Spyderco Vallotton Sub Hilt Folder

Spyderco Vallotton Sub-Hilt FolderThe Spyderco Vallotton is an extremely sharp, expensive-looking knife made of premium steel. The design and execution of the blade and handle are superb. The liners and locking mechanism look much more reliable compared to most other Spyderco knives. The Spyderco Vallotton is a relatively heavy folder. Its weight is similar to Buck 110 but it feels more balanced due to the heavier blade and lighter handle.

The knife has many unique features such as an ambidextrous thumb stud for opening in either hand (for all those lefties), and doubles as a stop pin keeping the blade from rotating open beyond the locked position.

The cutting abilities of the knife are outstanding. Undoubtedly, the true knife enthusiasts have a lot more to say about the Spyderco Vallotton Sub Hilt Folder. Overall, it is aesthetically-looking, well-built, and multi-task utility knife.

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