8 Overlooked Bug Out Bag Items

A vital step to building a bug out bag is to determine the specific bug out bag items that you should store in there. Note that tweaking your bag is somewhat an unending challenge. You might need to add and get rid of certain items from time to time.

When creating a bug out bag checklist or the ultimate INCH bag list, remember that your ultimate goal is to make it more functional and lightweight. While being completely appropriate for your unique requirements and situation as well as the disasters you want to prepare for.

However, while most survival gear and bug-out bags contain the essentials, including food, water, survival knife, matches, and water filter, there are also several important items that a lot of people overlook.

Overlooked Bug Out Bag Items

1. Binoculars

One issue you might encounter when moving to a bug out location is the safety of the area. In this case, you might need a good pair of binoculars to help you figure out whether the area and the people around will not compromise your safety.

A pair of good hunting binoculars can help you determine in advance how safe a specific area is. If you want to use a more lightweight and compact alternative then you can choose to use a monocular.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is crucial not only for vanity purposes but also for proper skin protection. Note that hiking through the sun for an extremely long period can harm your skin, body, and face. It is a great idea to pack sunscreen, if you are staying close to the desert or if you have sensitive skin. However, if you know that you are not prone to getting sunburned or if your bug out bag already contains a hat or bandana to protect yourself. Then sunscreen may no longer be necessary.

3. Emergency Radio

One of your bug out bag items definitely needs to have an emergency radio to keep yourself updated. You need to stay updated about the situation or event that caused you to move out of your home.

Luckily, most emergency radios today can be tuned in to the AM and FM channels, giving you the chance to catch real-time news. Aside from the radio, extra batteries or anything that can recharge it should also form part of your bug out bag.


4. Extra Socks

While there is no need for you to fill up your bug out bag with too many clothes, you have to remember that your feet are essential. You need to have extra pairs of synthetic or wool socks. Make sure that they are quick-drying, too. You need this to fight the cold and prevent blisters.

5. Oral Hydration Salt

Some of the major ailments that affect those who are dealing with disaster survival situations are vomiting and diarrhea. This usually happens because of contaminated food, unpurified water, or unsanitary and crowded conditions.

There is also a high risk of dehydration. You have to prepare yourself for those unwanted situations. In such a case, an oral hydration salt stored in your bug out bag can be of great help.

6. Mosquito Net

Being in the wild can expose you to several types of insects and keeping them at bay might be difficult. It would not be a great idea to bring sprays that will last for several weeks because this might add weight to your bag. A mosquito net that doubles as a tent is more lightweight and compact and can protect you from insects. Which makes it beneficial to include as one of your bug out bag items.

7. Respirator Mask

This item is a lifesaver, especially during emergencies. Keep in mind that during SHTF situations, you have no idea about the kind of air that you are going to breathe in. There are instances when you need to avoid airborne pathogens. In this case, you might need respirator masks to protect yourself from the air.

8. Flashlight

You need a good flashlight to help you survive during emergencies or disasters. This is extremely helpful when there is no electricity. Alternatively, you can put a headlamp in your bug out bag, which is more convenient to use than a flashlight. It allows you to use it hands-free and will let you move around with ease at night or when it is too dark.

Don't Forget These Bug Out Bag Items Again

Aside from the bug out bag items already mentioned, do not forget to include important papers and documents as well. Things like birth certificates, tax receipts, wedding certificates, insurance documents, and land deeds are among many. By knowing exactly how to build a bug out bag, you can surely act calm and be fully prepared no matter what kind of emergency or disaster you are in.

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