Best AR Accessories For Your AR-15 Pistol

Companies are creating bags with Everyday Carry concealment in mind and it's a great time to be a shopper in this space. Companies like Vertx are revolutionizing what it means to have an EDC bag that has room to carry the Best AR Accessories for your guns in these bags.

For those EDC preppers that like to get creative, you can even carry an SBR or a pistol style carbine in these bags! And most of these great bags have also been outfitted to carry a body armor plate.

Evolution Of The Best AR Accessories

What does this all mean? Well, it means that gone are the days of concealed carry being something you only do with a pistol. Gone are the days of leaving a carbine in the safe when you head out the door. Your EDC might now feature a 9mm handgun and a 9mm carbine. It could even feature something like an AR pistol. Don’t forget, it’s designated as a pistol and in most cases, this will mean that it is covered by your concealed carry permit.

If you invest some time and money into a folding stock pistol style carbine you are going to have the freedom to carry that AR wherever you go. I know to some that may seem like overkill but if your serious about your everyday carry like I am, this is just a well thought out EDC kit.

Best AR Build Parts

Now that you have this to consider, its time to decide what that AR pistol might look like tucked away in the right bag. How would you outfit this gun and what are the things you are looking for in an EDC AR Pistol? Here's some of the best AR accessories for your AR-15 listed in the sections below.

We will cover things like

  • Rails
  • Grips
  • Sights
  • Foregrips
  • Stocks
  • Slings

The Five Best AR Accessories For Your AR-15

One of the biggest draws of the AR-15 platform is how easy it is to upgrade and accessorize. It’s pretty easy to get carried away with buying accessories for your weapon, so what is actually important?

Obviously, the answer to this question kind of depends on your use for the weapon. If you’re getting a survival weapon, your accessories are going to be different than someone who is competitively shooting. However, there are a few accessories that we feel are always necessary, regardless of use. In this article, we will discuss these accessories.

Many of these accessories require some type of handguard in order to mount. Whether it’s a KeyMod handguard, M-Lok, or a picatinny rail, some type of handguard with the ability to mount accessories is almost necessary.

1. Backup Sights

Sure, modern sights are awesome. From simple reflex sights to variable magnification scopes and beyond, there are some really awesome sights out there. These high-tech sights will definitely improve your shooting, especially at longer distance, but they do mostly have one thing in common. They rely on electronics.

It used to happen every time we went to the range when I was in the Army. Every single time, someone’s scope had dead batteries. Most of the time, it’s because the weapon was stored with the optic left on by accident, which is a silly mistake, but it does happen. There’s nothing that will ruin a range day or a hunt more than a dead battery.

For this reason alone, I always recommend having some simple flip-up sights on your weapon. They aren’t as sexy, and they may not look super cool on your weapon, but they always work. I love the MBUS sights from Magpul.

Best AR Build Parts - Magpul Backup Sights

2. Pistol Grip

If you’ve never handled a weapon with an improved pistol grip, you’re missing out. They make it easier to shoot, because they are usually wider and “grippier.” This allows you to have a firmer grip on the weapon, which will then improve your shooting. I like the Missouri Tactical rubber grips, but there are some other options out there.

3. Sling

This one seems dumb, but slings are an absolutely essential accessory for your AR-15. Obviously, it’ll make the weapon easier to carry, but believe it or not, they can also improve your accuracy.

If you’ve never used a sling for this purpose, it may take a little to learn the technique, but it’s pretty easy overall.

Regardless of your use for the rifle, you should have some type of sling. There are a couple different types of slings, and each one may be better suited to a specific rifle use. Check them all out, and make a decision from there. Make sure you’ve got your sling attachment points!

Best AR Accessories - Gun Sling

4. Foregrip

Some will disagree with me on this, but I always shoot better with a foregrip. I find that they improve my stability, especially when paired with a sling. It improves my target acquisition speed, and make it easier for follow up shots. I like the angled foregrip from Magpul, but vertical foregrips are another option.

5. Buttstock

An improved buttstock can be lighter and more comfortable than the standard, mil spec buttstock that you commonly see. Magpul makes a pretty inexpensive buttstock that I really enjoy. It’s easy to use, but it’s also got a wide top, which makes it easier to get a better sight picture every time you shoot. Of course, if you go the route of stowing your AR Pistol in a bag you will need to have a folding stock in most cases.

Best AR Accessories - Magpul Buttstock

The Best AR Build Parts Conclusion

The beauty of the AR-15 Pistol for you Everyday Carry Gear is that you get the accuracy and power of the .556 round while sticking to the laws built for your CCW. Could you have ever imagined a time where your EDC would include an AR-15? We build an EDC with restrictions in mind. There are knife laws and gun laws that help dictate what we can carry each day. Sometimes its just nice to have a legal weapon stowed away and outfitted for anything.

If the bag theory on the AR Pistol is a little too much, you should consider storing it in your trunk with your get home bag. I cannot think of a better compliment and a better ally to aid in getting home through a disaster other than the AR-15 outfitted with the best AR accessories on the market today.

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