10 Best Fathers Day Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads

We’re all excited to get back to the great outdoors, and if your dad is a classic outdoorsman he’s probably been feeling the impulse. So this Father’s Day, don’t just settle for a pair of warm socks and call it a day: get him something that will fit in well with his natural lifestyle. Here are the Top 10 Best Fathers Day Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads for a dad who loves the outdoors as much as we do here at Everyday Carry Gear.

1. Grill It Up

If you’ve got a classic dad, he probably loves a good steak as much as he loves the great outdoors. We can’t think of a better way to combine these two great loves than with camp grilling gear. It's perfect for those times when you need a great meal far away from the civilized world.

2. Get Your Motor Going

One of the best ways to experience the outdoors in total comfort is from the driver’s seat of your mobile home. Get it out from under the protection of his metal carport and help your dad get the most out of his RV by seeing the sights of the United States in style and safety.

3. Fantastic Firearms

Anyone who loves the wilder stretches of the outdoors should carry some type of self-defense in case trouble comes knocking, be it in the form of a wild animal or otherwise. If your dad has a love of guns, getting him a firearms kit can help him stay safe in the wild and let him connect with his passion on a more meaningful level as well. And while we’re on the subject of weapons…

4. The Way Of The Sword

Many dads have a love of the defensive arts that don’t stop with simple firearms: it’s possible that your father has an appreciation for the classical craftsmanship of a great sword as well. A custom katana might be just the thing he needs to add a worldly edge to his collection of finely crafted blades.

5. Knives Of All Kinds

A true outdoorsman can make use of a great knife for any number of things: for helping him to craft the perfect piece of gear out of raw woodland materials, for keeping himself safe from the creatures of the night, and everything in between. There are many different kinds of blades that can suit any purpose your dad might need it for, from a ceremonial tanto knife to a classic Bowie blade that will see him through all kinds of hunting and fishing situations. No matter what he’s getting up to in the outdoors, a true outdoorsman can never have too many good knives for whatever the world may call for.

6. Radio Days

They say that no one listens to the radio anymore, but if you’re out in the wild and find yourself in an emergency situation you don’t want to be left without one on hand. It’s important to have a durable radio and to know the emergency frequencies you can tap into in case things get out of hand. This is one gift you can get for an outdoorsy father that will let him relax with some music in the wilderness as well as give him an out if the situation gets hairy.

7. Light The Way

Whether your dad loves to hit the trail during the daytime or is more of a nighthawk camper, it’s always a good idea to have a powerful and reliable flashlight ready at hand in case he runs into trouble. Flashlights aren’t only useful to have out in the wilderness, either: your father can use this tool if the power goes out in his home due to outages or natural disasters, as well.

8. Stay Cool Anywhere

Depending on where you’re located and what time of year you choose to go exploring, the outdoors can get hot and uncomfortable. Getting your outdoorsy dad an air conditioner for his tent won’t just keep him comfortable in sweltering temperatures, it may also prove to be a lifesaver if the heat in your area gets to be too much.

9. Light My Fire

Even though the more old-school of your dads will probably swear by a reliable book of matches, it’s always a good idea to have a Firestarter on hand in case his other tools fail him, or if the matches in question somehow get too damp to strike. And even in non-emergency situations, these tools can be a great way to get a grill or pan hot enough to cook a tasty meal with as well.

10. Sit On It

Finally, we all know that sometimes when you reach the end of a long day of hunting and exploring the outdoors, you just want to take a nice long sit-down and relax. Our guide to lightweight camping chairs will help you find a choice for your dad that’s comfortable, durable and ergonomic all at once. You might be surprised at how many options you have.

Best Fathers Day Gifts Wrap Up

Be sure to make decisions based on your dad’s personality and what you’re sure that he, specifically, likes to do. A new tent might be a great thing for a dad who loves to camp. But a hunting rifle sprung out of nowhere might not be a good choice if he’s not known to hunt, for example.

Adjust based on climate and location. City dads who like to venture into the wilderness can probably get by with more quality-of-life gifts. But if your dad is perpetually surrounded by the elements he might do better with gifts that are more suited to emergency situations.

If all else fails, a gift card to somewhere like REI or Dick’s Sporting Goods will make sure he can pick his perfect gift for himself, ensuring you don’t waste money on something he can’t, or won't, use.

Have you gotten any these Best Fathers Day Gifts that your outdoorsman father ended up loving? Or do you have any other shopping tips that we might have overlooked here? Leave us a comment below and let your voice be heard among thousands of other wilderness lovers like you!

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