Promithi Pocket Knife

Promithi Pocket KnifeThe Promithi Pocket Knife is a super nifty tool, with it’s main purpose being a lightweight folding knife.¬†Fine edge stainless steel blade, nice little addition to your EDC keychain, can be a bottle opener, a great stylish novelty knife to have around the house or office. An ideal gift with three functions – knife, bottle opener, soda can opener, liner lock for safe use, lanyard hole for keychain attachment. This is for people who live in urban areas and that don’t carry a pocket knife on their person, it’s convenient on your keys to be available at any time. The Promithi Pocket Knife is very convenient to carry and it will become your go-to knife for night duty, around-the-office tasks such as opening packages.

This will not break the bank at less than $10

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