Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi Tool

Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi ToolThere are a lot of multi tools on the market, so finding one with some unique features can be a tough task. The Fire Talon Premium Heavy Duty Multi Tool doesn’t disappoint in this department. They have taken the usual multi tool design and updated it with some excellent additions.

The black oxide stainless steel design comes with a lifetime warranty, something not common to multi tools. It integrates a rubber inlay into the handle to improve grip, so the tool won’t slip as easily in wet conditions.

As all multi tools do, it has a load of features:

  • Combo Knife
  • 2 LED flashlights
  • A 3-inch, self-locking, stainless steel knife blade
  • Professional-grade scissors to make trimming and cutting a breeze!
  • Easy-to-use wire strippers to make electrical repairs simple and safe!
  • A built-in can opener to take the frustration out of camping trips!
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers tough enough to handle any task!
  • Spring-loaded pliers to take the frustration out of installs and repairs!

This is all packaged within a nylon belt sheath for easy carrying. The integrated flashlights are positioned so you can use them while you are making repairs. This is a huge improvement over tools whose lights can only be used independently of the blades or bit tools. When closed, this tool measures 4 inches long and weighs only 9.8oz! An awesome design and tactically proficient.

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