9 Surveillance Camera Installation Hacks

Getting a home security system is a lifelong investment. Purchasing and maintaining the equipment is not cheap. You, therefore, need tips on how to get the best out of this investment. While a surveillance camera installation will add to your overall safety, it can become ineffective if you do not take good care of it.

So we're sharing with you nine surveillance camera installation hacks (a cheat sheet for homeowners). We believe that by following these tips, you will be able to get maximum usage out of your home security system.

Surveillance Camera Installation Tips

1. Buy The Correct Surveillance Camera

The perfect home security system will only work if it caters to your needs. Everyone has different requirements, and only you know best, what works for you. Do proper research before you make the final decision on your surveillance camera.

Look into factors like the cost of the equipment, area of coverage, multiple functionalities, monitoring, among others.

2. Ensure Correct Installation

You will find many home surveillance cameras on the market. Some are DIY kits, while others require expert installation. It all comes down to the budget, and the expertise to do the setup.

If you opt for DIY, make sure you install it properly. An improperly set up surveillance system will not work.

3. Ensure Correct Placement

Set up your surveillance camera in an area that has no obstructions. Take into consideration the areas you would want the surveillance camera to cover. You can zoom in on a particular spot, or let the camera 'tour.' The latter will give you better footage because it includes a broader area.

4. Consider The Power Supply

Your power supply should be constant so that you do not lose coverage at any time. Get a camera that allows you to have power back-up in the form of a battery. Even if the thieves tamper with the electrical cables, it will continue to work.

Always charge your back-up battery, and confirm that it meets the camera requirements for power. If not, you'll find that it drains very quickly.

5. Keep Your Equipment Clean

Do not allow for the build-up of grime on your home security surveillance equipment. Keep the lenses clean so that you always get a clear image. With the use of a rag or blower, you will prevent dust build-up on the different components, including the DVR and the camera housing.

6. Check The Cabling

Improper cabling will lead to a surveillance camera that does not function properly. If you are doing a DIY surveillance camera installation, carefully read the manufacturers manual, and follow the instructions to the letter. Many companies offer customer support, so if you get stuck, they will be at hand to help you.

7. Check For Corrosion

If you have a surveillance camera that is outside of the home, it is prone to rusting because of water. Always check that the interior of the camera housing is dry. Check if any areas are starting to rust. If you find any signs of water, you may need to replace the camera housing or waterproof it.

8. Check The Storage

Most video surveillance cameras have internal storage. If you have a 24-7 recording, you will collect quite a bit of data, and the internal storage gets full very quickly.

You have two options; sign up for cloud storage, which will allow you to store data remotely. The advantage is that you can access this footage from anywhere, and it is quite safe. Even if a thief broke in and stole the DVR, you will still have the material on the online platform.

The second option is to keep on backing up and deleting files, which will require that you buy external storage. Pay attention to ensuring that you have sufficient storage at all times.

9. Periodically Check The Surveillance Equipment

You cannot always assume that your surveillance camera is working correctly. You, therefore, need to do periodic checks to ensure that everything is running as it should. Do this at least once every week and if it is not possible, do it on a biweekly basis.

Schedule an appointment with a technician to also do an occasional once-over of the equipment. In case there is a problem developing, you will be able to fix it early. Consider the cost of occasionally bringing in a professional versus the cost of replacing the entire surveillance system.

Buying your equipment from reputable home security companies will give you the benefit of having a warranty and after-sales services.

Surveillance Camera Installation Conclusion

Being serious about your home surveillance camera installation is a vital step towards securing your home. To enjoy the benefits fully, you need to follow our tips mentioned above. By employing the use of these hacks, you will have a system that works well and serves you for a long time. How about checking out our Lates Home Defense Technology Guide.

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