The Best Spyderco Knife – 7 Features To Consider

Spyderco is a US company whose knives have become quite popular as a result of their quality and are widely renowned for their great fixed knive range. Choosing the Best Spyderco Knife can be a tedious task given that you have a lot of options to filter through. A list of considerations you will need to address to narrow down your search is discussed in this article, so go ahead and read on if you plan on getting a Spyderco Knife soon to enable you make the best choice.


The Best Spyderco Knife Features


1. Knife Design

Best Spyderco Knife - Spyderco Dragonfly 2When looking for the best Spyderco knife, the design of the knife is an essential aspect you need to consider. The design of a knife differs from one to the other depending on its intended use. Any knife you pick should be strong enough, so it doesn’t break easily. To identify a durable knife,  it will have a solidly built point.

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The intended use of a knife influences the type of point (or tip) it will have. Learning the various knife points available can help you select some of the best knives. These include the:

  • Needle point knives: these blades are made to be double-edged. This means both sides of the blade are sharp enough to cut through objects. This is commonly carried for self-defense.
  • Drop point knives: this is the most common everyday carry knife design available on the market. It is sturdily built and can cut through objects accurately. It is also used in tactical knives.
  • Spear point blades: when you wish to pierce through objects, this point is the best. Throwing knives which need the tip to be in the middle of the blade make use of spear point blades.
  • Clip point knives: this type of knife has a part of the blade towards the tip looking like it has been cut off. It is much sharper than others as a result of the tip which is thinner.


2. Blade Material

The material of the blade you wish to choose is important since it determines how frequently you will need to maintain the blade. The best type of blade material for any application is steel. The two most common types of steel used in knife blades are the stainless steel and the carbon steel.

Stainless steel can last for long periods of time without rust. While it can last long, the knife edge will lose its sharpness over time. For this reason, if you finally decide to choose a knife with a stainless steel blade material, you should be ready to perform periodic maintenance on the blades to sharpen it.

Another common material used in making the knife blade is carbon steel. This material can remain sharp for a long time, but it may be affected by rust which can cause the color of the blade material to change.


3. Blade Edge

Spyderco Knife - Centofante 3The edge of the blade determines what kind of materials you will be able to use your knife to cut through with ease. When choosing a Spyderco Knife, you may pick one which is serrated, or you may decide to take a plain knife. To effectively decide on the type of edge you will need, you should understand the different materials you can use either of them to cut through.

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  • Serrated blade edges are similar to the edge of a saw. It incorporates this tooth like shape so that it can be used to cut through materials which have a hard surface or may cause a regular knife to slip. This kind of blade edge may apply more to technical uses.
  • Plain-edged blades are commonly used in making knives used in everyday applications. It is used when you need to make a neat cut on objects and is not suitable for materials which have surfaces which may be slippery.

Some knives also come with a part of it serrated while the remaining length of the blade is plain. Serrated knives are more easily sharpened using diamond and may not be easy to sharpen with regular sharpening equipment. You should consider these factors when choosing the best Spyderco knife for you.


4. Knife Type

Knowing the kind of knife you will need can make your decision much easier. You can choose either a fixed blade knife or a flip knife. A flip knife is more commonly known as a pocket knife and can be folded and put into the pocket. A fixed knife cannot be folded. Most fixed knives are stronger than pocket knives, especially in the tang area.

You may also need a knife for self-defense. In this case, you will need a tactical knife. Some of the best Spyderco knives offer you a great selection from these types. You should also take note of the length of the knife when selecting. 


5. Lock Mechanism

Best Spyderco Knives - Spyderco Native 5To avoid injury when using a pocket or flip knife, they come with a lock mechanism to keep the blade in place. A lot of people look to the Spyderco knife range when selecting everyday carry knives, so it is important to have a locking mechanism you are comfortable with.

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Different lock mechanisms available include:

  • The frame lock: they are very secure and can be used with a single hand.
  • Liner lock: these are the most common lock mechanisms and are secure with low cost of manufacture. It may lose its functionality over time though.
  • Lock back: it is safe, but it requires two hands to use the lock mechanism.


6. Handle Material

When selecting your Spyderco Knife, ensure you pick one with a handle which is comfortable when you hold it and also provides excellent grip. If you need a metallic handle, you can certainly get one on some of the best Spyderco knives available. They also make their knives from composite materials like G10 and Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon. These are some great choices to have compared to polymer handles which are most commonly used.


7. Knife Tang

Best Spyderco Knife - Spyderco Para Military 2The tang of a knife is the point at which the blade of the knife is joined to the handle. When selecting the a Spyderco knife, you should carefully consider this aspect as this may be the weakest area of your knife. Depending on whether you choose either a pocket knife or a fixed knife, this part may not be included.

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A pocket knife does not have a tang, but a fixed knife will have it. The most popular types are the hidden and the full tang. A hidden tang uses pins to connect the handle to the blade, and it does not run through the entire width and length of the handle. A full tang, when compared to a hidden tang, runs through the width and the length of the handle. This makes it sturdier than the hidden tang and all other types.


Choosing Your Spyderco Knife Conclusion

Everyone desires the best there is when purchasing a product. Although the above are just a few ways of narrowing down your available choices, these tips would serve as a guide to ensure you get the best Spydecro Knife available on the market regardless of your requirements. You can be certain you are getting value for every penny spent.