Why Building A Polymer 80 Pistol Is Better

It is indeed true that you can buy a Glock pistol and save yourself time and trouble from having to build one. And you’ll still have a beautifully functioning weapon at the end of the day. It is also true that you can head to Red Lobster and get a plate full of fish in front of you for which you had to do nothing to acquire. After all, give a man a fish and he may eat for the day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.

I don’t think there is much surprise as to why I'm going to steer this article towards building your own Polymer 80 Pistol.

To build or not to build is a common question I get asked a lot in regards to a variety of weapon platforms. Almost universally you will always find my answer is to build, build, build. So let’s talk first about the main topic of my article, the “80” in Polymer 80 Pistol.

What The “80” in Polymer 80 Pistol Means

The Polymer 80 utilizes the 80% principle in order to maintain compliance with various ATF and state regulations. You see, an 80% Lower or and 80% Polymer frame are basically lower receivers that are only 80% complete. Why in the world would you want an 80% complete lower receiver? Wouldn’t that mean it’s basically a big useless hunk of metal? Why yes, that’s exactly what it is according to the ATF and that’s the beauty of it.

These lowers are quite addicting. It’s not uncommon to go through the milling process and create your own firearm, only to head right back and purchase another kit. You see, there is some serious power in all of this. These polymer lowers give you a true sense of achievement. There is really no better way to get to know a firearm than by building it yourself.

Build By The Books

Until you complete the milling process, an 80% lower is not a firearm and you can own as many of them as you want in just about every place in the country. This means you can have them shipped directly to your door. And with the addition of a quality jig kit you’ve got everything you need to complete the process when and where you want too. The great thing about our Polymer 80 Glocks is that they come with a jig kit, giving you everything you need.

Why Building A Polymer 80 Pistol Is Better - Polymer 80 Standard Pistol Frame & Jig Kit

Why Building A Polymer 80 Pistol Is Better - Polymer 80 Standard Pistol Frame & Jig Kit

The finishing jig, drill bits and end mill are included in the quality jig kit. You will receive a sterilization plate and your drop in rear rail module. All polymers also come with a picatinny rail for adding lights to your weapon when its finished. It is very legal and very easy to become a master at this craft. Which brings me to the real reason I will nearly always recommend a build over a purchase.

The Government Can’t Confiscate Knowledge

We live in a day and age where each new tragedy involving guns is met with an irrational response to take everything that goes pew from this great nation. I can always understand the raw emotions behind such tragedies as I feel them too and hurt for our fellow citizens. What I can’t understand is the lack of reason and rationale behind the policies pursued. There may very well come a day where unthinkable gun restrictions take hold. But at 80 Lower, I stand by the fact that they can never confiscate our knowledge.

Once you know how to take what the ATF defines as a “useless hunk of metal” and turn it into an American made firearm. That knowledge is with you for life. The Glock is a fantastic firearm and I have no concerns with anyone purchasing one. I just think that building firearms is more valuable than simply picking one off the shelf and carrying it concealed like a gangster. So when in doubt, just build baby. Just build.

Start Your Polymer 80 Pistol Build Today

We are moving into a frame of American history where the second Amendment is questionable. States are proposing and passing legislation at a break neck pace. Many of these laws are drafted by people who have never fired the weapons they are condemning. It’s a scary time.

However, there are smart people who believe in the right to bear arms. They are creating top notch products like these that are high quality customizable options for the gun enthusiast. Whether you are looking to create an EDC weapon, learning the inner workings of a firearm or how to use a gun safely, building your firearm is a great experience. Go ahead and get started today with a Polymer 80 Pistol.

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