Best Bivvy Sacks For Emergency Survival Shelter

When you’re preparing for the worst, everyone knows to pack the essentials. Snacks, water, clothes and a compass are in most preppers bug out packs.But what about warmth?

In emergency situations, nothing is better than one of the best bivvy sacks available. These sacks are made of high-quality plastic that reflects your body heat, bouncing warmth back onto you.

You might look at this weird-looking sack and think, "why do I need this?"

The answer is that they can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Bivvy sacks can be carried when hiking as part of your ten essentials. In case you get trapped in the woods, this is a lightweight way to stay warm.

These can also be used for camping. I know I’ve had a few trips where I (incorrectly) thought my sleeping bag would be enough to keep me warm. Thankfully, I was able to whip out my bivvy and fight off the cold all night long.

Our Selection Of The Best Bivvy Sacks

There are a lot of camping and emergency bivvy sacks on the markert. Here are the top three products that are worth checking out.

1. S.O.L. - 90% Reflective 2-Person XL Emergency Bivvy

Hands down, this S.O.L Survive Outdoors Longer Bivvy is my favorite bivvy sack.

S.O.L. (aka Survive Outdoors Longer) is a widely known survival brand that can be found at REI, Cabela’s and many other outdoors stores. These places do their research and they know which products will last.

I chose this sack as my favorite for one simple’s massive!

I’m a big dude and the standard size bivvy sack feels like I’m trapped inside a Ziploc bag. S.O.L.’s XL bivy has the same length as the standard Bivvy (84 inches) but is a full five-feet wide (60 inches). That’s enough to fit two people inside or to give you extra room.

The downside to this bag is it's slightly pricier and harder to fold, both due to its size. It is somewhat heavier than standard bivvies, but only by around an ounce. In the long run, I think this size is well worth the trade-offs.

If you don’t want a larger size, S.O.L. has plenty of options including standard sizing, different grades of warmth and of course, colors.


  • XL size - 84” x 60”, only weighs 5.8 ounces
  • 90% reflective - warms up to 15 degrees
  • Can fit one or two people
  • Other options available - dimensions, color, heat rating


  • Size might be unnecessary for some people
  • Price is a tad larger (but worth it)

My Thoughts:

Personally, I value the S.O.L Escape Bivy over everything else. I’ll gladly throw a few more dollars so that I can have more legroom. It is a bit more challenging to roll up, but with a clothespin or some painter’s tape, this is no problem.

2. Tact Bivvy Sack 2.0

In second place is Tact Bivvy's 2.0 model.

To summarize, this bivvy is a great all-around option. The reason it isn’t number one is because of its size. If Tact Bivvy had an XL option, I’d definitely put it in the first place.

Tact Bivvy shines over S.O.L. in its heat rating. The manufacturer’s specs say that this one can warm you up to 20 degrees, which is slightly more than S.O.L. You won’t need those last degrees unless you’re in the tundra, but it’s always good to be prepared.

This bivvy further shines because of its bells & whistles (literally). The bivvy bag comes with an emergency whistle that blasts a 120 decibel sound so people can find you. The cord is a rugged paracord, which can be used for an emergency repair or even as fire tinder.


  • Thicker than S.O.L. - 90% reflective, rated for 20 degrees of warmth
  • Lightweight and portable - only 4.8 ounces
  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Includes a 120 dB whistle, whose cord can be used for fire tinder


  • Smaller than S.O.L. - only 84” x 36”
  • Not many options available, but this model is excellent all-around

My Thoughts:

The Tact Bivvy 2.0 is one of the best all-around bivies on the market. If you’re unsure about S.O.L.’s size, this option is for you. No matter who you are, Tact Bivvy has your back.

3. Emergency Sleeping Bag (2-Pack)

Lastly, I wanted to include a budget option that’ll still get the job done.

This Emergency Sleeping Bag - Waterproof Lightweight Thermal Bivvy Sack (2 Pack) is around the same price as the bivvies listed above, but (obviously) it comes with two sacks. You can use this extra sack for a loved one, or store it in your car for emergency situations.

There are no flashy features about this sack besides the fact that it reflects up to 90% of your body heat. For such an affordable sack, that’s an excellent performance.

The downside is that this sack is slightly smaller than Tact’s at 82” by 36”.


  • 2-Pack gives extended emergency protection
  • Definitely affordable thanks to the bulk discount
  • 26-micrometer Myler reflects 90% of body heat


  • Slightly smaller than even the Tact Bivvy (82” x 36”)
  • No bells & whistles

My Thoughts:

This Emergency Sleeping Bag is a quality bivvy sack that’ll last a long time. Although it’s not as fancy as the other models on this list, it does come with two bags at a very affordable price. I recommend this for couples or anyone who wants a back-up bivvy they can store in their car or bug-out bag.

Best Bivvy Sack Conclusion

At the end of the day, bivvy sacks are a must-have for survivalists.

They’re lightweight and are small enough to be stuffed into anyone’s pack. On top of that, these are super warm and can be used as a stand-alone sleeping bag or for supplemental warmth. And don’t worry about rain, as the plastic material makes water slide right off.

In my opinion, the best option on the market right now is the S.O.L Survive Outdoors Longer Bivvy Sack. It’s extremely warm, super portable, and its size is a considerable benefit for big guys like me. It’s the only bivvy that gives me enough room to stretch out and roll around in my sleep.

If you don’t want its size, Tact Bivvy and Emergency Sleeping Bag offer stellar options that are a little bit lighter.

No matter which best bivvy sack you choose, make sure you pick one up. It could save your butt in emergency situations.

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