The Best EDC Flashlight – Do You Have Yours?

Ever tried moving around in the dark in an unfamiliar place? Or tried to do little intricate jobs like tying knots, unscrewing bolts or in general trying to see into dimly let areas when there’s no natural light available? For the standard Everyday Carry (EDC) kit, the Best EDC Flashlight is definitely essential.

Now at the moment there are heaps of different EDC flashlights on the market and choosing the right one is near impossible. There’s really no way to know which one is right for you until you’ve tried a few and can really appreciate the features and specifications of each. Here, I’m aiming to showcase my personal inventory of favorites.

#1 Olight S1R Turbo S Rechargeable LED Flashlight

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Olight S1R Turbo - Best EDC FlashlightHere is a nifty little light for a lightweight EDC carry. The Olight S1R Turbo is a small LED flashlight with both a clip for use on the brim of a baseball hat, and a magnet in the tail so it can be attached to any steel or iron surface. This is especially handy to have in your car for the unexpected breakdown, or any situation where you need both hands to work and a light on the situation in front of you. The light has an adjustable output, up to 900 lumens. It just may be able to signal a space station and it’s perfect for close up work or reading. In addition, it’s waterproof and the clip can be reversed for your needs. It uses a CR123A Lithium battery, but being an LED it will not quickly drain the battery. My best EDC Flashlight at the moment.


#2 True Utility FlashStash LED Flashlight with Waterproof Capsule

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The FlashStash from True Utility is an interesting little multi purpose tool for those who are looking for a minimal carry. Many people have a flashlight and a separate capsule-like waterproof compartment on a keychain. These capsules can be used for cash, emergency medicines, small parts, etc. However, if you are looking to combine these things, then the Flashstash is for you.

This small flashlight is made of anodized aluminum, and has a waterproof compartment at the end of the housing that can serve as a cash-stash. The stash end has a lanyard loop and on the front end there is a 0.5W LED flashlight. Very handy and one of the best edc flashlights today.

#3 eGear Jolt USB Mini Rechargeable Flashlight

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eGear Jolt USB Mini Rechargeable EDC FlashlightSuper, super cool! Everyone needs a flashlight, right? However, if the usual tactical ones are either too big or just not your style, here is a small alternative. The eGear Jolt USB Mini Rechargeable Flashlight is a great companion to your Office EDC Kit.

Recharges easily via USB from any computer or powered device. Glows red when charging and green when fully charged. Will provide 2 hours of use at 25 lumens in a steady mode, so obviously not the be all and end all in flashlights. But certainly a neat little tool to have on hand and a personal favorite.

#4 EMBRITE Precision Glow In The Dark Keychain FOB

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Glow fobs are all the latest with EDC enthusiasts now. Why not? These come in a rainbow of colors, don’t run out ofEMBRITE Precision Glow In The Dark Keychain FOB battery juice like LED lights, and require no maintenance, just a little light to charge them. Leave your keys on the front seat while you drive, and you’ll charge it for up to 12 hours.

The EMBRITE Precision Glow in the Dark Keychain Fob is made of anodized aluminum, creating a silvery gray cage for the glow pellet. At a little over 1.5 inches long, it is big enough to generate light to find your keys, but not too big to get in the way. The strontium powder embedded in the acrylic pellet will glow green, with the brightness depending on the ambient light and charge.

This is a great starter item for the EDC enthusiast!

#5 Athlights Magnetic Flashing Safety Lights

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Athlights Magnetic Flashing Safety LightsNow this is a little out of the area of EDC kits, but it’s a personal favorite as I’m a regular runner. When I came across this, I thought it was an incredibly innovative idea. These are small, button-battery powered high-output LED lights that are small enough to be hooked on your person and small enough to carry in a jacket pocket when not in use. When I say “hooked” I mean more like stuck with magnets. There are small magnets that you place under the outer layer of the clothes you are wearing, and the lights adhere to these magnets. This prevents any holes in your clothes or worse, being stuck with a sharp pin when running. For the price, it seems a sound investment for a daily runner. I certainly agree anyway.

The Best EDC Flashlight Conclusion

Once again, don’t get stuck in the dark without an edc flashlight. Buy yourself one now and use for the purpose you need it, even if that means buying a few. The investment is definately worth it and nobody can put a price on your life. I hope you’ve enjoyed the review of my Top 5 – Best EDC Flashlight and hope you pass on the word to your family and friends. Comments welcome.

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