5 Best Camping Hammocks For Comfort

The best camping hammocks keep you well-rested no matter where your outdoor trip is.

But you shouldn’t get just ANY hammock, you need to make sure it’s made of heavy-duty materials with comfort in mind.

With the many camping hammocks to choose from, which one’s best for you?

Check out the top five choices along with our purchasing guide below to help you make an informed buying decision now!

Benefits Of Using Camping Hammocks

Since going camping with a hammock has steadily grown in popularity, it's a good idea to know what makes them more beneficial compared to using traditional tents. Here are the cool advantages of using the best camping hammocks:

1. Better Comfort

Sleeping in tents also means sleeping on the rocky, muddy, bug-filled ground! With a hammock, you’re above the surface and get to sleep in peace without worrying about getting wet or bitten! Plus, no need to take time looking for the perfect piece of ground to set up camp on.

2. More Versatility

Hammocks are versatile in many ways. Not only does it give you the freedom to choose where you can camp (even next to waterfalls!), you can use it for other purposes. Use it in the backyard, family fishing vacations, or even your home's basement!

3. Easier To Set Up

Assembling the tent is one of the most dreaded chores when camping because of how complicated and long it takes. Most camping hammocks are easier to set up than tents, depending on what hammock you choose. Even then, they’re still quicker and less mind-boggling!

4. It’s Lightweight And Saves Space

Camping hammocks already include different necessary accessories like rain flies and mosquito nets while still remaining lighter than tents! Not only that, but they also take up less space, since they have smaller individual components. No more hassle in bringing bulky packs anymore!

5. You’re More Open

Do you love adventure and want to feel more one with nature? Many happy campers love hammocks because it offers more exposure to the fresh air and nature. You’re rocking to the breeze, have a beautiful view, and can hear everything around you!

How To Choose The Best Camping Hammocks

If you’re considering hammock camping, you need to consider more factors when selecting a quality hammock. It’s not just about getting the most expensive (or cheapest) one and hoping for the best! With that said, make sure you look into these factors to find the best camping hammock suitable for YOU:

How Big And Heavy Is It?

Do you need a single or double hammock?

  • Single hammocks are smaller and lighter, though they have less space and are meant for solo campers. These hammocks usually have a weight limit of up to 400 pounds. Though lighter single hammocks accommodate up to 250 pounds.
  • Double hammocks are better for heavier and/or taller campers, offering more space for comfort. You can even have two people sleep in it, though it’s a bit bigger and heavier! These hammocks can carry up to 500 pounds, while lighter versions can hold up to 350 pounds.

You might also want to consider the hammock length if you’re on the taller side. The rule of thumb is to get a hammock that’s about two feet longer than your actual height for comfort.

What Is It Made Of?

There are different fabrics and materials camping hammocks are made of, though I want to focus more on the term, "denier." Heavier-duty fabrics have higher deniers compared to ultralight ones, which means more strenght also. The trade-off is its price and weight.

So you can either choose an ultralight hammock which MAY be more susceptible to tears (but still strong enough). Or a heavier one that offers better durability.

Also make sure that your chosen hammock is waterproof and tear-resistant to ensure durability. That way, you get your money's worth and get a camping hammock to use for years to come!

The Suspension System

There are different suspension systems, which refers to the way you hang your camping hammock:

  • Ridgelines are lines of cords or a strap running above your hammock, which holds up rain flies, tarps, or bug nets.
  • Tree straps are made to hang your camping hammock from trees, suitable for hammocks without straps.
  • Webbings or ropes are standard suspension systems, though it may harm trees. Flat webbings are more suitable as they do not harm the trees, as you just wrap it around your base or post. Whoopie slings are adjustable ropes which go with your webbing for an easier and stronger hold.

Extra Accessories Included

It’s best to get a hammock kit complete with all necessary accessories for any camping condition. Besides the suspension system, look for these accessories:

  • Underquilt for added warmth during cold nights without compressing the insulation
  • Rain tarp in case of harsh and unexpected weather conditions
  • Bug nets to protect yourself from the pesky flies and insects

There are other useful items you can get with your best camping hammock for more convenience, such as drip straps or hammock stands. But these aren't necessary, only depending on what you need and how you usually camp!

The Five Best Camping Hammocks

Based on quality research and overall customer reviews, these are the five best camping hammocks you can get today:

1. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock offers one of the optimal hammock setups, using tree straps and carabiners. It only takes a few minutes to get it ready to sleep in, all without the need for knotting.

