UTG Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger Bag

UTG Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger BagThis is definitely a mix between the Office Backpack and the Everyday Commuter Backpack varieties. The UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag is a subtle bag that means business and it even comes in four different styles to choose from depending on your situation and need. You could go for the standard black which would fit in with most life styles, or the OD Green to color coordinate. These two would be the less conspicuous of the four. Then there’s the Army Digital and Dark Earth which are the tactical styles if you’re that way inclined.

This bag is great for storing items for a day hike, bike trek, or an active day of sightseeing while travelling. It’s not as large as a full backpack, but not as annoying as the dreaded fanny pack, and will fit your needs for a day or two of adventure.

It has a front pocket for quick access to items, a separate main pocket, and a concealed back pocket good for sensitive items like passports. On the backside of the large strap gussets, there is special padding to keep the bag comfortable if worn on your hip. The strap is adjustable to accommodate several carrying styles.

The main compartment contains a drawstring closure to keep dust out. It will help keep things away from water, but I wouldn’t consider this a waterproof pocket. It has a couple main velcro areas for patches if you want, and several hook points for attaching smaller items or carabiners. I give the UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag the thumbs up for being a small everyday tactical bag that is compact and comfortable.

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