Prometheus Beta QR Keychain Flashlight

Prometheus Beta QR Keychain FlashlightHere is another great find, the team at Prometheus has a great, small light called the Prometheus Beta QR Keychain Flashlight.

The unit comes in three metals: nickel, copper, and black. The copper is said to patina quickly which will give a cool “lived in” look, and the nickel will darken over time for a worn look, albeit more slowly.

There are two features that set this unit apart. The first is a special quick release mechanism that will detach the light from your keyring. If you have ever tried to use your flashlight while attached to an overloaded keyring, or even worse, try to detach your light from the ring in the dark…you’ll appreciate this.

The second is a color-correcting bulb that will not wash out colors or tint things the wrong way when under the lamp light. This will have definite advantages if you are using it while working on electrical projects or emergencies and need to see the wire colors correctly, e.g. “don’t cut the RED wire!” Check out the Prometheus Beta QR Keychain Flashlight today.

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You can find out more about other Prometheus products on their site at here

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