Why A Leatherman Is The Best EDC Multi Tool

Everyday carry tools which are more popularly known as EDC is a combination of those essential items you carry along with you each day. Either in your bag or your pockets. They are the things you always ensure are with you before leaving home and are bound to leave you feeling empty if you leave without them. Without a Leatherman (which in my opinion is the best EDC multi tool you can have), I know my day tends to be a bit destabilized.

This is why I recommend getting yourself  Leatherman Tool today.

EDC might vary between individuals, but for everyone, they have a specific purpose or function they serve for the individual. These items keep you prepared for your daily encounters. One of these great tools that help in this aspect is a Leatherman Multi Tool. This is because it is a combination of various everyday items in one package.

5 Reasons To Buy A Leatherman EDC Multi Tool

Every great multi tool is handy, portable and very versatile. It comes in various designs, sizes and packages based on the preference of the company. They are little and compact enough to store in your pocket or wallet. A lot of them come with belts which would allow you to stick them to your belt. Each multi tool strives to meet any purpose you might come across by packing a multitude of tools in one accessible device.

Sometimes, the tools this device consists of usually varies based on the manufacturers' specification. But as a standard rule of thumb you generally get scissors, bottle opener, needle and a host of others. Meaning it is a great tool to carry out lots of everyday tasks. There are various brands to pick from when choosing the best EDC multi tool. However one of the best brands on the market today is the Leatherman Tool. This tool features lots of benefits for a user and is easy to use. More importantly they are very affordable tools to buy.

1. Quick And Convenient

Having a Leatherman Tool for everyday carry provides you with a quick means of finding a solution to your problem. There are wearable Leatherman Tools while others have molle compatible sheaths. Making it easy to carry them around with you at all times. If you have a Leatherman like the OHT Multi Tool, it is much easier to perform quick repairs when you find yourself with a loose screw.

A Leatherman Tool prepares you for any emergency situation you may find yourself in. Having one for your EDC can make a huge difference in any situation where you find yourself in need of minor repairs. Or in an area with no signal to send for help. In most cases, you can simply save yourself the time you spend looking for the right tool to perform a job by carrying it with you always.

Best EDC Multi Tool - Leatherman OHT Tool

2. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Using a Leatherman Tool for your everyday carry can ease your mind as you are assured of quality from the tool. Quality which is reiterated in the 25-year warranty Leatherman offers on all their tools. So it can be used conveniently without any issues for your everyday tasks. And if issues do arise, your warranty covers it. Leatherman would assist you in fixing it without any cost whatsoever. Aside from the quality being attained, you are certain of saving costs in the future because you on't have to keep spending money to replace or repair tools.

3. Adaptability

Leatherman Tools provide an efficient and effective solution to your everyday issues. This is because of the numerous functions they come with which can be adapted to almost any part of your daily tasks. The standard set of tools each comes with is scissors, needle nose pliers, large and medium flat screwdrivers, wire crimper and wood saw made of stainless steel. They can efficiently handle most of the little everyday tasks you might face. Making them truly the best EDC multi tool to have with you at all times.

4. Emergencies

No one can predict when an emergency is going to occur which is why they are known as emergencies. It's more logical to be ready when the worst may occur. Therefore having a Leatherman handy is a great first step. Regardless of the situation, from being stuck on the road to an isolated island. Or if you come across issues at work in your office. A Leatherman Tool can be what would aid you in getting through the situation with ease.

This is the case especially if you don’t have time to spare and don’t have access to tools including your phone. In the event you accidentally lock yourself in a room with no one or way to call for hep, your Leatherman can remove the screws from the door with ease. So it's a good idea to carry one with you at all times with the help of a Carry Sheath.

Best EDC Multi Tool - Leatherman Tool Sheath

5. Long Lasting Materials

These Leatherman Tools are created and designed using materials of very high quality. They are produced from materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum and a host of others to provide you with quality. While also cutting down on the weight of the tool.

The Best EDC Multi Tool Conclusion

If you are in search of the best EDC Multi Tool, then the Leatherman Wave is a great choice. It is one of the most common Leatherman Tools on the market today.

Which was was made popular when it was redesigned and given more powerful pliers, all-locking blades and longer wires. It also features tools that can be accessed from its closed or folded position, making it similar to the functionality of a pocket knife. Another great part is that the Leatherman Wave can be unlocked and operated using one hand. Check out Best EDC Multi Tool today.

Best EDC Multi Tool - Leatherman Wave

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