Victorinox Swiss Army Knife CyberTool 34

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife CyberTool 34 Multi ToolThis thing is a monster! With over 30 features built in, nothing presents better value with an infinite number of uses as the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife CyberTool 34.

As the name implies, most of these tools are designed for use on computers and other small electronic devices. Precision crafted in Switzerland, this knife is constructed with an acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle, and 100% stainless steel components that will hold their edge and last for years.

The Victorinox Cybertool 34 is lightweight and measures 3.5 inches when closed. It features: large and small blade, bit wrench and case, hex sockets (4/5mm), torx bits (8/10/15), Phillips screwdriver, 3/6mm screwdrivers, mini-screwdriver, 4mm hex bit, 4mm flat head, pozidrive bits (0/1), ball point pen, DIP switch setter, pliers, wire cutter, wire crimper, wire stripper, scissors, can and bottle opener, corkscrew, reamer, sewing eye, and hook. Tweezers and a toothpick pull out of the ends of the CyberTool 34 and it is even equipped with a handy key ring. As with all their other knives, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife CyberTool 34 comes with a lifetime warranty.

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