t their first time to hike. Maybe if we want to take our pets to activities like this, we should really take extra precautions.


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