Ultra Compact Survival Kit

Another favorite of mine is the Ultra Compact Survival Kit by Polymath Products containing essentials for survival in an outdoors emergency. The contents of the UCSK have been carefully chosen to be effective and versatile, helping the user of the kit to quickly and efficiently address the crucial survival priorities, whether they be:

  • Fire LightingUltra Compact Survival Kit
  • Water Purification
  • Shelter Building
  • Navigation and Signaling
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Food Capture

Unlike others, the Ultra Compact Survival Kit is compact and light enough to be carried at all times. The crushproof, waterproof, anodized aluminum capsule keeps the versatile contents safe wherever you go. It’s perfect on your keychain, kept in your rucksack or attached to your hiking gear and the glow-in-the-dark cap helps you spot the kit in the dark.

Despite its size, the kit has impressive signaling capability, with a powerful emergency whistle and a bright LED light source which is highly visible at night and lasting several days if used intermittently. Importantly, fire lighting is a breeze with the ferrocerium rod, cotton wool tinder and waxed fuel discs.

The kit also has the means for you to collect and purify water, find your bearings with the compass, clean wounds and even catch food with the emergency fishing kit!

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Need more convincing that the Ultra Compact Survial Kit is worth your attention. Watch this video review by YouTuber UKEDC and keep in mind this costs less than $15 USD

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