The hammock's made with heavy-duty 210T parachute nylon for durability, but remaining soft enough for comfort. This camping hammock is best suited for tall campers and couples, as it's nine feet long and almost five feet wide. Though you can also choose the double hammock, accommodating two people very comfortably.

It comes at a very affordable price for a heavy-duty camping hammock and also includes a warranty for assurance.


  • Has a lot of space for a solo camper
  • It comes at such an affordable price
  • Comfortable and heavy-duty material to last


  • The hammock is made in China, not from the USA
  • May not fit very tall and heavy-weighted campers well

2. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

With its high-quality materials and huge space, the WINNER OUTFITTERS Double Camping Hammock passes in durability and comfort. It’s made with 210T Nylon Parachute fabric and can withstand up to 500 pounds without breaking.

The hammock is extremely spacious and fit for two campers, still offering the lightweight properties and small pack to bring around easily. It’s also very easy to set up anywhere, coming with everything required to assemble within minutes. It uses two ropes and tree-friendly straps and carabiners, which already come with the hammock.

With all that in mind, we believe you get more than what you pay for and can use this hammock for years without trouble.


  • It comes with everything required for easy setup
  • Takes less than three minutes to assemble
  • Can take up to 500 pounds of weight and still feels lightweight


  • Some complaints of receiving scratched carabiners
  • The straps aren’t as durable as the hammock itself

3. MalloMe Camping Hammock

If the budget is in mind, then the MalloMe Camping Hammock is one of the best choices.

This is a double hammock that accommodates a couple or bigger solo camper well, accommodating up to 1,000 pounds, two times stronger than most heavy-duty hammocks. Even with its weight capacity, it weighs less than two pounds, including the hammock ropes used as a suspension system.

This camping hammock is one of the largest but still compact for its size. Also, it only takes a few minutes to set up before you can start relaxing. While it isn’t as comfortable compared to other hammocks, you get what you pay for with its size and affordability.


  • One of the heaviest weight capacities holds up to 1000 pounds
  • Offers very large space for two big adult campers
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to bring around without hassle


  • It feels a bit stiff and slippery when lying down at first
  • The stitching isn’t as strong and detailed

4. Legit Camping Double Hammock

The Legit Camping Double Hammock is another sizeable yet lightweight option, coming at a moderate price.

What makes it one of the best camping hammocks is its comfort and quality construction, having a soft and smooth feel. It also uses a strong suspension system and stays in place, even during windy and rainy days!

However, while it’s advertised as a double hammock, it’s best suited for solo campers or two light people. It has the weight capacity of up to 400 pounds but the durability to last, made with 210T nylon fabric. Plus, it’s pretty easy to set up, since you just need to wrap it, snap it, and start swinging!


  • Provides good space for solo campers with sleeping accessories
  • There are many different and attractive colors to choose from
  • Heavy-duty material to last for five years (or more) of intense use


  • Better made for solo campers with its lighter weight capacity
  • The suspension system doesn't look as quality as the hammock

5. Honest Outfitters Single and Double Camping Hammock

The Honest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is one of the suitable choices if you want the right balance of price and value.

It isn't the cheapest but it's one of the most affordable, getting more than what you invest in. It has a huge weight capacity and space for solo campers to sleep comfortably in.

Besides this, solo campers who want something lightweight and hassle-free to travel with will like this hammock. It doesn’t weigh heavy nor does it take so much space, taking less than there minutes to set up or fold down. It’s made best for campers who want something big yet compact!


  • Very lightweight and compact with a large weight capacity
  • Comes with the necessities to set up and keep
  • Can support up to 500 pounds, great for two campers


  • Durability is questionable, may tear easily from sharp objects
  • The straps are sub-optimal and a bit complicated to use at first

Best Camping Hammocks Conclusion

With a high-quality camping hammock, you get to sleep and stay comfortable without a bulky pack. That's why I recommend that you get the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock, the editor's choice with all necessary features. From various colors to choose from down to the easy setup and comfortable materials, camping becomes less of a hassle and more of relaxation.

I hope this article on the best camping hammocks helped you choose the right one for the next camping trip! So keep these tips in mind and select one from these top reviews now. If you have any questions or want to share your reviews on any of these camping hammocks, then comment below. All your thoughts are much appreciated!

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