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Best Portable Power BankOne of the most annoying things about traveling with electronic gear is the need for multiple cable cords to attach your different devices, either to each other or to a power source. To be completely covered for all contingencies you need a the best portable power bank that comes with a variety of USB adaptor ends, preferably with a short or retractable cord, and charger devices for both a wall outlet and your vehicle. Unfortunately it’s hard to find all of those things in one package, especially if you want to allow for both Apple and Android devices (as well as others). However, two products (one of which comes with a handy carry case) fit the bill nicely.

Yubi’s Power Travel Kit includes: an external power bank battery, a car charger, a wall charger with international adaptors and fold-out plug, a USB-charged flashlight, a USB 2.0-to-micro USB cord and two Apple cables in a traveling pouch. This kit will cover many of your charging needs, and the included power adaptors will allow you to take this kit with you on international trips. The additional battery means you can recharge a device even when you aren’t near an outlet or in a vehicle. And the included carry case will allow you to take along the additional cable kit below without taking up further room in your gear. If you aren’t traveling overseas, simply leave the extra items at home. An awesome bit of kit and in my opinion the best portable power bank accessory on the market today!

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Philips Retractable 5-Piece USB 2.0 Adaptor Kit

Since the Yubi Power Travel Kit already covers your iPhone and iPadBest Portable Power Bank Kit needs, as well as the USB-to-micro, you’ll want to add functionality to make sure your USB mini connections are addressed as well. The Philips 5-Piece Retractable Adaptor Kit provides a retractable three-foot cord USB adaptor, with five different male/female/4-pin/5-pin/micro connections. These additional items will easily fit into the Yubi carry case, and with both products almost every device-to-device or device-to-charger connection you will need is covered. So check out the best portable power bank kit now.

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