Thermodo Phone Thermometer

This is a neat phone accessory that uses the audio jack for something other than sound. The group Thermodo has developed a small sensor that plugs into the audio jack of your phone to capture temperature readings. They were fully funded in April 2013 and have gone on to develop and market their new baby.Thermodo Temperature Reader

Why is this cool? Paired with custom software for your iPhone or Android device, you can collect temperature readings for your own use, for redistribution to weather data collectors, or for use in school experiments. The site warns of heat readings being contaminated by your hand holding the phone (yeah, it’s that sensitive), and recommend an extension cord if you need the most accurate reading in isolation. The software does include a function to help compensate for the local heat from your hand if you need to make adjustments.

For us fans of EDC, and those with a propensity for losing very small electronic devices, they have smartly added a keychain holder for the device when it’s not plugged into your phone for readings. This won’t make your keys any less easy to lose, but will keep you from running the sensor thru the wash because it was in your pocket.

You can find out more at the Thermodo FAQ page.

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